A 10 Year Old Girl Being A Savior For 2 Toddlers Dies In Callifornia

Kiera Larsen a 10 year old girl who has been named as the Hero and the ‘Guardian Angel’ was a smart, beautiful, funny and kind hearted girl. Kiera was playing with 2 kids near her house and suddenly something unexpected happened.

The young girl was playing with a one year old Adison and a two year old Emma and then suddenly she observed that a Mercedes SUV started rolling down from the Lakeside. The Mercedes was without a driver and there was no way it could have been stopped.

The 10 year old being a smart girl saw the car coming and then she realized that the car was about the struck the 2 young kids. She immediately ran over to save the kinds. She came into action immediately when she saw the car coming towards the kinds, she ran into and Kiera was able to save both the kinds.

Kiera pushed both the kinds Adision and Emma out of the way and saved the lives of the kids. Unfortunately, the car struck the 10 year old Hero and she was severely injured by this accident. The girl was immediately rushed into the nearest hospital for treatment.

It is really a sad part to know that the girl died due to the injuries and we lost a real life Hero at an early age of 10. Kiera was really a savior for the 2 kids and she did what came in her mind to save both the kids from getting struck with the SUV.

The mother of the 2 kids, Alyssa Jenkins, she was really thankful to this girl as Kiera was able to save the lives of her two kids. Alyssa stated that the 10 year old is a real Hero for her as she saved the lives of both of the children’s.

If Kiera would not have pushed the 2 kids then both of them would have died. Alyssa stated that the 10 year old would be the ‘Guardian Angel; for both her young kids.



The California Highway Patrol has started an investigation of the accident. The investigation officer Kevin Pearlstein stated that he is really sad about the news that the girl has lost her life.

The officer added that they have started an investigation as they are not sure how the car started moving down the road. Kevin stated that they will inspect the SUV to check how it started moving and was there any malfunction in the vehicle.

The accident took place on February 22 and the girl died on Monday itself due to her injuries. The family of Kiera is in sudden shock as they have lost the girl. The family is really upset for the loss of the 10 year old girl.

Kiera is a real Hero and people have started a GoFundMe page so that they can help the family of the girl to cover their family’s costs and the loss. The page was able to raise $79,000 till date and people are still helping the family to cover the loss.

The girl will always remain the “Guardian Angel’ who sacrificed her own life to save the two kids.

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