7 Motorcycle Mods That’ll Elevate Your Ride to the Next Level

Few things can match the excitement and thrill of getting on a two-wheeled machine. Motorcycles are supremely able to convey a level of fun that no other vehicle is as capable of. 

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you already own a motorcycle. In this post, we’ll teach you how to take that machine of yours to the next level. We’ll go through a list of seven of the best motorcycle mods that are going to upgrade your ride to a level that you may never have thought possible.

1. Aftermarket Exhaust

The first thing to consider on the motorcycle aftermarket is an upgraded exhaust. Truth be told, most motorcycles come off the factory line with a fairly sedate exhaust system with a relatively quiet note. 

If you want to unlock a better sound, then an aftermarket exhaust is absolutely crucial. What’s even better is that this is a bolt-on mod. Due to the relatively simple nature of motorcycle exhaust systems, all it takes to replace an exhaust system is just a little bit of skill with a wrench. Even a beginner can have it done in a couple of hours.

If you purchase the right exhaust system, you could even see the gain of a couple of horsepower. This is due to the stock exhaust system somewhat restrict exhaust airflow. By opening up the exhaust system, the engine doesn’t have to deal with backpressure from the compressive stock exhaust system, which in turn adds a little power to the system. 

For those of you who ride a supersport or a naked bike, one of the biggest names in the aftermarket motorcycle exhaust industry is Akrapovic. Famed for their raspy throttle notes, these exhaust systems will ensure that every eye is on you the next time you take your ride out for a spin.

2. Better Windshield

What’s one of the worst parts of riding a motorcycle? That’s an easy question to answer. There’s no doubt that many a rider will reply with this answer: buffetting.

When you’re traveling down the road at seventy miles an hour in any vehicle, that means that air is traveling past you and against you at seventy miles an hour. In a car, you can close up the windows and protect yourself from all that and never feel a thing.

But on a motorcycle? You best believe you’re gonna feel every inch of that air buffeting you this way and that. And God forbid that there be any wind opposing your direction.

The best way to combat this problem is to opt for a better windshield. A more aerodynamic and bigger windshield can serve to push oncoming air in a stream away from you so that your body and head don’t have to bear the brunt of the force.

3. Fender Elimination

If you think your rear fender just doesn’t belong on the pretty backside of your motorcycle, join the club. There’s many a rider who knows that their motorcycle’s looks would be much improved by a fender elimination kit.

You can’t just unbolt the fender you have now and throw it away. Chances are, you have a license plate stuck on there, as well as crucial reflectors and indicator lights that you need to drive safely. The best way to deal with this is to use a fender elimination kit that’s built for your bike model.

This kit will offer places for replacement lighting and for your license plate, all while getting rid of that conspicuous fender that’s ruining your vibe.

4. Frame Slider

Are you a new rider? Do you ever ride your bike hard on a track? Then you need a frame slider.

Frame sliders are small extensions that attach to your bike that, should your bike ever be put down, protect the rest of the bike from getting in contact with the ground. So instead of your fairings losing their paint job sliding across the road, the cheap frame sliders take the bulk of the damage.

Even if you’re an experienced rider, these are an absolute must if you want to keep your bike looking pristine. Because, as we all know, everybody falls or drops their bike at some point.

5. Stomp Gripz

If you’re a performance rider who likes to get their knee down on the road as you balance through winding turns, then you need stomp gripz. This accessory is essentially a small grippy mat that attaches to your bike’s fairings. It allows your opposite leg to better grip the fuel tank as you lean your bike over in a turn.

So if you’re turning left, and you’ve got your left knee down, the stomp gripz will enable your right leg to hug the fuel tank, giving you better security and ultimate more balance.

6. Custom Paint Job

We would be remiss to discuss motorcycle upgrades without bringing up a custom paint job. If you want to make your ride uniquely yours, then a unique look is essential. Look up some custom motorcycle paint job ideas before you decide on the one that’s right for you.

7. Upgraded Tires

Last but certainly not least, tires are one of the most important accessories for you to upgrade. Remember that your tires are the only point of contact that your vehicle has with the ground as you drive. If you don’t have good tires, it doesn’t matter how lightweight your ride is or how much power it puts out, because the machine won’t be able to put that power or handling down on the ground. If you track your bike, then slicks are essential.

Upgraded tires are an expensive purchase, but once you try them out you’ll never go back to cheap rubber. Their effect is really that significant. 

Best Motorcycle Mods You Should Consider

There you have it — now that you know the best motorcycle mods out there, you’re ready to start making some crucial motorcycle upgrades to your ride!

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