The Most Beautiful Car Sketches In The World

We all dreaming about a perfect car when we were young and wish some they the dream will become reality. Many of us have used their talent with pens and papers to show the world how beauty their car would be.


Sketches a car is not a strange thing to do for a “4 wheels” lover. With a help of technology nowadays, plus the endless passion, artist around the world are bringing to us not just a “copy” of a real car but also their dream of a car of the future.


GT Spirit magazine just publish the list of a gorgeous stretch car in the world. These may be the art of a professional designer or simply just a guy who put all his dream into the art.


Super car, Racing car, luxury car, standard car. Anything can be a source for artists to create something special. The extra effect can bring more attraction for the viewers and make a car looks as solid as possible.


Easy to realize that brand name of Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda appear so many times on this list.

Even a weirdest looking Volkswagen or a Volkswagen for police.



A render of BMW


The creativity is unlimited; a war car can be beautiful art when it comes to the hand of the artist.


Some designs don’t even show the brand of manufacture.


Some show respect by showing the signature look (“double kidney” radiator grille).


Sometimes these renders can be ideas for manufacture apply to the future concept.


Some “armature” design become so popular and help to the owner got their dream job in a big car company.



A super racing car with a V12 engine


Japanese style racing car


A strange looking renders of a Lexus


Mazda racing car


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