11 Oddly Car Names Of All Time

Car names which were misunderstood as the genitalia or violated the sacred name or related to the name of the fighter plane massacred thousands of people are situations where carmakers unfortunately encountered.


Ascari is KZR-1 racing cars of the “rare” by only 2 units produced. Car names are placed under 2 riders each consecutive times champion Alberto Ascari’s F1. However, in the German KZ is the acronym for Konzentrationslager – camps.


Dodge Kahuna is one of the many cars cause most turbulent ever introduced Dodge. The concept was unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2003. After that, hundreds of Hawaii signed the petition to rename the car maker by Kahuna has “committed taboo” and the priest christened.


Mazda Laputa is designed for urban residents, but the engineers at Mazda Laputa forget that in Spanish is understood as “increasingly worse”.


It seems that the Japanese manufacturer has no affinity with Spanish. Mitsubishi Pajero in Spanish means the good masturbation of Mitsubishi.


Daihatsu SCAT substances are manufactured strictly an off-road vehicle, but in English, SCAT to mean “go away” with bold shades and colloquial meaning.


Zero Fighter Mitsubishi Evo makes people think back to the fighters had massacred thousands of people in the 2nd World War and the civil war in Kamikaze.


Isuzu GIGA Dump Light is implied is that the Japanese sumo will do after enjoying a hearty meal and satiety.


Honda Fit is a good name because it carries meaning and ambitions of the Japanese manufacturer of compact urban cars, and “fit”. Unfortunately, in Norwegian, called Fit is slang for female genitalia.


Thankfully Nissan Moco only sold in Japan, as if to Spain, this car will carry the name of a notorious criminal.


The Beetle also stick to a tragic misunderstanding on the car name from the Beetle also mean cockroaches.


Hudson Wasp was producing the 50s of last century. So far no one has explained why the manufacturer chose the name means “not guilty”.

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