Hello readers, welcome to my blog!


My name is Leroy L.Simmons, 37 years old. I got marriage for 5 years and now I have 2 little baby, a son and a girl. Currently I work in an IT company. Little confuse, right? Because as you see, this blog is about auto. To introduce myself, I’ll share with you what makes me want to be a truck driver. Unlike some other truck driver, I do not work in transportation field at this time.

Since I was a young boy, I was always interested in vehicles and stories of truck drivers. Maybe, it was the stories of my father – who once was a truck driver for a transportation company – which inspires me a lot.

My father is away from home frequently. He and his truck travel along the ways of USA. I am the only son of him; therefore, he always tells me his interesting stories of his journey.

He also gives me the amenity of the long journey, the stories about people that he met along the way. These stories are all colorful, full of joy and happiness. That is the reason why I always want to become a man like him, who is strong, and full of exciting experiences.

In spite of the fact that I am really fond of vehicles and desire to become truck drivers as my father, however now I am a computer programmer, a job that is extremely different from my dream job, both in the characteristics and the environment. Poor me!

I have to stick to work and computer instead of wheel, and that is the empty soulless code that I “meet” every day instead of living people.

Then, driven by father, and because I always love writing, I embarked on this adventure of the blog, to tell you all that I want to share about my hobby, my dream of auto, truck and journey.

Today I make my first steps on MrVehicle.net. I create this blog as the way to find out my excitement and also a way to remember my father.

In MrVehicle blog you will find tips, tricks to take care of your 4-wheel friend (my father taught me a little bit of understanding of automobile mechanics when I was a teenager).

Well you can continue reading this blog and leave me comments, ideas, suggestions, and even questions. On this space, I hope to tell you great stories and especially to answer some questions you might ask. And there are also many interesting and up-to-date stories of drivers on their journey everywhere in the world.

So what are my sources? My experience, my father stories, magazines, other sites, friends, etc. Feel free to share your comments and follow my future publications on this site and social networks. Who know, some days we will meet each other in the real life and have a journey together. I bet that it will be so much fun.

See you soon and enjoy your reading!