Bees Chase Car For 2 Days To Rescue The Queen

This is a great story as the film only in fiction but in reality is happening with a true story when an army of ferocious bee try to rescue their queen from a car, according to them almost the rescue the queen escape a castle made of steel.


Viewed in a more objective way, the queen bee colonies have been locked in a car brand Mitsubishi Outlander in two days. Mitsubishi Outlander car is owned by a 68 old woman; her name is Carol Howarth. Very casually when she visited a nature reserve and did not know that there was an unwelcome visitor entered her car.

Then, when she stopped to go shopping in Haverfordwest, West Wales. The bees were down and down to thousands of children, we parked the car and stuck around as images.

She saw many bees, so she felt scared; she did not dare to chase them away or destroy them so decided to call the local Ranger Tom Moses to take it from here.

Tom Moses, the man, is a national park ranger. When there is contact to the rescue of bees with her car, he was driving cars, passing by and happened to see the event.


He drove through the town and realize there’s something going on outside the Three Crowns and could not resist participating rescue this special event. He posted on his facebook status individuals (the title is: Bee swarm-brilliant.) And he was worried that there may be someone who has done something stupid.

Normally there are many ways to chase bees, but bees phenomenon followed the car, then maybe we parasitic and live in the car when they leave their living areas, as they are affected by the adverse events such as habitat loss, farming terrible practices, people use too many pesticides affect bees .. he thought.

The last measure that a decision will be wishes someone would pour boiling water to repel bees out of a car.


So he called for reinforcements – brave folks at Pembrokeshire Beekeepers Association, was a different man.

They have gingerly nudged the bees into a box. They proceeded very cautiously, however, a few minor incidents have occurred “like an old drunk from the pub to go out and get some of the sting bothers …”

At this point, you might think the story will end, but you’re wrong. So again, stay away from the beeworkers, beekeepers

The next morning, Howarth found the bees was back, She told The Telegraph. At 6 pm, her car free of the bees (no one knew what had happened to the queen bee)

Moses had told the other members that, according to her, the queen bee may have moved the bees away. Because the honeycomb to be disturbed, the whole team would leave, or is there different queen bees to nest and leave them.

He added that it was relieved and happy to see Mitsubishi car was clean, bright home is better when that car went home with all these great friends.

A Few Unique Characteristics Of The Bees


Face Recognition Ability Of The Bees

Bees were proved to be capable of facial recognition of individuals, even if they also use the same method that people often do to facial recognition. The bees identify lines and shapes as a form template, and can remember these templates.

When offered food with face images and a glass of water with factors unrelated to the face, the biologists found that the insects can recognize faces with high accuracy. Over time, they can even distinguish between simple face to face complex.

The Ability To Feel Special

The bees can develop incredible senses to support the daily routine. Honeybees can feel the difference between images in less than a second and the ability to realize very fine fragrance. The bees are attracted by a certain odor to facilitate pollination. However, this function can also be used to identify and signal the call partner.

Each group of bees with a unique fragrance that bees in the nest used to determine the bees “mates” and when a female bees leave the nest to begin a new reproductive age, hormones will attract bee male escort.

The Bees Support Healing

Another application of the bees was studied multiple sclerosis fields. Some patients with multiple sclerosis have undergone bee venom therapy procedures and absorb a propolis, raw honey (pure, still contains beeswax and propolis) and jelly to achieve best results.

Results cure has yet been proven in clinical trials, but not at the patient still implement this method for many years and have many signs of recovery.

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