How To Beat Road Trip Games Even If You’re A Complete Newbie

1. Introduction

I love games and usually play them with my friends, especially when going in a road trip. Our group has 5 boys and 2 girls, who have been best friends since second grade. We take road trips with one another whenever we have the chance, and games are the most interesting way to kill the time while we go.

However, not many of people in my friends list know how to rock their road trips by games, because they don’t know many, and it’s completely boring if you play one game over and over again. With experiences of playing all kinds of games for 5 years, so in this HOW TO article today, I would like to share with you:

  • What are road trip games?
  • How to play the road trip game?
  • How to win the road trip game?
  • How to play the road trip mind game? 
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Get ready and here we go.

2. What you will need to follow this tutorial

Before starting, you only need to prepare your mind, because some of the games might be very tricky. Feel free to try some right after you read, or some pen and paper to note everything down to play the next time you go on a road trip.

3. Step by step instructions

What are road trip games and How to play the road trip game?

These are the most fascinating games I have ever played with my friends, and you can try them.

1. While You Were Sleeping Create the most believable story when someone falls asleep

1. While You Were Sleeping Create the most believable story when someone falls asleep

2. Twenty-one Questions.

3. Did You Hear That…?

4. The Singing Game

5. The Movie Game.

6. Fortunately or Unfortunately

7. The Alphabet Categories

8. Regional Food Master

9. The Counting Game

10. The Name Game

11. Battle of the Bands

12. Word Association

13. Cows on My Side

14. The Alphabet Game

15. Don't Get Me Started

16. Hawk on a Wing

17. How close can you guess

18. The Band game.

19. The singing game

See more in here

How to win the road trip game ?

And these are three tips that can possibly help you if you want to win:

1. Change your strategy

If you stick to only one style for too long, it’ll get boring and your opponents might guess how you usually play the game. Change the style regularly and do something surprising. You’ll be winning all the time.

2. Pay attention to other players’ style

Notice the opponents’ movement and spacing likes and dislikes. For example, some are terrific from the beginning, but feel more exhausted at the end. Others are not good with pressure and time, and they could not play something requiring to think in a short time. You can take advantage of these aspects, and win the game.

3. Watch for emotional expressions.

This is especially useful for teenagers when they play cards, chess, or some mind game together. Pay attention to any facial expressions, even if a smile or a wry mouth because anything can lead to your victory. So don’t pass and you will succeed.

How to play the road trip mind game ?

Most of these are memory games, or they require you to think. The following games are the most common and I will show you how to play them.

1. The Grocery Game This is a memory game.

To start, the first player names an object available at a grocery store that starts with the letter A. The next player has to repeat what the first player said and then add another grocery object that begins with a B. For instance, if player one says "apricots," player two would repeat "apples" and then might add "beans." If it’s your turn and you forget one item, you lose, and the game will end until the best person with the best memory is found. If you don’t like groceries, you can start with other topics, such as animals, fruits, or films.

2. Team storytelling

Gather everyone around and start making a story together. One person begins by creating the first line of the story. You can start with "Once upon a time, there was a prince" . Then, each person adds a line, and the story builds and builds. Depending on your group's story plot, it can last for 1 minute or hour. When it stops, you can make another story.

3. I Spy

The game starts with one person choosing an item around them. He or she then gives the other people a hint by saying: "I spy with my little eye, something…." He or she then will state the object's color, give the first letter of the name of the object or another features of the object. If you pick some object in the car, it would be much funnier. The person who guesses the object correctly is the next person to spy a new item.

4. Spelling Bee

This is a good educational game for parents would like their children to play and learn at the same time. One at a time, each person takes turns spelling a word. If they spell the word correctly, they remain in the game. If they spell the word incorrectly, they're out. Keep spelling words until you determine which one of your road warriors is the champion speller. When choosing words, make sure that it’s not too difficult, but also not too easy. We don’t want anybody to be frustrated or the game gets boring.

You can find more and more games in this video:

Read more: How to beat the road trip arcade game or how to win the road trip arcade game?


There are so many kinds of fascinating arcade games, and the game I’m best at is Ticket games. I guess some have played it, some have not, so here are some of my tips to win it.

1. Use Your Hand on the Jump Rope Game

This can easily be found in almost arcade games, because it’s funny. The rule is simple, which you'll have an opportunity to jump in. But instead using your leg as usual, use your hand this time. Make sure you have friends around to lookout for you, and just use your hand to do the jumping. This will give you a lot more control. More control means more tickets.

See specific description in this video:

2. Get More Tickets from Older Games

If you come to an arcade games area filled with old ones, an easy way to win more tickets is by pulling the tickets you already took. Make sure the tickets are slowly pulled out, because they will rip if you pull them fast. Slow and steady are the key to success, but also make sure someone will look out for you, otherwise, have some creative reasons if you are caught.

See specific description in this video:

3. Get tons of prizes from Stacker Games

These can be found in malls, airports, and arcades all of over the world. There’s no other ways to win this game except playing the game like you normally would. When you're ready to choose your prize, press the stop button and continue button at the same time, then hold the continue button until you empty the row.

See specific description is in this video:

4. Get Unlimited Free Tickets

If you have tried older games I mentioned above, this would be another terrific way to hack them. Start the game by pulling two tickets out slowly and careful. After pulling out two tickets, you will feel a click. Resistance will stop at this point and you can pull out as many tickets as you like

See specific description is this video:

5. You can hack the Ticket Counter

If you accidentally come into an arcade games area with an automated ticket counter, you're lucky. Because when you pull the tickets back and push them forth, the counter will assume you have more tickets than you do, leaving you all sort of them

See specific description in this video:

You can see more ways to beat or win arcade games in these links:

4. Conclusion

Those are some of my experiences with road trip games. I hope you will enjoy them. I love sharing things I know and if you find them useful, just ask any questions if you want or leave a comment. I will answer them in any time. Lastly, thank you for reading my HOW TO article. Wish you have a nice road trip.

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