6 Ways To Perfect Your Start & Ace Off-Road Racing

Starts are one of the most important parts of your race and can make or break your racing game. All that being said, it’s a great idea to put some time and effort into not only getting things sorted on race day but also making practice a part of your training regime. 

We have listed six effective tips to help you perfect your start. Have a look. 

Do Your Homework

Pay close attention to the race gate. Try to ace the instinct of getting started after the gate drops. This can only come from thorough practice. If you win your instincts, there are high chances you will do well in the race. Also, notice the time for which the 30-second board is in the air before the gate drops. 

A small hack of acing the 30-second board activity is to observe how the gateman holding the board retrieves back to the sideline. This is so because the gate will drop only after the gateman has reached the sidelines. Don’t forget to observe which gate part comes down first. A split-second lead matters a lot in such races. You can get this advantage by paying close attention to the gate pin. Once the gate pin is detached, you can quickly accelerate, getting that split second lead. 

Steer Clear of Distractions

Get your process sorted and clear up anything that may take your mind off the race. This can include making sure your goggles are prepped, and the bike is ready. You must know the starting procedure before you get to the line.

Focus On The Rut

Take some time to prep your grid. Clean out the rut and get rid of any sharp edges. The smoother and cleaner the rut, the better the grip you will have. Maybe build a little ramp of dirt over the gate to give you a smoother run.

Pay Attention To Your Body Position

You will need to work out your body position, gear selection, throttle, and clutch usage on the bike. All of this will change to suit different conditions. This is why it is important to practice your starts on all types of surfaces.

Foot position

Keep your foot up front, facing the pegs. Your body will instinctively slide backwards after you release the clutch. You will be better balanced with your foot in front of the pegs, as they will keep your body from falling apart from the clutches’ impact. Also, do not start with one foot down and the other on the pegs. There are high chances the tires may shake after the clutch is released, and you will end up crashing on your back. 

Since your foot will be exposed to the metal pegs, you must invest in good motocross boots that will provide the required safety and comfort to your feet. 

Leg Squeezes

Leg squeeze is one of the best techniques to have complete control on your bike. Focus on dashing out of the starting line in a straight path, and don’t keep the front tire in the air to ensure a favourable start. It is advisable to position your toes inwards immediately after releasing the clutch and placing your feet on the pegs. This will ensure you’re properly balanced right from the start. 

Wrapping Up

The way you start lays the foundation of how well you will perform in the race. Take cues from this article and work on perfecting your start. However, if you think you’ll need extra motivation, you may want to get a motocross coach to take a look at you and see if they can spot something that is holding you back.

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