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Top 6 Best Mobility Scooter Review

Motorized Scooters are mostly used by people who have difficulties walking. Below are my picks for the best mobility scooters online.

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Best Mobility Scooter Review

Drive Medical Power Scooter (4 wheels)

[amazon box=”B00GPGKN4G”]

Moving around freely is the point of having a motorized scooter. Drive Medical Scout gives you the portability, comfort, and speed of the highest quality.  It’s easy to fold, transport and assemble in just a few seconds, ready to be used anytime and anywhere.

Max Speed: 4.25 mph

Wheel sizes: 8 x 2 inches

Weight capacity: 300 pounds

Powerful 12V x 12AH batteries allow you to drive for a longer period at the maximum speed of 4.25 mph.

Designed with a delta-shaped steering handle allows you to maneuver the scooter with easiness.

Wheels are designed to be wider and give you the extra stability you might need on bumpy and uneven roads.

Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter (3-4 wheeler)

[amazon box=”B07SHHYF21″]

Ideal for a full-time use, this motorized scooter gives great comfort and versatility. You can use it immediately after delivery because it comes completely assembled and ready to go.

Max Speed: 5 mph

Max Range: 25 miles

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

My favorite thing on the Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is the turning seat. It’s designed to turn outwards so anyone regardless of their disability can get on and off without struggling.

You can also choose between mobility and stability with the different wheel designs.

Also, Vive 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is better for tighter spots with many corners, while the 4-wheeler will provide more stability on bumpy roads. 

Pride Mobility Travel Scooter Review

[amazon box=”B00PV2QSLW”]

This motorized scooter is one of the best-selling in its category. You won’t feel any of the bumps or holes on the roads thanks to the 4 solid wheels that give extra stability on any terrain. The 18-inch seat and 325 lbs. weight capacity is perfect for any size to be able to use it with comfort.

You can disassemble it into 5 lightweight pieces for easy transport and storage. Assembling it is very easy and takes only a few seconds, so anyone can use it without any difficulties. It comes in two different color panels, so you can choose the one you like the most. 

Although the price tag is higher than the other, this is a long-term investment that will improve your quality of life.

**Note: It’s one of the best scooters for taller and larger people because of the spaciousness.


  • Speed: 4.7 mph (max speed)
  • Range: 12 miles (max distance)
  • Weight: 325 pounds
  • 18-inch seat size
  • 18 Ah battery pack
  • 2 sets of easily changeable colored panels

Potential Flaws

  • No CTS suspension

Drive Medical Compact 3-Wheel Scooter Review

[amazon box=”B00GPGKMJC”]

If you want to get great value for the money you pay, Drive Medical is the ideal mobility scooter for you. You get the 4-wheel stability, easy transportation, and durability that expensive mobility scooters offer, but pay far less.

Drive Medical Scout’s 3-wheel design allows you to maneuver through tight spaces effortlessly. And the adjustable swivel seat will give you maximum comfort during the whole ride. A quick charging mode will get it ready and going in just a few minutes for when you need to get somewhere faster. Being late is never a question with Drive Medical Scout Compact!


  • Speed: 4.25 mph (max speed)
  • Range: 9 – 15 miles
  • Weight: 300 miles
  • Adjustable swivel seat
  • Padded seat and armrests
  • Flat-free, anti-tip wheels
  • Cheaper than other similar products

Potential Flaws

  • Has only 3 wheels, making it less stable

Buzzaround Heavy Duty Travel Scooter Review

[amazon box=”B07MVH5D6Q”]

This high-performance scooter is one of the fastest scooters currently on the market. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, the EX Extreme is a 4-wheeler equipped with everything you need. What I really like about Buzzaround EX is the spring suspension. You get a smooth ride because you don’t feel any of the bumps on the road.

The maximum operating range of 18 miles allows you to move further away than any other mobility scooter. And the two U1 batteries are the largest batteries in this category, allowing you to use it for a longer period of time.


  • Speed: 5 mph (max speed)
  • Range: 18 miles (max distance)
  • Weight: 300 miles
  • Challenger Mobility Patriotic Accessory Bundle
  • Comfort Spring Suspension
  • 2 U1 Batteries Std
  • 4-inch ground clearance

Potential Flaws

  • Heavier than similar scooters
  • More expensive than other similar products

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Scooter Review

[amazon box=”B00DOD096K”]

Medical Phoenix is a heavy-duty scooter with one of the greatest weight capacity of motorized scooters. Thanks to it, you can freely use it to move around and carry things with you.

It’s ideal to use on any type of terrain, whether it’s a dirt road or a grass yard. There are a few features that separate this scooter from the others.

An ergonomic throttle controller makes using this scooter easy and without struggles. Drive The adjustable swivel seat can fit a person of any size and shape. Padded seats, backrests, and armrests will make you feel comfortable throughout the whole ride, reducing the stress on your joints.


  • Speed: 4 mph (max speed)
  • Range: 15 miles (max distance)
  • Weight: 350 miles
  • Adjustable swivel seat
  • Ground Clearance: 3.75 inch
  • “Finger-pull” throttle control
  • Flat-free, anti-tip wheels

Potential Flaws

  • Inconsistency with the user manual


Making this kind of long-term investment is something you should be careful with. Because in the future, having the right mobility scooter can really change your life.

Using walkers or wheelchairs can be tiring and cause unnecessary damage to your hands. That’s why motorized scooters have taken over the market for mobility helpers. 

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