The Best Jumper Cables For Your Car: No More Dead Battery


Dead batteries are always a significant concern for people having cars like us. What could be more irritating than being stuck in the middle of the road and having no equipment to fix your vehicle?I suffered from adequately various dilemmas like that and always lost an enormous amount of money for the mechanics to fix. What a waste!!

Fortunately, I found an interesting tool that could escape me from that situation. It is jumper cables. If you are having the same issues just like I did, the best jumper cables in this article will definitely be your car’s best friend in the future.

The 5 Best Jumper Cables For Car On The Market

I purchased this one about 4 or 5 years ago after my car battery died while I was driving to a construction site. It was quite an unlucky day because it was early in the morning and very few cars were running on the road for me to ask a favor. Garages nearby had not opened, so I had to wait about one hour for the first car to stop by and save my life.

best jumper cables, XINCOL Heavy Duty 1-Gauge Ultra 2500A

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Prestigious brand

  • This product came from XINCOL – Car Roadside Assistance, which has been founded for over 15 years. It has produced hundreds of efficient equipment for vehicles in general and cars in particular.
  • This Ultra 2500A was created by Jack Guo, the owner of XINCOL brand after he had suffered from tons of useless jumper cables.
  • That is the reason why I bought these cables due to lack of experience in choosing in the first place. And they proved their high-quality so well that I decided to put them on this list of the best jumper cables.

Stand thermal changes

  • With 100 percent copper wire, the cables can conduct heat very well and withstand high-temperature changes during jump starting time. Besides, the wire core is made thicker than the other types, so you will not have to worry about disconnection while starting your car.

TPR cover

  • Thermo Plastic Rubber or TPR is a standard material for wire cover. It has both features of plastic and rubber, which can resist various weather conditions. -105 to -60 Celcius degree is its maximum temperature in cold weather.
  • This characteristic was relatively fantastic when I went to Minnesota to see my aunt. It was freezing there, but these cables still kept their heat and current conduction very well.

Optional length

  • You can prolong the cables from 10 to 20 feet, depending on the situation and the place of the vehicles. It was very convenient to me wherever I parked the cars and made connections. I believe you will have the same feeling if you choose this product to buy.

After a year purchasing XINCOL, I gave it to my aunt, the one who lives in Minnesota. Her car was old, so I thought that she needed it more than me. I purchased these jumper cables after that, which were from Iron Forge Tools. It had plenty excellent features that I never expected I needed until I found them out.

best jumper cables, Iron Forge Tools 20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag - 4 Gauge, 400 AMP Booster Cable Kit

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• Work under diverse weather

  • This product can be used in not only winter but also super hot summer. It was designed to operate under variable conditions. I had a road trip to mountainous areas in Colorado a few years ago and the humidity level there was relatively high. I thought that it would demolish the current conduction, but eventually, the cables still worked frequently. It totally deserves to be on this list of the best jumper cables.

• A carry bag attached

  • One extra feature of this product is that it offered a bag to carry the cables better. I think that is a brilliant idea. My trunk is always messy and filled with the things that sometimes, I don’t even know why I have them. Having a bag is an excellent way to keep the trunk tidy and maintain the quality of the cables. If you don’t clean your car regularly, try this feature. You will be surprised at how neat it can be.

• Perfect length

  • 20 feet is the correct length of these cables, which is ideal for jump starting in any places you like. I’m sure you already know about this.

• Sturdy clamps

  • I really like the clamps of this product. Its handles are long and fit my palm like a glove. I don’t need much force to open them as well. They are heavy duty and handy. Besides, I always feel protected when using this product because the handles are far away from the conductive end. No sparks can ever touch me.

My dad is truly an adventurer who loves going on road trips and camping trips even when he is old. Because his car is the same age with him, I never feel comfortable imagining him standing under the baking sun and wait for the mechanics. Therefore, I purchased this Energizer for him because it seemed to be the most suitable one.

best heavy duty jumper cables, Energizer 1-Gauge 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables

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• Perfect length

  • With 25 feet, these cables are one of the longest ones among the best jumper cables today. My parents’ house has a quite large front yard with a long and narrow entrance. Therefore, it is often hard to park two cars parallel or in one straight line.
  • And the “host” one always has to stay on the road, which creates a far distance between the two. That is why I thought 25 feet would be perfect.
  • Besides, if you go on road trips to mountains where slope hills are always available, making the car climb all over the way and park near your vehicle will be quite a challenge. So this length will be very excellent in those circumstances.

• Aluminum and copper core

  • The core of these cables is made of copper and clothed with aluminum, which doubles the conductive ability. Aluminum is not an ideal material for making the core, but it is excellent in reducing the heat that can damage the wire as well as electric current. I think that is a perfect combination that the producers can ever think of.

• Suitable for many types of battery

  • Whether the terminal ends of your battery are on top of on the sides, Energizer will still optimize its functions. The conductive ends of the clamps are built into round shape, so they can fit the terminals like a glove and hold them very firmly. My dad never needs too much effort to attach them to the battery.

• Work in extremely low temperature

  • It is said that these cables can flexibly operate even when it is -40 Celcius degree. I don’t know if that is true because neither my father nor I have experienced such cold weather. But my dad has tried -20 Celcius degree and the cables still work well. So I believe -40 will not be a serious problem.

4. Red Hound Auto Jumper Booster Cables

I introduced these cables to my brother after a whole day going around plenty stores. He often went to camping sites with his family about once every three or four months. So his vehicle was nothing but an RV. Due to its height and my brother’s big hands, I expected that these would be the most suitable.

best heavy duty jumper cables, Red Hound Auto Jumper Booster Cables

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• Case does not work sometimes

  • I agree that the case is very convenient. However, after several years of using, its cover starts peeling off a little. I guess it is just a consequence of my brother’s impatience. If you don’t like the case anymore, you can buy a new one.

• Need a little force to open

  • That is why I think this product is more for a man than a woman. The handles need quite a hard power open, and a man’s hand will definitely have more strength than a woman’s.

4. Red Hound Auto Jumper Booster Cables

My friend, Cindy, bought this product a week ago. And since I understand quite much about it, she asked me to test it and give it a try. Because of its excellent quality, I think it is deserved to be in this article.

best jumper cables, Performance Tool Jumper Cables

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• A little complicated to stuff back in the box

  • With this product, there is no bag or cases. There is only a spongy box, which is also the package that you will see when receiving the product. So when I had done testing it, I found putting it back inside the box quite difficult. If you don’t want it to mess up your car, buying a case will be necessary. That was also my advice to Cindy.

Why You Need Jumper Cables?

There are plenty reasons why you need jumper cables not only in your garage but also right in your trunk.

1. No need to ask for help

2. Safe

3. Save time and money

Things To Look For When Choosing Jumper Cables

In my opinion and experiences, you should depend on the following criteria to choose high-quality jumper cables.

  • Gauge

When talking about gauge, people will misunderstand it with a parameter. However, in this case, gauge means the thickness of your cables. The lower the wire number is, the thicker and better it is. Professional mechanics recommends heavy duty cables due to their safety and excellent connection they offer. Ones having 6 gauge or 8 gauge are the best heavy duty jumper cables for you to choose. 4 gauge will be too much unless you have a semi-truck and 10 gauge is just too thin.

  • Length

This element is very crucial because you need your cable to be long enough to connect from this car to another. 12 feet is the minimal length of a wire. Remember to check it while choosing.In some special cases when your battery is dead on a busy road, and there is not enough space to park the cars parallel, you need to put one of them behind the other.

Therefore, your cables need to have a sufficient length to reach the engine of this car to another. In this situation, you need 20 feet cables to jump start your car. Nevertheless, this case does not happen so regularly because the emergency sidewalks are often wide enough for two cars to fit.

  • Insulation

Insulation plays a significant role in preventing yourself from getting an electric shock and the cables from burning. It can decrease the high temperature generated by the wire’s cores while having current running through. That is why you should choose the heavy-weight ones. The heavier they are, the more safety they can bring.

  • Clamps

From my experience, there are three criteria that you need to pay attention while choosing clamps. First, they need to have teeth so that the cables won’t slide off the poles.Second, the large size is the one you need to notice. Normally, heavy duty clamps are large so that your hands will be protected from getting near any sparks.

The final one is material. Conductive materials are the sturdiest and can prevent the insulation from being loosened from the handle portions. In that way, no electric leakage will happen and cause you injuries.

How To Use Jumper Cables?

It’s nothing complicated. In fact, there are only some simple steps so I would like to break the rule and show you how to use jumper cables right in this article today.

  • STEP 1
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Connect the cables

  • Red cable: Attach one clamp to the positive pole of “dead” battery and the other to that of the “live” battery
  • Black cable: Attach one clamp to the negative pole of the “live” battery and the other to a metallic component in the engine block of your “dead” battery car.You have to be careful in this step. Otherwise, it can cause some unexpected gasses ignition and explosion.


At present, I am still using jumper cables from Iron Forge Tools due to their high-quality and thick gauge, length, sturdy clamps, and convenient bag. Perhaps, I will replace them with Performance tool when they are old.What about you?

Have you chosen the appropriate cables for your needs?If you have not, I think I will have another article explaining frequently asked questions within a couple of weeks. So keep a look out for that.

And lastly, thank you for reading my writing about the best jumper cables for your car. I look forward to seeing you again.

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