5 Ways To Make Your Car A Better Ride

Source: www.metromile.com

Source: www.metromile.com

Most of us spend a lot of time in driving a car and the car is always messed up. The mobile phones, jacket, papers and a lot of things are placed in the car and it creates a mess in your ride. However, you may be surprised to know that you can make your car a better place and you can organize all of the things that you keep in your car. The things can be well organized using some cheap things which are not expensive at all.

1. Coat Rack which will not disturb you


The coat hooks are not at a proper location and if you are having passengers at the back then they may not want the coats to be hanging on the hooks as the coats always hang around the face of the back passengers.

You do have a solution to it; you can use a mesh bungee which can be found at any motorcycle shop. You can attach the 4 corners of the bungee at the 4 corners of the grab handles of the car. It can be stretched to maximum so that it remains high on the ceilings.

The bungee can be used to keep your coats, hats and other things and it will be at a high level so it will not disturb your rear view mirror.

2. Movable Shades

During the sun rise and the sun sets the sunlight will always find a way to disturb your eyes. You can use these small movable shields on your car’s side windows and its windshields to block the sunlight from affecting your eyes directly.

3. Self made Electronics Dock

Some of the car dashboards do not allow you to place your electronics at its corners due to their built, you can use the suction type windscreen GPS holders but they can affect your front view. You can use a better option, just buy a small sheet of black plastic and cut it to the size of around 6 inches.

Then you can use the hook and loop fasteners, use the hook side and on the dashboard you can use the loop side to hold the plastic firmly to its place.  Now, on the driver’s side you can use the same hoop and loop fasteners and you can stick your electronics on it.

4. Increase your USB power

If you have a lot of people travelling with you than you may require some extra power to charge your electronics. Most cars have only one USB inputs and this may not be enough for all of them to charge their gadgets.

You can always have this option to add the additional power points to the cigarette lighter socket. The cigarette lighter can easily handle more than 10 amps and this can be used to charge your gadgets, even your iPad’s.

5. Phone holder



If you require a control of your phone while driving, you can place the phone near you so that your eyes are not off road for a longer time. You can use the gooseneck mounts to place the phone at the best suitable locations.

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