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Have you ever fallen into a situation that you cannot bring all of the things you want on a camping trip or a holiday? And the reason is just that there are too many of them or they are too large to carry, such as a whole tiny house.

If the answer is “Yes,” you will not have to be distressed anymore because a Fifth Wheel Hitch can solve everything. Since many people have been asking me which hitch to choose for their car when camping seasons are coming, I decide to write this article to show them, as well as you, the best Fifth Wheel Hitches. I hope you will enjoy.

What Is A Fifth Wheel Hitch?


It is a tool, which is quite significant, looks like a horseshoe, and has flat wheels on its frame. You can attach it to the back of your pickup truck and then plug your trailer carrying your belongings into that frame. And your problem is solved.

It is called a Fifth Wheel Hitch because there are four wheels inside its frame and the fifth one will be attached from the trailer. That is based on the principle of carriages which are drawn by horses. Those fifth wheels will allow the entire system to turn around the frame and therefore, pivot easily.

Why Do You Need It?


If you go on camping, fishing trip, or particularly, a long-day road trip, and you don’t want to spend time in expensive hotels, you are going to need it. The best Fifth Wheel Hitch is often unyielding and sturdy. It can hold almost everything with all types of weight. Therefore, your trailer or tiny house will never be a problem.

Moreover, when you put more stuff on the read end of your pick-up truck, which means more weight, the front end of your truck will tend to lift. Just imagine there was an obstacle on the road, such as a massive pot-hole, what would happen to your car? Of course, the most likely possibility is that it would be turned upside down. So having a Fifth Wheel Hitch is the safest solution in this circumstance.

Besides, if you have too many things to carry, the weight of the front end and rear end of your truck cannot be equal. That makes it a little harder to take turns or go in a circle. Therefore, when you have a Fifth Wheel Hitch, the amount of weight will be compromised. And with the wheels attached inside the frame, I’m sure it would be much more flexible to make hard turns.


And finally, you will find it a lot easier to pack and unpack your belongings. Before purchasing my Fifth Wheel Hitch, I never got the chance to prepare things before two or three days because my husband always had to drive to work. And packing things before only one day often made me very rush and then ended up forgetting something.

If you had been in the same situation, you would have felt as irritated as I was. But now, the trailer is always available, and I can pack things up before weeks, which saves tons of time, and nothing can be forgotten or left behind anymore. I have to admit that Fifth Wheel Hitch is the most convenient tool I have ever bought.

How To Choose A Fifth Wheel Hitch?


Some criteria are often set as standards for selecting a Fifth Wheel Hitch. You can take advantage of them to have the most appropriate product for you.

 Towing capacity


Construction and maintenance


The 5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitch Reviews

The first product I want to mentions in this list of the best 5th Wheel Hitches comes from Pro-Series Manufacturing, one of the most prestigious wheel-hitch-brand in the world. It was the first hitch I ever had. I purchased it as a present for myself after receiving the first-month salary.


  • Light-weight: With precisely 75.5 pounds, it’s relatively light to lift the hitch up and put it on the car trailer. If you are a woman, it’s going to be a lot easier. My girlfriend at that time, who was only about 5 feet tall and 105 pounds in weight, still helped me lift this device quickly. This one was also one of the Fifth Wheel Hitches that has average weight in the market and because I thought that something a little heavy would be sturdier, I bought it.
  • Easy to install: Like everybody else, I found this hitch quite comfortable to fit. Although it was the first product I purchased and I did not have many experiences, it took me only 15 minutes to figure out everything. And the hardest problem was also quickly solved with several extra grease fittings that I purchased because I accidentally lost some. So don’t worry if you have no prior experiences in installing a Fifth Wheel Hitch. This product will not create any difficulties.
  • Four-way pivot: One more advantage of this Fifth Wheel Hitch is that it is very flexible. It can lean forward and backward, as well as left and right. I always felt so comfortable while making turns because the hitch would never be broken apart due to excessive stretches and the trailer would always go into the right direction. I never hit any cats or my neighbor’s fence since using this product.


  • Cannot carry heavy weight: I guess the product’s small design has some disadvantages. Because of its light weight, its towing capacity is only 15,000 pounds. That makes this hitch lie in the top ones having the lowest capacity. Due to the weight of my trailer and tiny house at that time, I chose this Pro-Series Fifth Wheel Hitch. Therefore, checking the weight of your trailer before selecting a hitch is definitely a necessary thing to do.
  • Sometimes gets stuck when uncoupling: I think this problem happens because this hitch has only one locking handle. So when it gets stuck, that jaw locking was the only thing to hold on. But you can solve it quickly by pouring some oil into the fifth wheel. I did that, and it turned out fine.

best fifth wheel hitch - REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load Capacity

If you research about Fifth Wheel Hitch, I think you will discover Reese. It is the brand that produces the most significant number of wheel hitches I have ever known. Despite high competitiveness from other company, products from Reese still have a solid place in the market and trusted by plenty customers. I bought this Reese Titan for my father on his birthday last year. He seemed to love it.


  • Modern locking system: Unlike the last one from Pro-Series, Reese’s hitch has an improved design with a locking system of pin-to-latch. It is placed right on the handle at the top. Whenever you are done with coupling and uncoupling your trailer, just turn the latch up or down. It will be firmly locked. That will prevent your trailer from impacting your cabin, and the pin will keep it from detaching the hitch. My father’s car never had any scratch after purchasing this product.
  • Adjustable height: Four inches is the height that you can adjust. It means that you can lift the wheels up from 14 to 18 inches and vice versa. My father found this function quite convenient because his eyes were much dimmer than before and sometimes he could not measure the exact distance between the wheels of the hitch and the fifth wheel of the trailer. Therefore, having this device, he could just go to the back and lift the wheels up to fit instead of moving the car forwards and backward many times. That is why he claimed that this was the best 5th Wheel Hitch he ever had.
  • Can be installed on short-bed trucks: And another thing to pay attention is the size of your pickup truck. Short-bed ones are often said to be hard for installing a Fifth Wheel Hitch because they would not have enough space as well as sturdiness. But this product would fit them thanks to its weight and robust design. And single cabin and crew cabin would also be appropriate. You will experience this feature if you choose this product.


  • Quite heavy: This hitch has 150 pounds in weight, which is average in the market. Therefore, it will be a little inconvenient for you to uninstall or fix it if there are any problems. That was an issue my father had when he wanted to lift this wheel hitch up to his truck. If you ever purchase this product for your parents, helping them install it would be the best thing to do.
  • Time-consuming installation: Most of Fifth Wheel Hitches use universal-version bracket kit. This product is no exception. That is why it may save money, but you will have to spend tons of hours to install everything. If you have some prior knowledge about wheel hitches, it will be easy. But if you don’t, it may get relatively frustrated.

best 5th wheel hitch - PullRite 4400 18K SuperGlide 5th Wheel Hitch

Seeing this one, you will immediately think of R2-D2, a tiny robot as in Star Wars. My best friend, David, bought this one a couple of months ago when he hired a tiny portable house and went on the first road trip of his life. Although I gave him some advice on choosing the right wheel hitch and convinced him to buy one just like mine, he still wanted this one. I guess it was because of its size.


  • Fit many types of pickup trucks: I don’t remember what brand of David’s car was, but I know it was small crew cabin. And if this hitch fits a crew cabin truck, it can fit almost all of the other ones. You can see that fact as well when looking at its size. 29 inches in length and 28 inches in width are the narrowest sizes I have ever seen.
  • Sturdy construction: I like the rails lying on this product’s support. They make the whole system more sturdy and robust. Besides, all of the main parts and components are made of steel and covered by black powder. You won’t have to worry about their being rusty after a long time using. And the light-weight handle will make everything much more comfortable and reliable when coupling your trailer. Those are the most excellent feature of this product that I would like to show you today.
  • Automatic slide: The last characteristic is also a unique one. And it is one reason making this hitch one of the safest product in the market. When your car starts moving and making turns, the head of the hitch will automatically slide on its rail, which will keep your trailer on its way and turn within a certain radius. Therefore, you will prevent it from impacting your cabin.


  • Heavy: In my opinion, the only drawback of this hitch is its weight. 215 pounds are the biggest amount among all of the products on this list. So you should ask somebody else to work on installation with you in order to have more conveniences.

best 5th wheel hitch - PullRite 4400 18K SuperGlide 5th Wheel Hitch

Now we come to another familiar Fifth Wheel Hitch from the same brand, PullRite. This SuperGlide product was the best-selling one on Amazon several years ago with excellent comments. My roommate in college posted a picture taking him and this wheel hitch about three years ago. He looked very excited when having the new device. And since he told me so much about it and proved the product to be so trustworthy, I was persuaded to mention it in this article today.


  • Easy to install: When opening the box, you will see only two primary parts, which are a head assembly and one single support. All you have to do is plugging the head into the support with some greasing fittings. Unlike other products, there will be no need to join the two supports with each other. In that way, a lot of your precious time will be saved.
  • Easy to couple: If you install the hitch in the correct way, it will be very comfortable to couple the wheels. They will automatically lock themselves when the fifth wheel is plugged in so getting out of your truck to adjust it won’t be necessary.
  • Adamant and stable: Thanks to its one single support, the entire system is very reliable and steady. With steel material and 90-degree pivoting, there is almost nothing can move it unless you do it. I remember my roommate had a serious accident about a year ago. His truck was severely damaged, but this wheel hitch had only some scratches. It was so unbelievable.
  • Super Rail System: On the support, there is a rail for the head to slide and adjust itself while you make turns. Just like the one from Reese, PullRite 2700 SuperGlide Fifth Wheel Hitch will protect both your cabin and your trailer. Try it, and you will see how useful it is.
  • Durable: My roommate has been using this hitch for approximately three years, and everything still works smoothly. As I mentioned, nothing changed since the accident besides some negligible scratches. If you are a fan of durable products, this hitch would be a perfect choice.


  • Not as beautiful as others: In my eye of beauty, this product does not seem so appealing due to its rough outlook. But it’s just my subjective idea.

best fifth wheel hitch - B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

This last wheel hitch is the one I am using right now. I changed my truck several years ago, and the old one became quite rusty. Therefore, I decided to purchase a new one with more functions and advantages.


  • Perfect length and width: 31 inches long and 37 inches wide are quite ideal for most of the new trucks. I chose this one without measuring anything at all because I knew it would definitely fit my car. Of course, you can make measurements if you are not so sure. But if your care is a Ford Ranger like me, you can save it.
  • Easy to install: It was a good thing that although this product had two legs, they are attached to each other as one single support. So the only thing I did was plugging the head onto it. There were no difficulties at all.
  • Three coupling positions: This is what I like best in this hitch and the main reason to name it as one of the best 5th Wheel Hiches. It does not have any rail to move under its supports, but it has 4 inches wide from the front to back. An interstice is created to put a control stick through and plug the head into it, which build three positions for coupling. It will save you so much time from getting in and out of the car to adjust.
  • Stylish design: I have to admit that this product is the most beautiful hitch among the ones in this list. There are two colors for you to choose: Black and Silver. But I would prefer something bright, so I wanted the silver one. You can pick the black if you like. It looks modern and clean as well.
  • Carry significant weight: Although it is not as big as PullRite or Reese, it can tow a much heavier weight. It was a perfect fit for my trailer and the tiny house.


  • Heavy: 200 pounds are adequately heavy, right? I had quite many troubles when bringing it from the kitchen to the garage. I hope it would not be so hard to you. If you find it difficult, just ask somebody to help.

How To Install A 5th Wheel Hitch


Have you found the best Fifth Wheel Hitch for yourself?I hope you have. Thank you for reading my article about the best 5th Wheel Hitch and I hope to see you in my subsequent writings. Goodbye.


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