Army Veterans to Depart with Blast

The hands that protect a country always deserve most admirable send off and no one can disagree with this fact. Army men are the most respected and highly valued population in any country.

Nick Mead, a military enthusiast and a citizen of Helmdon NorthAmptonshire who is in his mid fifties derived a brilliant idea to create an ideal send-off for the army veterans and their widows.


Nick Mead spent an amount of £3000 and converted a FV432, a modification of FV430 series by the army of British government. FV432 is a personnel carrier that is completely armoured, though FV430 was a fighter series.  He transformed FV432 used as a carrier for army man into a splendid hearse.

Yes, you heard it quite right. This man actually took it to himself for making the perfect send-off for army veterans by changing this tank into a coffin carrying beast.

It actually took Nick Mead to convert the crucial interior of this armoured tank into a vehicle that is exteriorly a bombing tank but has interiors that can actually carry a coffin with some space to provide a seating capacity.

Nick Mead took to this project with a target of 3 years in his mind for he himself wanted his send-off to be as grand as this. But when his instructor of tank driving Graham Collins succumbed to cancer he accelerated his project and completed it in just 6 months to give his director an impressive good bye.

Graham Collins (left)

Graham Collins

The 70-year-old's funeral (right)

The 70-year-old’s funeral

He took help from a Funeral director who guided him along in his venture. And when his 70 year old instructor breathed his last he had a brilliant machine in his hand to give him the deserving homage.

And when the epic funeral took actually took place everyone was left in tears instantly.

The interiors of this iconic tank are modified in a significant way with glass exteriors for a public view through it.  This armoured vehicle FV432 has been a part of service during the period when British Army men were in Afghanistan as well as Iraq. It’s actually a piece of vintage collection.

Mr. Nick Mead, who has by now formed his own company Tanks-A-Lot, lets people hire this iconic beast for funeral and charges as much as £1500 as hiring rate and an addition amount to transport the body to a desired location.

Mr. Mead who formerly was a butcher took a decision of selling their family shop so that he can work with his desirable passion for tanks, and it was almost 20 years back when Nick took this decision and ended up being surrounded by tanks.






Till now the company has almost completed six successful funerals in this famous tank. Even his mom, Ivy had the privilege to depart in this magnificently modified tank when she left this world in 90s owing to her age. 

It’s really a great work by Mr. Mead, for army enthusiast in getting a chance for a perfect funeral.

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