Top 5 Car Stereo Brand On The Market

I. Introduction:

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Technology has opened the door for finding new ideas to invent handy and advance gears for every field of life.

Listening music remained the main interest in every era and people have been using latest equipment to invent new lyrics. Currently, technology is playing a vital role for creating latest music devices and tools.

Listening music while traveling has become the best hobby for which people buy latest sound systems. This best car stereo brand reviews will focus on best sound systems featured with latest technology. Which product is suitable for which type of user is what, will be discussed in this review.

II. Top 5 Best Car Stereo Brand:

Large numbers of companies are manufacturing car stereos for the customers all over the world. Availability of various brands in the market makes the customer confused for selecting a best device. In these car stereo reviews, you will be able to select top car stereo brand according to your budget out of only top 5 products.

1. Kenwood DPX500BT

  • Kenwood dpx500bt is unique invention in the category of car stereos and has been included with latest user friendly features of handiness.
  • The device has been manufactured for the users who want to connect the car stereo with different types of technology devices like iphone, ipod, smartphone and android.
Car Stereo Reviews Kenwood dpx500bt

My Rating On Kenwood dpx500bt


  • Supported with multiple file formats
  • Compatibility with smartphone, android and iphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB , SD and Aux
  • Wireless control via remote control device and steering wheel remote unit
  • Large touch screen display (6.1 inches screen)
  • Auto pairing with Bluetooth devices


  • Dim display on head unit
  • Few complaints regarding reading files from CD

Benefits and Key features of Kenwood dpx500bt:

  • Compatibility with Bluetooth connectivity provides the user with safe driving due to hand free conversation with the device. This best double din car stereo of Kenwood allows the user to view and control most of the functions of devices connected through Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth connectivity also allows access to music stores of smartphone, iphone and android devices. Additionally, user can attend incoming calls by setting on auto or touch button options whichever is easier for the user.
  • Bluetooth connectivity also enables the user to play internet radios like Pandora, iHeart Radio and Aha TM.
  • The devices can also be connected via USB interface cable allowing the user to access additional options for controlling the devices. Connecting through USB allows you to browse playlists, albums, and songs from play stores of these devices. The advance options like searching with alphabetical orders and playing slow or fast can also be selected through USB connectivity.
  • In addition to connectivity with cell phones, this Kenwood double din device enables to connect with storage devices like USB and SD/Aux cards. This feature opens the multiple options to play selected and stored music on storage devices.
  • Compatibility with various types of music files enables to play songs of different file formats. This key feature is rarely available in car stereos; even many double din devices are supported with limited file formats.
  • Built-in FM/Am radio of the car stereo produces HD sound and keeps the user current with latest updates while traveling.


Kenwood dpx500bt is best car head unit for the customers searching for middle range stereo system. A device supported with multiple file formats and compatible with latest technology cell phones is best option for mid range customers.

2. Pioneer FH-X700BT

  • Pioneer fh-x700bt is one of the leading and the best car stereo brand in the category of double din devices.
  • Due to graceful head unit and beautiful graphical display of the screen, the device looks stylish when fitted in dashboard.
  • The following key features of this product correlated with the benefits of customers will help you to make a quick decision about this car head unit.
Car Stereo Reviews Pioneer FH-x700bt

My Rating On Pioneer FH-x700bt


  • Clear 21,000 color display
  • Touch screen control
  • Larger backlight LED
  • Graphic equalizer
  • Color customization and illumination
  • Mixtrax
  • Wireless connectivity (Bluetooth)
  • Remote control and steering wheel control supported
  • Android and smartphone supported
  • Multi file format supported


  • Too bright head complicated for night driving

Benefits and Key features of Pioneer FH-x700bt

  • As being the favorite feature for double din car stereos, Pioneer fh-x700bt has built-in Bluetooth and wireless connectivity for audio streaming. This feature allows the user to play internet radios and music stores of ipod, smartphone and android devices.
  • Cable connectivity of smartphone, android and iphone allows control on applications and to explore music stores of these devices. The user can also attend incoming calls using control via car head unit.
  • Unique feature of voice recognition is supported when connected with iphone. The device enables the user to control this application of iphone when connected through Bluetooth.
  • Mufti-segmented display of this Pioneer device has been improved with 35% larger backlight LED than the previous versions of this category.
  • Crystal clear glow view of touch screen display facilitates the user to operate this device remotely and manually. Clearly visible options allow the user to focus on the road rather than searching on dim display of the head unit.
  • Color customization feature is an additional feature of this car stereo which helps to select favorite colors.
  • With 5 band graphic equalizer, high/low pass filter and subwoofer control provide variety of sounds with customization using these control.
  • Unique MIxtrax feature of Pioneer has been exclusively added in FH-x700bt car stereo allowing the user with auto-creation of music for non-stop play.


Pioneer FH-x700bt is the product of choice for the customers who are searching for cheap double din car stereo included with advanced technology features. For the customers with tight budget, this pioneer stereo head unit is recommended to avail extra benefits in low price.

3. Boss audio BV9364B

  • Boss has been manufacturing quality sound car stereos and other music devices since start.
  • Due to fabulous and reliable products Boss holds a remarkable name in the market of sound devices.
  • Audio bv9364b of Boss is one of best product and popular in the category of double din car stereos.
Car Stereo Reviews Boss audio BV9364B

My Rating On Boss audio BV9364B


  • 6.2 inches larger touch screen
  • Best quality sound with built-in woofer control
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Remote control and steering wheel remote device control (optional)
  • Cheapest in the category of 2DIN stereo systems
  • Supported with video output
  • Built-in Preset EQ and RDS tuner


  • Few complaints regarding Bluetooth connectivity has been reported.

Benefits and Key features of Boss audio BV9364B

The Boss bv9364b car stereo has been manufactured on the basis of sound quality. BV9364B also includes the compatibility features with latest technology devices which will be discussed in subsequent bullet points.

  • Boss has manufactured this car stereo with 6.2 inches touch screen which is larger than the other double din devices.
  • BV9364B audio DVD receiver of Boss is supported with wireless connectivity with iphone and smartphone enabling the user to control various functions through touch screen.
  • Live steaming result is fabulous and easy to control through head unit of this car stereo. Users enjoy the live streaming of music collections of Pandora and spotify apps when connected through Bluetooth.
  • Built-in DVD/CD, USB/SD, MP3. WMA and FM/AM Radio provide the user to play music of choice. User can store selected music files in the form of DVD, CD, USB and SD cards to play while traveling.
  • Supported with multiple file formats, BV9364B audio receiver gives best sonic performance even playing low quality music files.
  • Rear view camera fitted in the vehicle is also supported by BV9364B double din receiver which helps you to reverse or park your vehicle perfectly.
  • Built-in subwoofer control of Boss BV9364B audio provides variety of sound qualities. User can customize sound quality according to his/her taste.

4. Jensen VX7020

  • Moving forward with the best double din stereo, we are now talking about Jensen vx7020 audio receiver.
  • This DVD racier device is the top quality product and includes additional features along with all the qualities and features of previous products, you have read about.
  • The following few points will help you to recognize the difference between a usual product and an advance technology product like Jensen vx7020.
Car Stereo Reviews Jensen vx7020

My Rating On Jensen vx7020


  • Full control on functions through remote device
  • Color customization for display and illumination
  • Wider touch screen
  • TFT touch screen
  • Display of map on the screen (in USA only)
  • Charging of device when connected via USB
  • Compatible with third party SWC modules
  • Wireless and USB/SD card connectivity
  • Remote device and steering wheel interface input and control


  • Free trial of map is only for 30 days
  • Touch screen needs to be calibrated for connect functioning

Benefits and Key features of Jensen VX7020

Along with qualities and features of traditional car stereo devices, Jensen vx7020 includes many advance features. These features help the user to drive safely due to more control on the devices he/she may need to use while driving. How this car stereo helps the driver with minimum interference with the driving is what you will read in subsequent paragraphs. Moreover, you will also know about the additional features of Jensen vx7020 audio device.

  • Head unit of Jensen vx7020 has been manufactured wider than the other double din devices. 6.2 inches touch screen of this stereo device is 4 inches tall which fits perfectly in the dashboard.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows connecting smartphone and iphone for easy handling through touch screen of this device. The device provides full control on the applications and music stores of the devices connected through Bluetooth.
  • This car stereo has capability to charge your smartphone and iphone when connected via USB. Now you do not need to be worried about the charging on your cell phone while leaving for long journey.
  • Showing map on display screen is the additional feature of this product which helps the user to go on the right path. Additionally, the driver can find millions of points of interests on the map using this device.
  • Steering wheel interface does allow the user only to control the functions of stereo and connected devices but also has compatibility with third party SWC modules.
  • VX7020 includes 5 background images along with 5 different UI colors to create customize screen display. Furthermore, the double din device includes thousands of illumination colors which allow the user to set with matching of dashboard of the car.
  • TFT touch screen of vx7020 presents crystal clear visibility of the controls and options. Driver can decrease the glow of illumination while driving at night. So, vx7020 of Jenson is ideal for using during traveling at night.
  • This Jensen device allows the user with full control of functions through wireless remote where as other 2DIN devices has limited access through remote. This feature has made driving more safe and easy for the drivers.


Jensen vx7020 car audio is heavy duty and multifunctional device for stereo lovers. Although, the device is costly but includes lot of benefits for users. For music lovers who want their car audio with unlimited options, Jensen vx7020 is really a gift. I recommend this device for music lovers who don’t bother for budget limits but only think to drive amazingly.

5. JVC KW-R910BT

  • Good news for car drivers searching for sleek and stylish but double din car stereo in the market.
  • JVC kw-r910bt car stereo is the most beautiful and stylish audio receiver in this review of top 5 car stereos.
  • Why this product is popular in the market of double din stereo devices and why people like this compact design will be discussed in upcoming benefits and features.
Car Stereo Reviews JVC kw-r910bt

My Rating On JVC kw-r910bt


  • Steering remote control ready
  • Voice recognition
  • USB charging
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Control of call , text and applications of compatible mobile devices
  • Sleek design and energy Start certified
  • Access to phonebook
  • Controllable Audio streaming
  • Screen display with variable color (3-zone)


  • Bit difficult to operate as each button contains multiple functions to control

Benefits and Key features of JVC kw-r910bt

JVC kw-r910bt car audio opens doors of unlimited music stores. This car stereo also provides access to the users to control functions of latest technology devices. Here are the benefits for customers having this device correlated with special features.

  • JVC kw-r910bt audio has built-in wireless Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone, android and iphone. Connecting via Bluetooth kw-r910bt allows access phonebook and profile of the device connected with.
  • Bluetooth connectivity also provides access for text messages and voice call. Even you can enable voice recognition dialing through this double din audio.
  • Like most costly 2Din devices, kw-r910bt allows access to Pandora and siri eye applications and smartphone and iphone. Moreover, the device has been included with smart music control version 3 for smartphone particularly.
  • Effective drive or storage change mood allows you to shift to another music source connected with the JVC kw-r910bt stereo. Most of the audio receivers do not include this feature and user needs to unplug a storage device to use another.
  • Random/repeat play of music files of Compatible CD-R/RW provide you with uninterrupted music on long drive when you want to only enjoy the music having both the hands on steering wheel.
  • Text messaging and call dialing and attending features have also been added in this cheap double din car stereo; Even this audio device enables you to make voice dialing through voice recognition feature when connected with the cell phone having this application installed.
  • USB power supply for charging cell phones is also possible through this stylish audio DVD receiver. This feature offers dual benefits for user to access the device applications to charge the battery during journey.


JVC kw-r910bt includes the functions of very costly car audios; however the device is still very cheap. Getting latest features worth is not a costly deal because you can enjoy multiple functions which are usually included in costly car stereos. For customers searching for cheap double din car stereo with more features is not less than a gift.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Q: How can I judge the credibility of car stereo before placing online order?

Ans: Before placing online order for car stereo or any accessory, you must read customers comments. Customer’s comments will helps you to judge the performance and overall grading of the product.

Q: What is important feature to check while purchasing car stereo?

Ans: Compatibility with latest technology input devices and their control are very important features of a best audio device. Moreover, you must check for the quality of sound and handy control (especially hand free control of devices).

Q: What are the benefits of steering wheel control interface?

Ans: Steering wheel interface allows you to control the function of devices without disturbing your focus on the road. So, steering wheel remote interface is safe for driving point of view.

III. Conclusion

The top 5 audios focused in best car stereo brand reviews are products of trusted, reliable and well known companies. All the products have some unique features which are not available in the other devices. However, these products include maximum qualities which a user needs to have in his/her car dashboard. So, just select one these devices which clicks your mind and is light on your pocket.

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