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Bluetooth car stereo devices have become the hottest selling products in the market. The reasons for increasing popularity of Bluetooth audio receivers are their easy connectivity and access to the latest technology smart devices.

A best bluetooth car stereo device fitted in the dashboard allows the driver to control various functions of smartphone, iphone and androids with minimum interference with driving.

Here you will find the best double din Bluetooth car stereo reviews and buying guide highlighting the features and qualities you are searching for.

II. Top 5 Best Bluetooth For Car

With the advancement of technology, a large number of companies have started manufacturing wireless devices.

Currently, various brands of double din devices labeled with attractive features and offers are available in the market.

Customers cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. In the review of Bluetooth car stereos, we have picked only top 5 products for the ease of customers.

Now you do not need to select from hundreds of products at local or online marketplace.

1. Kenwood DPX501BT

  • Kenwood dpx501bt is an exclusive product of the company, design as in-dashboard car stereo for 90-12 models of cars.
  • Dpx501bt is one of the few best bluetooth for car with double head unit but line display screen.
  • The device is based on simple operations putting the driver on ease to operate the functions during driving.
  • Below are the key features of this device based on the benefits of customers.
best bluetooth car stereo Kenwood dpx501bt

My Rating On Kenwood dpx501bt


  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with smart devices
  • Double din device with 1.5 inches line display of 13 digit + 8 digit
  • In-dash design
  • USB port connectivity
  • FM-AM with stereo/mono option
  • Dimmable display light
  • Supported with multi file formats


  • CD receiver not supported with DVD
  • Latest Bluetooth device but no touch screen control

Benefits and key features of Kenwood DPX501BT

  • Kenwood dpx501bt has been manufactured especially by keeping the drivers in mind; that is why; it is based on big and oversized buttons and knobs. Driver can easily operate the buttons and knobs without looking on the in-dash device.
  • Due to reliable Bluetooth connectivity, user can connect android and iphone to play sirixm radio. Connecting through wireless also provides the user with quality of music without any interruption in signal; thus, user enjoys the smooth lyrics of music stores of these devices.
  • Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, Kenwood dpx501bt allows USB port connectivity for many storage devices and smart devices. This product allows multiple options to connect and control over smartphone, iphone, ipod and android devices when connected via USB.
  • Beautiful display with dimming option recommended for night driving allows the user to customize display and backlight according to the requirement.

2. Pioneer AVH270BT

  • Pioneer once again rocked by introducing a cheap and best double din head unit with Bluetooth.

  • Introducing Pioneer avh270bt with latest multiple connectivity options, the company has brought a revolutionary change in the category of Bluetooth car stereos.

  • This new pioneer includes the strong combination of connectivity and controlling features required for the smooth driving.

  • The base of avh270bt is safe driving and mind blowing sound quality to satisfy the music desires of drivers.

best bluetooth car stereo Pioneer avh270bt

My Rating On Pioneer avh270bt


  • Wideband speech hand free profile (when connected via Bluetooth)
  • Supported with DVD/CD
  • Color and background customization of display
  • Touch screen input and control
  • Microphone supported
  • Global direction indicator
  • Backup camera
  • Automatic dimming of screen with lights turn-on for  night driving


  • Customization of image does not save. Previous image reverses on restart.

Benefits and key features of Pioneer AVH270BT

  • With 6.2 inches display of Pioneer avh270bt, car stereo allows the user to control all the functions through touch screen option. This feature provides the user to monitor and control various function of connectable devices through screen interface. Popularity of this function has made pioneer avh270bt the best hands free Bluetooth for the car audio lovers.
  • Screen display allows customization of colors and background images. User can change background just like smartphone and PC wallpapers.
  • This pioneer Bluetooth car stereo is best option for hand free calling and audio streaming. Wireless connectivity with wireless devices like smartphone, iphone and android devices provide quality of sound just like FM radio.
  • This best Bluetooth car stereo is supported with HD music audio files and allows control on the customization of sound as stereo/mono. Therefore, user can have the quality of music from live streaming of play lists of the devices connected through Bluetooth.
  • The device is featured with automatic dimming of screen (changing to night screen mode) when you turn on the lights of your car. While entering from dusk to night, you do not need to stop and customize screen for night mode. Just turn on lights of your vehicle and continue driving.
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity enhances the quality of sound for hand free calls on smart devices. Wideband speech function allows the user hand free conversation with almost double bandwidth of the frequency making the voice clear and understandable.
  • Pioneer avh270bt is not only supported with Bluetooth wireless connectivity but also supports USB/Aux storage devices. This best double din bluetooth car stereo reviews also allows you to connect the smart devices via USB interface cable for additional control on the functions.
  • Supported with CD/DVD, this pioneer device allows you to play high quality selected music lists. Moreover, wireless input in the form of wireless control and steering wheel interface remote control enhance the confidence in driving.

3. Pioneer FH-X720BT

  • Along with manufacturing best bluetooth for car
    , the pioneer also keeps in mind the budget limits of customers.
  • Pioneer fh-x720bt is one of the cheapest audio devices manufactured for low budget customers.
  • Although, the product is extremely cheap but includes the features of costly and latest brands.
  • For low budget customers, this product has been proved as hot selling brand in the market.
  • After reading the key features and benefits, you can easily decide that whether you should purchase a costly car stereo or Pioneer fh-x720bt audio.
best bluetooth car stereo Pioneer fh-x720bt

My Rating On Pioneer fh-x720bt


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hand free calling
  • Mixtrax technology
  • 5band sound level
  • 10 level backlight
  • iOS USB direct access
  • Supported with CD
  • Voice recognition (only supported with iphone)
  • Advance sound retriever
  • Remote control (also supported with steering wheel interface remote device)


  • No DVD supported
  • Fitting issues with some vehicles dashboard

Benefits and key features of Pioneer FH-X720BT

  • Built-in Bluetooth provides hand free access for incoming and out going calls when connected with cell phone devices. Moreover, Bluetooth also provides nonstop audio streaming when connected to the devices having access to various music stores.
  • Multi line screen with multi segmented line display is based on LED backlight, which gives clear view of options and status on the display screen.
  • In addition to Bluetooth, Pioneer fh-x720bt car audio is based on mixtrax technology for nonstop music playlist creation. Now, user can enjoy variety of music due to mixtrax technology because you can customize variety of music with DJ inspire effects.
  • An additional quality of mixtrax technology is that the illumination simulates the club styles effects while playing different types of songs. Now, you have a club like environment in your car that has been made possible by Pioneer fh-x720bt stereo device.
  • Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, the device is also supported with USB connectivity for iphone, ipod and android devices. Additionally, the external storage devices can also be connected through USB port, which provide the user to add selected music files if he/she has not mobile devices.
  • Color customization option of this cheap device is exclusively fabulous because of 10 level brightness control of the screen. This customization is helpful to adjust screen brightness during day/night driving. Customization of color illumination allows the user to match a precise color with the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • The product has in-dash design and fits well in the dashboard of any vehicle. The design of this car stereo protects dust entering the internal parts.
  • Most of the car stereos are manufactured with 3band equalizer but fh-x720bt model of pioneer has 5band equalizer. 5band equalizer provides you with the additional options for sonic customization for various songs.

4. Pioneer DEH-X6600BT

  • Pioneer has been manufacturing quality products since start and every new product includes new features and qualities.
  • Every pioneer product holds its own features, which you can hardly find in other brands.
  • Pioneer deh-x6600bt is one of the cheapest products of the company. Although, deh-x6600bt is compact design car audio; however, it is competing the full-din devices.
  • This line display car stereo can provide you control on the devices just like full-din.
  • The followings are the basic features of this compact size car stereo, which have been included for the benefits of Pioneered customers of this pioneer product.
best bluetooth car stereo Pioneer deh-x6600bt

My Rating On Pioneer deh-x6600bt


  • Multi line multi segment display
  • 35% larger LED backlight
  • Mixtrax technology
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • 5band equalizer with graphical display
  • Color customization options
  • Rethinking connectivity
  • Hand free calls
  • Wireless connectivity and control over devices


  • DVD not supported
  • Fitting issues with some vehicles like Honda Civic. User need to make modifications to install this device.

Benefits and key features of Pioneer DEH-X6600BT

  • Pioneer deh-x6600bt car audio is a built-in Bluetooth device supported with iphone and android. Multi line and multi segmented display of screen shows multiple controls and options clearly.
  • Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, this line display audio system is supported with CD, USB/Aux storage devices and MP3 that provide additional source of music play list in the form of selected collections.
  • The product is based on easy control of devices connected with this car audio. Connecting with ipod allows 2way control of the device. You can control either via Pioneer deh-x6600bt or directly by ipod.
  • Even the device is not a double din stereo but it has built-in Mixtrax technology for creation of nonstop music lists. Mixtrax illumination creates club like environment in the car with dynamic lighting dance.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and wireless audio streaming provide uninterrupted music lyric with best sonic performance of speakers.
  • Backlight of this compact head unit device is 35% larger than the other car stereos, which provides clear view of display screen. Customization of illumination is also available in this simple device, which enables the user to set display light according to his/her comfort while driving.
  • Pioneer deh-x6600bt also enables the user to connect iphone for playing Pandora and other satellite radios. In this connection, you must have a smartphone, iphone or any other device with enables radio application you want to run.

5. Pioneer AVHX5700BHS

  • Pioneer always remains current with the latest inventions in the filed of audio devices and includes every possible technology in their products.
  • Pioneer avhx5700bhs car audio is continuation of advance technology car audios included with exclusive features of connectivity and quality of sound.
  • The device is extremely powerful to connect with technology devices like smartphone, iphone and androids.
  • User can get full control on the attached devices; whether connected via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Although, the device is slightly costly but it includes many built-in features which save the money for purchasing accessories.
  • The following key features and benefits will help you to know that how this costly product saves your money.
best bluetooth car stereo Pioneer avhx5700bhs

My Rating On Pioneer avhx5700bhs


  • 7 inches Larger size touch screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full control on connected devices applications
  • Wideband speech Hand free conversation
  • DVD HD supported
  • Video supported
  • USB interface connectivity
  • Dual camera supported
  • Remote control and steering wheel interface control and input
  • Fully double din and stereo


  • Costly than the normal double din devices

Benefits and key features of Pioneer AVHX5700BHS

  • Pioneer AVH X5700bhs includes unlimited features and benefits for customers, which cannot be summarized in short best double din head unit with bluetooth.
  • The device has various built-in accessibility options for every latest technology device. Here are few common features, which usually customers want to know while purchasing the car audio.
  • Pioneer AVH X5700bhs has larger screen of 7 inches with touch screen accessibility and control. Touch screen allows easy and complete control on the devices connected to this car audio of Pioneer.
  • Bluetooth wideband speech feature allows the user with hand free conversation for incoming and out going calls.
  • Dual camera input enables backup rear view while driving. The cams can be control through touch screen of this device when activated.
  • The secondary camera is additional for this device, which is usually used for towing and parking the vehicle. So, the device is also supported with driving aids to facilitate the driver for safe parking.
  • Built-in ready for Sirius XM, mirrorlink, Siri free and HD radios to enable connect and play through supported devices like iphone and smartphone, etc.
  • Moreover, the Pioneer AVH X5700bhs is also supported with Pandora music and other personalized radios of technology devices. In short, this latest Pioneer device has complete access to applications of latest technology devices when connected via Bluetooth or USB.
  • Company has focused more on Bluetooth connectivity while manufacturing this device. Fast connectivity and reliability are the basic qualities of built-in Bluetooth car audio.
  • AVH X5700bhs car audio enhances the audio quality of connected devices via Bluetooth. The device is also supported with Videos and provided best quality HD videos, when connected with video output device.

III. How To Pick The Best Bluetooth Car Stereo – Step by Step

After reading the short review of the top 5 Bluetooth car stereos, you can easily find classify the products according to their features and benefits.

Now you can select a product according to your requirements. If you are still feeling difficulty to determine that which product is best for you, here is a short but step by step guide. It will help you to pick one of these devices quickly.


Pioneer DEH-X6600BT

Pioneer deh-x6600bt is a cheapest device but not supported with DVD, which is a drawback of this product. However, this device is sufficient for a common user and enables him/her to connect via Bluetooth. Moreover, the device has line display and does not included in the category of double din devices.


Pioneer FH-X720BT

Pioneer fh-x720bt is also a cheap product and proved as hot selling brand in the market of double din car audios. Slight costly than the previous product but includes the additional quality of 2DIN head unit which is a demanding feature now a days.


Kenwood DPX501BT

Kenwood DPX501BT CD Receiver is a mid range audio device of well-known and well-reputed company in the market. With some additional features like GM-10 antenna adapter, the device is best option for the customer having mid range budget limit for purchasing car stereos.


Pioneer AVH270BT

Pioneer avh270bt is also a mid range product for the customers having limited budget for car audios. The additional quality of this mid range product is support for DVD. Therefore, a double din car stereo supported with DVD is not a costly deal if you select this one.


Pioneer AVH X5700bhs

Pioneer AVH X5700bhs is the fabulous product with mind-blowing features and benefits for customers. Everything, clicking in imagination for having in a car stereo, you can find in this product. Although, the product is slightly costly but can be the choice of every music lover who want a portable dancing club in his/her vehicle. Just buy and fit this double din Pioneer device in the dashboard and enjoy party with friends on the roads.

IV. [Video] How To Install an Car Stereo with Bluetooth

V. Tips For Using Bluetooth Car Stereo

Bluetooth devices are very common now a days and everyone want to install in dashboard of vehicle. Many customers complain for malfunctioning of the device after few days/months use.

Usually, these issues occurs due mishandling of the products. Here are few tips to use the car audios correctly, which will help you to overcome these issues.

    1. Dust is the enemy of technology devices, which badly affects the performance of these devices. So, try to save the device from dust as much as possible. You can minimize dust/dirt exposure by keeping the car window closed.

    2. While cleaning the car interior, keep the Bluetooth device covered with a piece of cloth and car audio cover whichever is available.

    3. Various vehicles have built-in power supply of 14.4 volt for car audio ports. Before connecting the device, check for power requirement for your car audio. If the car audio is supported with 6 volt, just use an adapter and then connect the device.

VI. Conclusion

All the products in this best bluetooth car stereo review are best in quality but differ in features. You can buy a product according to your pocket limits but there will be compromise on some accessibilities and features. Now it is your decision that whether you are thinking for pocket limits are just want to buy fabulous car stereo.


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