5 Simple Steps For Installing A Car Stereo

If you have just bought a new car with an inbuilt car stereo which is not good enough for you, or you simply want to upgrade it, check this simple 5 step tutorial on how to finish the task on your own.

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1.Disconnecting the car battery.


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The first thing to do is to disconnect your car battery. It is recommended that you disconnect the negative end of the battery since it’s the safer option. If you decide to disconnect the positive end, you need to be extra careful not to touch anything else attached to it, or you will cause yourself additional problems.

2.Removing Existing Factory Built In Stereo


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Once you have disconnected the battery, the next step is to carefully pry the plastic covers on the dashboard around the stereo. It is important you be gentle and use proper tools, preferably plastic, to avoid damaging other parts of the car. Remove any parts necessary, such as A/C controls, and proceed to the next step, which is to remove the built in car stereo.

Unscrew all the bolts carefully, without misplacing any of them, and unplug the connected wires, such as the power supply and the antenna. There are many tight spots they can get to, making it impossible for you to retrieve them.

3.Preparing the New Car Stereo


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Not that you have the factory car stereo removed, you need to make preparations to the wiring to properly install the aftermarket car stereo you purchased. All of the aftermarket products come with the required wires and connectors, so all you have to do is to connect the car’s wires to the provided wires from the new car stereo.

All of the wires are colored differently, so all you have to do is to connect them according to their colors. In order to do that easier, you should use butt connectors.

Use wire strippers to expose the wires and twist them into place before connecting them. If for any reason there are some wires left and you don’t have anything to connect them to, just place a butt connector on them to cap them off and make sure you don’t have any exposed wires running around.

After connecting all the wires, use some zip ties to keep all of them together. If you leave them like that they will create a mess in the housing and might prevent the car stereo to fit in nicely.

Then, take out the holding brackets from the factory car stereo and attach them to the new car stereo. Every quality aftermarket stereo will have the necessary side brackets included in the kit to make sure it fits perfectly.

Also, don’t use the existing screws as they might not fit properly. Use the screws provided in the kit of your new car stereo.


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Car stereos can be single din and double din. If you are replacing a double din car stereo for another, disregard this step.

However, if you are putting a single din car stereo on a car which has a double din factory stereo, you need to use the extra dash kit and cage piece included in your new car stereo’s kit.

Make sure to secure the cage in place, and the unit will slide in perfectly.

4.Connecting Extra Accessories

Before you slide your new car stereo, you need to install any extra accessories that come with the car. These include Bluetooth microphone, satellite antenna etc. If your car does not have any of those, simply proceed to the next step.


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5.Installing the Car Stereo

First, connect the wire connector you previously assembled to the existing factory connectors. You should hear a click sound when the connection is properly done.

Plug the other side of the wiring to the power supply of the new car stereo. Make sure you push all the wires to the back and out of the way, and simply push the new stereo into place.

Screw the unit in, to secure its position. Now that you are almost done, retrieve all the screws and covers from the dashboard you previously removed.

Make sure you don’t forget to reconnect any other wires you may have disconnected.

Most aftermarket car stereos come with all the necessary tools and accessories to make it easy for you do install them on your own.

Just follow the manual and instructions and you are good to go.

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