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The primary goal of having a navigation system is to show route to the destination through preloaded map. With the help of navigation system, you can easily search your destination. Actually, only a map is not enough to reach the destination. You need many other things to make your journey safe and enjoyable. You need to remain in contact with friends and family members while driving a car.

Driving limitations restrict you to attend phone calls while on the move. You also need some lovely music to kill the boredom of long journey. You may also need to enjoy driving with friends on picnic and trips. You want facilities to fulfill all these needs in your car but having a separate device for navigation, music, safety and communication, you need a large space. Definitely, you will think about a single device to cover all your traveling needs.

Top 5 In Dash Navigation

Short Reviews Of The Top 5 In Dash Navigation

In-dash navigation devices are trendy because of their multi purpose use. The devices include many functions for the traveling needs of drivers and co-passengers. Leading towards the right direction is not only need of travelers. They have many other requirements to make the journey enjoyable and safe. This review will focus on the traveling needs of people and features of best in dash navigation devices.

Although, there are many in dash navigation devices but every device does not meet the requirements of a user. You can find many portable navigation devices, which include limited options. Moreover, in dash navigation devices are also available in many designs and styles.  

Many single din devices are in the market whereas many double din devices are also there. This in dash navigation review includes top 5 products manufactured with most of the features you want to find in your car dashboard.

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1. Pioneer avh-x5700bhs Double-DIN DVD Receiver with 7-Inch

  • Although Navigation Ready for Pioneer avh-x5700bhs must have Pioneer AVIC-U260 Add-On GPS Navigation System required and sold separately.
  • But also include many benefits for users who need a navigation aid supported with audio and safety features.
best in dash navigation Pioneer avh-x5700bhs

User Ratings:

Benefits Using The Product:

  • The basic benefit of having avh-x5700bhs is setting of navigating on the larger screen. Now you can easily navigate your desired destination connecting the device with any GPS device because of mirrorlink ready.
  • In dash navigation device allows you to access your cell phone GPS enabled with map. If you are using a smartphone, iphone or android application for navigation, you can connect with this device for navigation purpose.
  • AVH-X5700BHS is not only a best in dash navigation device but it is also a best quality sound system. Having this car stereo in the dashboard of your vehicle allows you to connect smartphone, iphone and android phones. You can connect the cell phones via Bluetooth wireless connectivity to access many applications of your cell phone.
  • Pioneer avh-x5700bhs touch-screen car audio helps you to control cell phone applications directly through screen or remote control. Displaying the application on LCD makes the operation easy and simple.
  • Making phone calls has been made easy by pioneer in dash navigation device with hand free profile. You can continue conversation without any disturbance in driving by using hand free access of this device.
  • The device has stereo built-in FM/AM radio to keep you current with latest updates of your concern. You can listen latest news and weather updates about the area you are traveling through.
  • Pioneer avh-x5700bhs provide access to music stores of your cell phone devices. You can enjoy Pandora, siri eye free and siriusXM, etc. You just need to have a device enabled with your favorite application connected with in dash double din head unit.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Fitting issues with old model cars


2.Boss Audio bv9386nv Automobile Audio /Video GPS Navigation System

  • No one can deny the superb reputation of Boss in the market of audio devices. Boss audio bv9386nv is one of the exclusive devices especially manufactured to compete in dash 2DIN head units.
  • This in dash navigation unit of Boss is fully updated with maps and routes of major cities of United States.
  • The device is also an ideal product for music lovers. Connectivity with cell phone applications has enhanced the popularity in the market of sound devices.
Best in dash navigation-Boss Audio bv9386nv

My Rating On Boss Audio bv9386nv

User Ratings:

Benefits Using The Product:

  • It has wireless connectivity and music streaming system, which you connect easily from the compatible device like android phones. You get wonderful streaming or music services like Pandora or Spotify etc. Boss Audio BV9386 linked with the audio protocol of Bluetooth technology including streaming and hands free.
  • The Audio BV9386 has built-in DVD player by which you can use CD, MP3, DVD, MP4, VCD, USB, SD, WMA and JPEG formatted discs.
  • Boss Audio BV9386NV has outstanding aux input system, which connects you to the audio output of another device like android phones or MP3 Player. If you are crazy for music, you must have Boss Audio BV9386.
  • Boss Audio BV9386 has modern LCD display system that helps you see most clear and vivacious graphics. If you want to enjoy variety of different music styles such as pop, local or rock, the built-in preset EQ gives you the opportunity.
  • To store any audio file and see additional data like artist, track number, album and title. It stores music for five seconds and buffers the CD during playing. In case of any interruption, you can use the stored file. In the meantime tracking circuitry searches the path for better performance.
  • It keeps hold on the radio display specially the name of station or programming format as well as it gives opportunity to the broadcaster to send up to a 64 character message. It scrolls song titles, album names, sports updates and traffic state.
  • The SD memory card port supports the 32GB memory and helps in playback music. You can enjoy video photo viewing through it. This port supports a USB drive and has mini USB input too.
  • You can way in commands to the keys from your palm through the wireless remote control system. The best navigation system is the significant feature the preferred choice of those who live for music.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Double din style with high resolution
  • Touch screen input and apps control
  • Navigation ready
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth
  • USB port supported with multi file format
  • Built-in DVD/CD player
  • Steering wheel interface input remote
  • Remote device input
  • Hand free calling with voice recognition


3. Jensen vx7022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2" Touch Screen

  • Jensen always manufactures hot selling audio receiver supported with technology devices. Jensen vx7022 is one of the exclusive products in the category of in dash navigation.
  • This built-in navigation device covers all the needs of in dash car use. The product is based on the comfortable driving and enjoyable traveling. Jensen vx7022 in dash navigation device can be connected with various cell phones for easy access.
  • User having this device installed in the car can safely drive to their destination enjoying music and navigation. Here are some basic features of this device for the benefits of customers; however, you can know the full benefits after practical use.
Best in dash navigation-Jensen vx7022

My Rating On Jensen vx7022

User Ratings:

Benefits Using The Product:

  • The very first and significant feature of this in dash navigation device is built-in iGO primo navigation allowing you to set your destination point and routes. Now you do not need to connect any device for navigation purpose because of built-in iGO primo.
  • Full HD touch screen allows you to display the application and icons of your smart device when connected via Bluetooth or USB interface cable. The 6.2 inches touch screen allows you to control the applications through this double din unit. You do not need to hold your cell phone in your hands to attend phone call and to control applications. Jensen vx7022 double din head unit allows controlling everything through touch screen.
  • User can enjoy the favorite music while on traveling by the best car navigation system because of built-in DVD/CD multimedia receiver. Moreover, the user can connect the device with music stores of smartphone, blackberry, android and iphone.
  • Supporting video is one of the unique features of this car head unit, which is rarely available in many 2DIN head units. User can play videos on 6.2 inches screen of this car head unit.
  • Supported with siri eye free, siriusXM and Pandora link allows you to access your favorite music stores. Moreover, USB connectivity with external storage devices provides you with unlimited options to enjoy songs and music.
  • For safe and careful driving, the device is supported with steering wheel interface control. You can control all the applications and hand free calls through steering wheel interface.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Non-availability of camera

4. Pyle PLDNV695b 7-Inch Video Headunit Receiver GPS Navigation

  • Pyle pldnv695b is the most advance and popular in dash navigation and car stereo device. This head unit is a combination of features and qualities to meet the needs of almost every vehicle.
  • Every aspect of driving needs including conversation, safety, music and navigation are kept in consideration for designing and manufacturing this particular in dash head unit.
  • You will find the best GPS navigation system in this car audio and Bluetooth connectivity with you favorite smart device.
  • Due to exclusive features and benefits for customers, Pyle pldnv695b is an ideal double din head unit of the present. After reading the under benefits of this in dash head unit, you will definitely replace your old head unit with this one.
Best in dash navigation-Pyle pldnv695b

My Rating On Pyle pldnv695b

User Ratings:

Benefits Using The Product:

  • Built-in navigation with touch screen interface is the very first quality of the new head unit, which help you to reach your right destination. Turn-by-turn voice direction indication assists you to focus on the steering wheel rather than looking on the dashboard frequently. Device also include SD card integrated with maps you may need.
  • For easy navigation, the device includes visual guide and static display of destinations. Multilanguage support allows you to set your native language for voice direction indication.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for auto pairing and connectivity with smartphone, iphone and MP3 allows you to access applications and audio steering.
  • Built-in microphone allows you to continue hand free call through connected devices like smartphone, iphone, tablet and androids. Now you can access digital phone pad through touch screen of this double din head unit with navigation.
  • Hi-Resolution Larger 7” touch screen digital display is best for viewing and controlling the functions of input devices more easily and quickly. Motorized tilt to adjust front panel of the device allows you to set the display interface according to your choice.
  • The device is also a best car stereo due to compatibility with multiple file formats. You can play MPEG, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV and More file formats through this car head unit. Picture configuration and adjustment is one of the unique features of this car head unit. Now you can customize bright, contrast and color scheme of the picture through touch-screen head unit.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Issues about randomly loading USB have been reported. The device resets back to radio function on restart.

5. Kenwood DNX570HD

  • Kenwood always rocks when you compare the electronic brands of various companies with it. Specially, when you compare audio devices for various features and compatibilities, Kenwood always wins.
  • Kenwood better fills every need want hand free control on cell phone and other devices while driving the car. Kenwood dnx570hd is the most advance and quality navigation device with double din head unit for vehicles.
  • This in dash navigation of Kenwood includes updated and latest technology features possible to include until now. The product includes various navigation and safety features for users, which you can know after practical use.
  • However, here are some significant aspects of this audio cum navigation device, which will help you to select one of the best product out of top 5 in dash navigation head units.
Best in dash navigation-Kenwood dnx570hd

My Rating On Kenwood dnx570hd

User Ratings:

Benefits Using The Product:

  • Built-in Garmin GPS navigation system allows additional facilities for navigating the routes and destination. DNX570HD helps you to select the right route for your destination by providing the real time traffic data of various routes leading to your destination. The device is updated with real time traffic data of more than 90 major cities of USA and Canada.
  • DNX570HD provide you possible alternate routes you can select to reach your destination safely and quickly. Kenwood dnx570hd is the best navigation system device for safe and trouble free driving through busy routes. Now get assistance for upcoming junctions and interchanges through lane recognition feature.
  • Traffic trend analysis of Garmin GPS navigation system calculates the amount of traffic on your route with different times. The system informs you that what the traffic pressure is at a particular time on your selected route.
  • The product is featured with high-resolution touch-screen that includes all the routine features along with some additional aspects of navigation and controls. Split window allows you to divide the screen in to two parts. You can run dual functions through a single touch screen of the best double din navigation of Kenwood.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity provides access to many technology devices. You can connect and control all the latest devices for music streaming and hand free calls. When connected through Bluetooth, you can control various applications through this double din device.
  • The device is also supported with USB connectivity for technology devices to get more access to its applications. You can get better control the applications, which you cannot access through Bluetooth. You can play Pandora music, mirrorlink, siriusXM and many other internet radios through this double din head unit.
  • Steering wheel interface allows you to control all applications and call without defocusing your eyes from the road. The device is also supported with rear camera input and output for safe parking and reversing. Therefore, the device is safer for driving point of view.

  • PROS
  • CONS
  • Complaints about updating the firmware has been noticed



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best in dash navigation Pioneer avh-x5700bhs

Pioneer avh-x5700bhs Double-DIN DVD Receiver with 7-Inch

Best in dash navigation-Boss Audio bv9386nv

Boss Audio bv9386nv Automobile Audio /Video GPS Navigation System

Best in dash navigation-Jensen vx7022

Jensen vx7022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2" Touch Screen

Best in dash navigation-Pyle pldnv695b

Pyle PLDNV695b 7-Inch Video Headunit Receiver GPS Navigation Bluetooth Wireless Streaming

Best in dash navigation-Kenwood dnx570hd

Kenwood DNX570HD Touchscreen In-Dash 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with Navigation/Bluetooth/HD Radio

Benefit of Customer When They Use Products

After reading the short review of top 5 in dash navigation devices, you know the benefits of every device. You can assess the quality and features of every product in the short review of best navigation system products. All the products include best gps navigation.

Moreover, the devices are supported with latest technology cell phones for controlling applications and making calls. Here is the short summary of top 5 in dash navigation products based on customers benefits.

  • The products are equipped with GSP system and best for navigation purpose. However, GPS system of all the devices differs from each other with respect to navigation display.
  • Best audio system with unlimited music sources has been installed in top 5 in dash navigation products for enjoyable traveling.
  • The products are built-in Bluetooth and allow reliable connectivity with technology devices. You can access applications and make hand free phone calls through these in dash navigation devices.
  • Rear input camera has exclusively been added for additional safety for parking the vehicle.

How to Install a GPS Navigation Antenna (Car Stereo Accessory)

Tips For Using Best Navigation System

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Use of in dash navigation is easy and simple if you hold some knowledge about technology. Anyhow, if you are having a car and want to install navigation cum audio device, you definitely know its usage. Here are some important points to keep in mind to get real benefits of these devices.

  • You may have noticed that customers complaints for pre-loaded GPS with old maps. This issue arises due to lack of knowledge because you can update the maps through internet. SO, keep the map up to date for better navigation results.
  • Depend more on the wireless input devices rather than operating through touch screen control. Only use screen for the options, which you cannot operate through remotes. This will help you to drive safely.
  • Attending phone calls while driving is not recommended because it deviate your attention from driving even using hand free profile. Only make necessary phone call while driving and make the calls short.


It is very difficult to buy a reliable and best in dash navigation device out of hundreds of products in the market. Customers get confused when they read same specifications and features of various products available on variable rates. Moreover, searching out of hundred products is also wastage of time. Just select one out of top 5 best car navigation system of top international venders and enjoy trouble free drive.

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