10 Best Aftermarket Parts for Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer

Nothing exudes style and quality like a Ducati. While some may shudder at the thought of getting anything other than OEM parts for their Scrambler Cafe Racer, other riders feel even it’s sleek looks can be personalized,

Purchasing aftermarket motorcycle parts is a great way to make improvements on your bike to make it feel more like your own. Here are five types of modifications you can make on your ride that lets it stand out from the crowd.

Frame & Footrest

Changing out footrests is an excellent way to bring a different look to a motorcycle. In addition, pedals and passenger bars add a touch of individuality to an already classic look.

Exhaust Systems

There is nothing that changes both the style and performance of a bike than updating the exhaust. Even slide-on mufflers can go a long way to altering pitch to your liking and enhancing its already beautiful chrome accents.

Engine Modifications

Swapping out the fuel filters or carburetor are excellent ways to get some extra horsepower from your motorcycle. Aftermarket options can also be a great deal cheaper than OEM components.

Engine Guard

The exposed engine and the mechanical parts become a matter of real concern when it comes to off roading your Ducati Scrambler. An aftermarket engine guard of the finest quality proves a direct fit on the engine. And if it is made from CNC machined aircraft quality aluminum, it really works wonder then.

Off-road Foot-pegs

While off roading or touring, good quality foot-pegs always provide an ideal road grip to your motor bike. Nothing to worry about if you ever replace these original foot-pegs with the aftermarket machined metal replacement foot-pegs. The most important point is that the changes the later happenings are just ordinary and thin.

Axle Sliders

Crashes are also a part of the game when you are off roading or touring on your motor bike. Be careful to your maximum, but if it does happen at all, never feel worried about your Ducati Scrambler bike. You must get your bike fixed with aftermarket front and rear axle sliders made from abrasion proof synthetics. These will protect the front fork and rear axle from damage if you come across an accident ever again.

Short clutch And Brake Lever

Though very common and ordinary, these two are very crucial parts of your motor bike and always need quick replacement. You may trust in the nifty aftermarket brake and clutch levers which are made from machined billet aluminum. Furthermore, these aftermarket parts are also often finished with an anodized black coating for longevity.

Tail tidy kit

In order to get fitted, an aftermarket tail tidy kit never requires any modifications to your Ducati scrambler motor bike. This is because this kit always uses the existing mounting points. This excellent aftermarket tail tidy kit also gives a marvelous long lasting finish because of being CNC machined and powder coated status.


Whether rough riding has resulted in a cracked windscreen or you simply want a different look, changing out the stock model can give you a great deal of customizability. Choose larger windscreens for more protection, while a lower-profile pick adds to the contours of the Ducati.

Lights and Signals

If you do a lot of night driving, swapping out the headlight for a larger and brighter choice is almost a necessity. The shape of your signal indicators can also alter the feel of your ride, making it either sleeker or more aggressive.

Choosing OEM motorcycle parts is always a good option, but when you’re looking to repair or personalize your ride, don’t overlook aftermarket choices to make the Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer truly your own machine!

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