Babies are sign of parent’s love; no compromises are acceptable when it comes to baby’s essential items. No matter how costly it is, parents try every possible ways to set up comfortable & safe surroundings around their naughty kid.

And for that, they spend a lot of money in baby’s essentials whether it is costly packet of diaper or changing table; they try everything to give their baby utmost comfort. So, what’s the problem? The problem is, they actually forget sparing money on items like stroller, pram or car seat which are needful stuff while travelling outside, visiting malls or walk-in stores. Infant car seat from maxi cosi vela is nowadays popular because of its features & functionalities.

Most of the parents properly invest in nursery furniture but they forget considering certain items like stroller, pram or car seat which can work as a helping hand while travelling outside or while visiting malls or walk-in stores. Infant car seats from maxi cosi vela is nowadays popular because of its features & functionalities.

But still, you should prepare yourself with basic tips & tricks to make a smart purchase. So, here I share few tips for all the new mummies who are too much conscious about their kid’s health & comfort!…

1. What kind of baby car seat do I select?

Well, you have two choices; which car seat you wish to buy, rear-facing or convertible car seats. Typically, rear-facing seats are used for infants and as suggested the baby in this seat will be facing the back of the car. The main advantage of rear facing car seat is, it can be taken in and out of the car. So, it is easy to move a sleeping baby.

When it comes to convertible car seats, they give multiple benefits. As it can be used as rear facing seats when the baby is an infant and then it can be converted into a normal seat that faces front. Car seats come up with a bunch of benefits as you can use the same seat from infancy to toddler-hood and can save money.

2. What type of safety harness should seat contain?

The Excellence Child Safety Seat Concept

You should buy a product that has at least 5 harness and 2 shoulder straps, and three waist harness where two of them are on sides and one between the legs. This ensures the baby is not jerked out of the seat.

3. What kind of protection does the seat offer?

You should check how well cushioned the sides of the seats are, where the baby’s head might strike. You should look for air pads in this area.

4. Is the premium-priced seat worth it?

First, you should check, what are the add-on features available? Don’t forget to look for some extra features like a larger canopy, softer fabric, anti-rebound bars and better quality if you are paying extra.

5. Is it necessary to buy a new one?

However, it is economical to buy a car seat from the second-hand market or can reuse one that your older nieces or nephews used. Also, while buying a second-handed product, no one is sure about how good the product is. And also you are not aware of its durability & flexibility. Although, safety is one of the most important factors that you should look for before adopting any product.

6. Do I need extra seat bases?

If you are buying an infant seat and not a convertible then your seat will come with a plastic base which you have to install in your car while you want your baby to sit at the place. If you have multiple cars then choose an infant seat brand that sells extra seat bases so that you can install it in the second car.

Ending lines

Hence, car seat selection for your little one requires the same attention as your baby’s other essentials. So, through above-given ways, you can make a smart purchase of car seat and can drive your car without fear. Give your baby a safe and smart ride!….


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