So you are looking for one of the best car speakers. You want to read about car speaker reviews and their quality all in one place. Well, I have come up with a list of the top 5 car speaker brands.

Some are 6.5 inch car speakers, some are 6x9 car speakers and some are 4 inch car speakers. Either way, you will receive an honest opinion on which pair speakers to buy for your car.

How To Choose The Best Car Speakers

Choosing the car speakers for sound quality depends on what you are looking for your sound system to do. Some people like a strong BASS for their Rap and Hip Hop tracks, some enjoy listening to their music in a surround sound, and others enjoy having their car speakers being used for music during a tailgate or a party. Either way, you need to learn to choose the best car speakers.

  • If you want your speakers to have a good bass for your hip hop and rap music, go for one that will pick up good bass notes and midrange notes. You want the music to come off clear, so for car speakers for bass and sound quality go for a solid 6 inch speaker or, if you want to splurge 6 x 9 car speakers are ideal.
  • For tailgating, all you need is a solid pair of 6.5 inch car speakers. The sound while grilling your hot dogs and burgers on the big game day will be fantastic. Everyone will be over to hear what the next pump up song is.
  • For other types of music, you do not need to hear the bass notes, so it almost does not matter which speakers you choose. You can go for the 6.5 inch car speakers or the 4 inch car speakers. Either way, your music will sound great while you are out driving around town.

Top 5 Best Car Speakers On Market:

#1 Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5 Inch Full Range 3 Way Coaxial Speaker

These car speakers come in different sizes, but we are going to focus on the 6.5 inch speaker. They are made of a vacuum polypropylene cone with a rubber surround.

They have a silk dome pole mounted piezo tweeter and midrange (see the terms and definition if you need more information). The speaker also has an integrated tweeter crossover with grilles and mounting hardware included with the package.

If you are worried about how much the speakers weigh, I can assure you the speakers are a light 3.5 pounds each and are 4 inches deep. They were made in China like most electronics. They do require a 12V battery to work which is not included.

User Ratings:


  • Lightweight and easy to put into your car
  • The speakers look great due to the grille with its sleek style
  • Ideal for those who are partially deaf or hard of hearing. They give the music a nice stereo sound
  • With a good filter, you can bypass the sound of the bass and just concentrate on the music sound
  • They are a solid good cheap pair of speakers
  • Have a crisp mid high range of sound compared to other speakers
  • Ideal use as front door speakers in your car. Can also be used in the back seat
  • Fit nicely inside of most cars, even older models
  • Easy to install
  • Great for audiophiles


  • Not made for hip hop and rap due to the tweeter not made for bass sounds
  • Does not offer a vast audio spectrum like its counterparts
  • Some reported that the speakers blew after a couple of weeks
  • Some report the sound is a bit distorted and can skip sound once in a while - they are not consistent with the music

#2 Kenwood KFC 6965S 6 x 9 3 Way 400W Speakers

These are a part of the sport series and are 400W 6 x 9 3 way speakers. They have a peak power handling for 400 watts per pair and an RMS of 45 watts per pair. They are made of a polypropylene woofer cone. There is a 2 inch or 50 mm polyetherimide cone tweeter and a ½ inch or 12 mm ceramic tweeter.

They are at an average weight of 4.8 pounds so they are easy to carry and that makes installation easy as well. A 12V battery is required and not provided in the package. The speaker’s dimensions are 9 x 6 x 6 inches. These speakers are also ranked number 1 in electronics for car speakers and surface mounted speakers. Also, to be noted it states that it is a pack of two, which means there are two speakers included. Some misinterpret this and they believe they are receiving 4 speakers. Some clarification was needed.

Kenwood KFC-6965S

User Ratings:


  • Fit great in new and older vintage vehicles
  • Have a decent bass sound for rap and hip hop fans
  • Can be mounted on the front door of your car
  • Speaker volume goes up to 35,  but is perfectly adequate and loud at 25
  • Quite a bargain for their size - you can purchase additional equipment with the savings
  • Can be mounted into the rear deck of your car
  • Able to enjoy all different styles of music, but mostly hard rock and rock and roll
  • Kenwood speakers are known for their good, solid sound
  • Easy to install since they are lightweight
  • Better sound than stock speakers
  • When paired with 6.5 you will have the best surround sound in your car - good highs and mid-range and even better deep lows. A sure powerhouse of music


  • A speaker may blow within the first two months of use - even if you are not over using the sound
  • Built quality is not as good as other 6 x 9 car speakers - would have better sound if better constructed
  • The mounting kit is not suitable for all car types - screws can be too short and the metal nuts are quite thin making it difficult on your fingers to tighten them
  • Wires are quite thin and fragile - they are maybe 24 g or 26 g
  • Not designed to last even at ¾ volume
  • Sound could be clearer

#3 Rockford Foxgate R14x2 Prime 4 Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker

These come in multiple sizes, but we will be focusing on the 4 inch car speakers (they also come in 5.25, 6 x 8, 6 x 9, 6 x 9 inch 2 way, 6.5 inch and 6.75 inch). They are a 2 way full range speaker rated at 30 watts RMS.

They are a new generation of factory replacement speakers. Included in the package are 2 speakers with grilles, integrated high pass crossover and hardware for mounting your speakers in your car. They are constructed of a vacuum polypropylene cone, a rubber surround, a stamped steel basket, a silk dome, a flush mounted tweeter, an integrated tweeter crossover, with grilles and mounting hardware included.

User Ratings:

Its midrange depth is 1.72 inches or 43.6 mm, the tweeter diameter is ½ inch or 12.7 mm. It has a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz and has a nominal impedance of 4-Ohm. It has a sensitivity of 85 and a crossover tweeter high pass of 6dB/octave. They run off of a 12V battery which is not included. These speakers are great for their price and are relatively cheap for their sound and the way they were constructed out of premium materials.


  • They weigh 3 pounds which makes them light and easy to install
  • The products dimensions are 5 x 9 x 6 inches
  • 3 inches deep
  • Clean mods and highs
  • 45 watt RMS
  • They come with a set of wires with spade terminals on them making it easy to set up and install
  • Great replacement for stock speakers. Fit in the front and back of the car
  • Fit perfectly over most stock locations
  • Ideal for hearing each note in classical and symphony music


  • Does not fit in all vehicle brackets - you should check prior to purchasing unless you do not mind using other equipment and tools to improperly fit your car speakers
  • Do not buy for hip hop and rap music as the bass is lacking
  • Reports of speakers blowing after only a few months of use
  • After a few weeks some report a distorted sound and a crackling noise coming from the speakers
  • Some speakers only play the high pitched sounds and are unable to play mid-range and deep sounds

#4 MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1200 Watt Dual 12 Inch Sub Enclosure

This speaker includes two 12 inch terminator subwoofers, TNP212D2, or a vented enclosure. They are an ideal solution for anyone looking to add more bass to their vehicles sound system. These are the most ideal car speakers for hip hop, R&B and rap music or anything with a heavy bass. The car speakers are ruggedly constructed using 5/8 inch MDF and aviation grade black carpet.

The speakers are constructed of polypropylene dust caps that are quite durable in which allows them to be ok in car trunks and are still lightweight which help them to productively move using not as much power. These speakers have some of the greatest low frequency sound waves that can be generated by subwoofers without any issues.

The speakers look are quite classic and contemporary compared to other car trunk speakers. They are a clean black so they are able to match many, if not all, trunk interiors. They will not show any wear and tear due to their black carpeting. For their size and power, they are quite an affordable buy. They are louder with a better bass than most of their overpriced competitors. Be sure to show them off responsibly, especially with an MTX THUNDER500.1 amplifier.

User Ratings:


  • They weigh 56 pounds which is lighter than you may think for trunk speakers
  • Have 12 inch subwoofers
  • 1200W max power
  • 800W peak power
  • 400W RMS
  • They contain aviation grade carpeting
  • Product dimensions are 14 x 29 x 13 inches
  • Best subwoofers for their price
  • Great, heavy bass sound
  • If you install a bass control knob you can listen to everyday music much better
  • Wires are preinstalled
  • If you are looking for speakers that shake your car these are perfect


  • Does not come with a bass control knob
  • These take up a lot of trunk space. If you do not have the space you may need to return
  • Some people report them not consistently working
  • Interior not always sealed
  • Does not fit in the trunk of all cars, especially sporty ones like a Camero
  • They are greatly affected by temperature. If it is above 80 degrees outside they shut off

#5 Rockford Foxgate R1675X2 Prime 6.75 Inch Full Range 2 Way Coaxial Speaker

These speakers come in a range of sizes (4 inch, 5.25 inch, 6 x 8 inch, 6 x 9 inch, 6 x 9 inch 2 way and 6.5 inch), but we will be focusing on the 6.75 inch speaker. They are constructed with a vacuum polypropylene cone and a rubber surround.

It has a silk dome flush mounted tweeter and an integrated tweeter crossover. The grilles and mounting hardware are already included with the price of the car speakers. You may need to use extra tools if replacing car speakers that are of a smaller, or even larger size.

User Ratings:

These speakers weigh 8 pounds and are therefore lightweight and easy to install in your car. They are 8 x 12 x 9 inches and are 5 inches deep. They require a 12V battery to work. The speakers are made in China like most electronic items. They are one of the top rated and top selling speakers according to numerous sites.

This model has been around since 2013 so you know the manufacturer is doing something right. They are available for both domestic and international shipping when being purchased through manufacturer on numerous different sites.


  • Better quality than many 6.5 inch speakers
  • Better quality than factory speakers
  • Rockford is known for their product quality. You know you are buying good car speakers when they come from Rockford
  • Has a crisp and loud sound
  • Speakers are easy to install and work as expected
  • For the price, you get a sound as expected
  • Come as advertised, no surprises or misjudgements
  • Easy to install in most cars, but there is a guide you can use to see if it can fit over current car speakers
  • Fast shipping and will be there by guaranteed delivery date
  • After a few years, many report the speakers to still work great


  • Some vehicles require special bracket to install, and it is not mentioned previous to purchasing speakers
  • Do not purchase if looking for good bass, many report no bass to come out of these speakers
  • Only good for talk radio, not many recommendations for music
  • Sound is only good for minds and highs
  • Do not rely on the report guide from the manufacturer. It is not always accurate with model changes in certain cars
  • Some report that the quality is not as good as the speakers that come with their cars

Attributes That Differentiate The Products

 There are many keywords you will see pop up when looking online for car speakers. Some are tweeter (nothing to do with twitter), subwoofer and woofer.

  • Tweeters are small speakers (think 4.5 or 6.5 inch speakers) that are able to make the higher end sound frequencies. This is something you want to stay away from if you are looking for rap/hip hop speakers.
  • Subwoofers are good for hip hop and rap since they produce low sound frequency. It is usually under 180 hertz.
  • Woofer is another good speaker term to know for hip hop and rap music since it caters to low and midrange frequencies.

If you are looking just to play rock music look for tweeters and woofers. Otherwise, do not bother with subwoofers since you do not need the strong bass sound.

What’s The Best Way To Use This Product?

The best way to use car speakers is to install them in your car and use them for whatever reason you would like. Some enjoy them when driving to have a better surround sound system in their car. This is especially ideal for music enthusiasts like myself. The better the sound quality in the speaker, the better sounding the music was.

Some may use them specifically for rap and hip hop style of music. If you enjoy feeling the bass then a good set of speakers are ideal. Look for ones that have the term woofer or subwoofer in the details. This will ensure the best sound quality for the bass. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.

When tailgating a good set of car speakers are ideal. You will want them to be heard so look for the term tweeter when purchasing the speakers. They will produce a nice high end sound that can be heard by you and all of your tailgating friends. If you are having a back yard party, these are also really good speakers to have so long as your neighbours do not mind music being heard at all hours of the day.

The Advantages And Benefits Of This Type Of product

There are numerous advantages and benefits to this type of product. Car speakers have been around since the 1930s and have only improved with age and technology. The better the speaker, the better sound quality your music will have. You can be listening to classical music and you will be able to hear every last note the cellist just played.

When listening to hip hop and rap you can hear, and feel, the pulse of the bass throughout each song. For anyone who is a music enthusiast, you need to invest money into a good sound system and car speakers for your automobile.

When you are driving long distance, or just listening during a tailgate, you will be glad you decided to invest in a pair of car speakers that are perfect for your music taste.


So you are probably wondering which set of speakers you should purchase. My choice for everyday music is the Rockford Fox gate R14x2 Prime 4 Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker. They have the least amount of negative reviews on the internet and most people are 100% satisfied with their purchase. You have a decent tweeter and subwoofers.

They fit easily in many cars and other vehicles. They are a well-made speaker with premium qualities at an affordable price. They look like a splurge speaker, but in fact, they cost a 1/3 of the price as most of their competitors.

If you are looking for a bass and want trunk speakers, the only way to go is with the MTX speakers. They are great for your trunk and you can feel every last pulse and beat of the bass to your favourite hip hop and rap music. The only downside to these speakers is fitting them into your trunk. Some report it being a tight fit in their trunk, but if you have a large sedan, it should not be an issue.


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