Nordic Semiconductor Launches nRF51824 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC

Nordic Semiconductor will introduce a Bluetooth low energy products to SoC nRF51824 code is to be used to run applications for intelligent wireless car and in-car charger.


Nordic Semiconductor today announced the nRF51824 Bluetooth® product Low energy (Bluetooth Smart) is a smart application that connects wireless and in-car charger. Product code is its latest version.

Version The nRF51824 is checked via the test qualification AEC-Q100 stress in the industry automotive, it is very flexible about the nature and range as well as being as Nordic as Nordic’s highly successful and field-Proven nRF51822 Bluetooth low energy SoC (256KB Flash, 16KB RAM variant) is based upon the nRF51824.

With the car industry is growing fast as rushing the writing convenience, connectivity in the car is very important. Leonard, a product marketing manager of Nordic Semiconductor says, with this technology, the use of in-car Smartphone and tablet users to exchange and connect with each other via Bluetooth mode very quickly, there are many advantages to user. With this technology, you can control, customize and manufacturers will apply the technology to follow so that the car has superior features and modern, in the near future as these cars fully automatic.

It will allow the control system in the car calves n connected to each other, the system running safely and efficiently. Besides, the control, diagnose various errors is also very easy. Examples of intelligent seating, automatic control system without the key, intelligent mirror or accident warning systems smart .. It also offers great opportunities for equipment suppliers, car components to improve the system on their cars, to communicate, and communicate with each other more easily, more modern with your Smartphone in hand. The nRF51824 Bluetooth device is probably the most powerful automation world, using low energy SoC and is suitable for many applications, other needs.


This new technology system, allowing you to use the benefits of the data transfer function via traditional Bluetooth, exchange and data transmission via Bluetooth has many advantages. Through this, in this way that the manufacturers want to reduce the cost and weight of the cable, but the method of data transmission is still commonly used. Is that, via Bluetooth, it is easy to create one simple system assembly, maintenance and replacement, plus it can reduce fuel costs, increase economic benefits.

Leonard said a list of properties of potential car connectivity and the benefits of network devices is: make sure the wireless technology in the car charger for devices is one of the properties modern cars, in the future this will be popular properties in the car. He said further: this is why nRF51824 also supported by the Nordic S130 Soft Device for air fuel (one form of wireless charging standard) with the help of the technology in terms of Nordic S130, you can charge is multiple devices on a single charging surface

The nRF51824 is a typical sample, it is supplied and packaged 48-pin QFN 6×6 Switch package.

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