best skateboard helmet

Top 18 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews

Even if the local law doesn’t require wearing a good helmet while skateboarding is essential, it’s a cheap investment to protect your face, especially if you understand the cost of an emergency room visit.

To save more time and effort, let me help you.

Below are the 18 best skateboard helmet reviews that I’ve rounded up from the market, based on many skateboarding pros and helmet experts. Check it out!

best skateboard helmet

Top 18 Best Skateboard Helmet Reviews

Retrospec CM-1 Modern Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B094PVJ875″]

No products were found. The Retrospec CM-1 Skateboard Helmet is rated very well by customers, and on Amazon, it is labeled as the #1 Best Seller.

It’s very comfortable with good protection, and the whole helmet weighs around one pound for a solid hand-feel.

The inner padding is thick, soft, and good at shock absorbing. It wraps around the head, leaving less skin exposed all the way around, and the padding is interchangeable for thicker or thinner support as wanted.

The sizing is perfect, in my humble opinion.

Good breathability is a big bonus of this helmet. It comes with 10 vents distributed thoroughly throughout the shell to ensure even air ventilation across your head.

For your information, the product is tested and approved to be safe for skis, skates, and bikes. It meets EN 1078, EN 1077, STM F2040-11 / ASTM F1446, and CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203.


  • Good support with adjustment and shock absorption – high-quality EPS foam & 2 sets of interchangeable pads
  • Good protection – Fully formed ABS shell
  • Safe and reliable – Tested and approved for Bike, Skate, Ski


  • Some customers feel it looks weird because of the thick padding

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS shell & high-quality EPS foam
  • Head Size: Small – 51-55cm Medium – 55-59cm Large – 59-63cm
  • Padding: 2 sets of interchangeable pads
  • Ventilation: 10 vents
  • Highlight Features high-quality EPS foam; Fully formed ABS shell; 2 sets of interchangeable pads; Tested and approved for Bike, Skate, and Ski.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B077VYDVDY”]

This classic skate helmet is designed for roller derby, roller skating, and skateboarding riders of all ages.

The look is clean, semi-old school, and the weight is quite light that I even forget that I’m wearing it on my head sometimes. Despite that, the hard shell is surprisingly sturdy and durable.

It is made of high-quality ABS material with 7 vents. This casing wraps around a thick, special lining called “SweatSaver.”

As its name defines, this padding wicks moisture phenomenally well, leaving no stinky odors or damp feeling on the head. Additionally, it is thick, supportive, and feels comfortable.

A big plus for its hook-and-loop tape for a custom fit as well as the removable construction for simpler maintenance.

What I really appreciate is the size chart which comes in six options – X.S., S, M, L, XL, and XXL so anyone who has a particularly small or big head circumference can take a look at this.


  • Good custom fit – the lining has hook-and-loop tape & adjustable chin strap
  • Easy maintenance – removable padding
  • Fit all head sizes – huge size chart
  • Wick moisture well and leave no stinky smell – SweatSaver liner


  • The helmet could be more rigid
  • The strap is a bit hard to adjust
  • The size chart is smaller than the standard

Product Specs

  • Material: B.S. outer shell & Sweat saver liner
  • Head Size: X.S. fits 20. 1–20. 5 in (51–52 cm) S fits 20. 6–21. 3 in (52–54 cm) M fits 21. 4–22 in (54–56 cm) L fits 22. 1–22. 9 in (56–58 cm) XL fits 23–24 in (58–61 cm) XXL fits 24-25 in (60–62 cm)
  • Padding: 360-degree padding
  • Ventilation: 7 vents
  • Highlight Features: Adjustable chin strap; removable Sweat saver liner with hook-and-loop tape; ABS outer shell

JBM CPSC ASTM Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B087CC7CW6″]

The JBM CPSC ASTM Skateboard Helmet is specifically designed for kids 6 years old or older, and its construction is suitable for multiple sports or activities. For example, inline and roller skating, scootering, skateboarding, and cycling.

The outlook is unisex, which fits both boys and girls.

It includes a tough and sturdy shell made from high-grade PVC and P.C. materials, EPS foam internal padding, and an adjustable chin strap.

The padding is my favorite part because it is not only full of support but also breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. Plus, the entire heft of this helmet is super-lightweight.

A notable thing I’ve found in the unit is its decent ability to eliminate the high body heat caused by intense body movement, keeping the head from sweating as efficiently as advertised.


  • Allow for customizing the fit – adjustable strap
  • Support and protective yet breathable – EPS foam and 7 vents
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time – lightweight


  • The adjustable knob is fragile

Product Specs

  • Material: PVC & P.C., EPS foam
  • Head Size: Small – 50-54cm Medium – 54-58cm Large – 58-62cm
  • Padding: Removable internal padding
  • Ventilation: 7 vents
  • Highlight Features: PVC & PC, EPS foam; an adjustable strap;

Punisher Pro-Series 13-Vent Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B00HARVB7W”]

This skateboard helmet has effectively fixed the common weakness of most other counterparts at the same price point, which is the strap.

By featuring a heavy-duty nylon strap with a quick-release buckle, it doesn’t feel fragile or adjust slowly or difficulty at all. Whether you use it for tightness or for helping positioning in the head, it works like a champ.

A worth-mentioning thing about this helmet is its paint.

It is special U.V. paint that doesn’t fade as easily as ordinary or lower-end products, meaning it retains beauty over time.

If you want some technical information, it meets CPSC-1203 and ASTM F-1492 safety.


  • The paint lasts long and is durable – UV-protection paint
  • Easy to adjust the fitting – heavy-duty nylon straps & quick-release buckle
  • Safe to use – meet dual safety standard standards


  • No instructions provided
  • The extra changeable pads don’t seem to make a difference in size
  • The foam inside came loose from the shell

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS Protective Shell & Gray EPS Liner
  • Head Size: Small – 53cm – 55cm Size Medium – 55cm – 57cm Size Large – 57cm – 59cm
  • Padding: 3-Heat Sealed Removable Foam Pads
  • Ventilation: 13 vents
  • Highlight Features: Special Sparkle Metallic Neon Flake Paint U.V. Sticker; Heavy Duty Nylon Straps; Quick Release Buckle; 13-Vent Air Cooling Vents; Dual Safety Standard Certified

Punisher 11-Vent Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B00HARQYMY”]

For skateboard riders aged 5 years or older, I greatly suggest the Punisher 11-Vent Skateboard Helmet.

It comes in a medium size with different-size pads that are interchangeable for custom fit and an adjustable chin strap for souped-up fitting. The product is certified for CPSC safety standards to be perfect as a bike helmet or for BMX-ing, skateboarding, and skating.

I love the black lining because it is less likely to get dirty than the bright colors, and additionally, it is detachable for ease of cleaning.

There are 11 vents located across the shell to ensure the child doesn’t feel sweaty and hot while enjoying their hobby.

Besides, the graphics helmet design is vibrant and appealing, making it a great choice for your daughter or granddaughter.


  • Secure and protected – certified to CPSC Safety Standards
  • Ease of cleaning – black removable lining
  • Good fitting – have different 6 pads & an adjustable chin strap


  • Not recommended for smaller heads

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS Plastic Shell with Black EPS Foam Liner
  • Head Size: Medium – for ages 5+
  • Padding: different size pads
  • Ventilation: 11 vents
  • Highlight Features: Certified to CPSC Safety Standards; Black EPS Foam Liner; ABS Plastic Shell;

Sector 9 Summit CPSC Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01MAUHVDF”]

Sector 9 is a well-known American manufacturer dedicated to skateboards and related accessories that were founded in 1993. With a long-standing origin, its products have been proven over generations.

Speaking of skateboarding tools and accessories of Sector 9, the Summit CPSC Skateboard Helmet is a typical example.

It is designed for youth that has met C.E. and CPSC standards for safety.

The construction includes an ABS hard shell, an EVA foam inner that can wick moisture efficiently with dual support, and an adjustable chin strap. It’s very durable and solid. A good thing is the inner lining doesn’t get loose from its shell because it is mounted by stainless steel rivets.

These metal parts aren’t rustic or broken easily. Regardless, it is very lightweight.


  • Solid and durable – feature stainless steel rivets, good EVA liner, and hard-shell
  • Secure and reliable – meet C.E. and CPSC certification


  • Lack of size chart

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS shell, dual-density EVA foam inner
  • Head Size: Small/medium Large/X-large
  • Padding: Moisture-wicking sweat Saver padding
  • Ventilation: 6 vents
  • Highlight Features: stainless steel rivets; adjustable nylon buckled straps; Moisture-wicking sweat Saver liner; CPSC Certified, C.E. Certified

Kryptonics Starter Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B00TBA2DU0″]

The Kryptonics Starter Skateboard Helmet is another good choice for kids under 10 years old. It comes in two size options – small/medium for 20”-22” in head circumference and large for 22”-23” in head size.

In comparison to the previous helmet for 5+-year-old kids, there are some differences in this model.

First off, its design is in minimal style to be more versatile, and besides, there are two color options. It fits both girls and boys.

Secondly, the adjustable chin strap of this helmet has added a clip for quicker access and easier visibility that kids even can learn and lock/unlock the strap on their own. Relating to the shell and lining, I don’t find a noticeable difference between the two designs.

They’re both comfortable, breathable, and soft feeling with good protection and custom fit.

Besides, the helmet is considered one of the lightest models in this category.


  • Give a better fit – adjustable chin strap and two size options
  • The chin strap is quick to access and easy to see – it comes with a clip
  • Stylish and unisex – a matte finish & two color choices


  • It could be more breathable

Product Specs

  • Material: Foam core
  • Head Size: Small/medium – 20-22 in. Large/x-large – 22-23 in.
  • Ventilation: 12 vents
  • Highlight Features: Adjustable nylon chin strap with clip; foam core with padded liners; a matte finish

VIGOR AUDIO Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B087CBXX2R”]

If you love skating alone around the neighborhood or from/to school, this high-tech helmet – aside from keeping your head safe – might give you more joy during the trip.

It is an integrated Bluetooth speaker with good response and quick access to any smartphone to connect with your favorite playlist. The transmission, as well as the speaker’s sound quality, is quite good and stable.

So, the idea of skateboarding while listening to navigation, audiobooks, or music doesn’t sound bad at all, huh?

Regardless, you can rest assured about the quality of this helmet. It is made of ABS hard-shell and EPS inner lining with two size options and an adjustable chin strap. Take note that the cam locks on this strap have a no-pinch magnetic buckle, which is much easier to use.

Obviously, the product is tested and approved in the safety standards by ASTM and CPSC organizations.

Overall, whether for skateboarding, city-biking, BMX-ing, or cruising, the VIGOR AUDIO Skateboard Helmet is a good choice.


  • Allow you to listen to navigation, audiobooks, or music–integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • The strap is easy to lock or adjust for fitting – the no-pinch magnetic buckle and adjustable cam locks on straps
  • Give a custom fit – 2 sets of interchangeable pads


  • Wish there were more color options

Product Specs

  • Material: EPS encased by ABS
  • Head Size: S/M: 55-58cm L/XL: 59-61cm
  • Padding: 2 sets of Interchangeable pads
  • Ventilation: 14 vents
  • Highlight Features: Adjustable cam locks on straps with no-pinch magnetic buckle; Two sets of interchangeable pads give a custom fit; built-in Bluetooth speakers

Nutcase Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01MA1PUJQ”]

The Nutcase – Patterned Street Bike Helmet is a cool option for adult skateboard riders, and moreover, it’s extremely high-quality.

It blends perfectly between aesthetics and safety, which is clearly proved through the added 360-degree reflectivity and a detachable visor. For a souped-up flashy look, it also has fun colors and patterns on the shell.

By the way, this shell is injection molded ABS with 11 vents and stainless steel rivets, which are used for attaching the protective EBS inner lining into it more securely.

This lining includes three sets of foam pads that are interchangeable for custom fit since the helmet just comes in one size. If your head circumference is around 52 to 56 centimeters, this can give a perfect fit.

That’s a big thank you to its dial fit system with an emphasis on the Fidlock magnetic closure and internal channeling.


  • Give a flashy look & extra safety – 360-degree reflectivity & a detachable visor
  • Great custom fit – internal channeling, Fidlock magnetic closure, and a fit dial system


  • Expensive
  • Have nothing to keep Sweat out of the eyes

Product Specs

  • Material: EPS foam & injection-molded ABS shell
  • Head Size: 20 ½” – 22″ (52 cm – 56 cm)
  • Padding: three sets of foam pads
  • Ventilation: 11 vents
  • Highlight Features: 360-degree reflectivity; a detachable visor; in-mold shell with 11 vents and internal channeling; Fidlock magnetic closure; a fit dial system

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B000I52BSG”]

Razor has been the worldwide leader in scooters and related accessories since 2000, so they know how to make an outstandingly good helmet.

The Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet is here to prove my saying.

It is a helmet designed for youth riders with a stylish, cutting-edge shell design, sleek glow colorway, and ergonomic inner padding to give a harmonious overall looking when you’re wearing it.

Unlike most low-end helmets, it keeps your head safe and comfortable but doesn’t make you look like a bug or monk.

A noteworthy thing about this helmet is no hot feeling or sweating when having it on the head, even during intense body movements, all thanks to the 17 vents.

For extra information, it complies with CPSC standards.


  • Safe and secure – CPSC certified
  • Easy to lock/unlock – side release buckles
  • High breathability – 17 vents
  • Look beautiful and stylish – cutting-edge shell design, sleek glow colorway, and ergonomic inner padding


  • Pricey
  • A bit heavy
  • The padding could be thicker

Product Specs

  • Material: Plastic shell & foam
  • Head Size: 22 to 23.5 inches – 56-59.5 cm; for ages 8 to 14
  • Padding: ergonomically designed padding and an additional sizing pad set
  • Ventilation: 17 vents
  • Highlight Features: complies with CPSC standards; Side release buckles; 17 vents; Ergonomic interior padding

Bern Unlimited Watts Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B08TMTDG54″]

If your budget is within $80 to $130, the Bern Unlimited Watts Skateboard Helmet is worth buying.

Its ventilation system now has four extra back vents aside from the 7 on the top for air to flow in, which obviously makes your head sweat less and more breathable than the ordinary design.

Besides, its design looks more fashionable with the added visor and matte black finish. There are also six more color options to choose from.

The biggest selling point of the product is the moisture-controlling premium liner. It prevents Sweat from falling on your eyes, and there are, on the other hand, two kinds of liner – one for warm weather and another for cold.

All are crafted from EPS hard foam for superior protection regardless of their low-profile construction.

Of course, it is certified for safety before reaching customers.


  • Look fashionable and stylish – an added visor & 7 color options
  • Prevent Sweat from rolling down onto the eyes – moisture-controlling premium liner
  • Extra convenient – two kinds of liner – for cold and hot weather


  • Short chinstrap
  • The hard inner foam leaves no wiggle room

Product Specs

  • Material: EPS/ABS construction
  • Head Size: Small, Medium Large
  • Padding: moisture-controlling premium liner
  • Ventilation: 11 vents
  • Highlight Features: moisture-controlling premium liner; EPS hard foam; visor;

TSG Pass Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01N41LHBT”]

This helmet is completely outstanding from the rest because of its unique full-face design, and it’s made for riders from teenagers to adults.

The size chart is vast, with four options for you to consider, ranging from 21.3” to 24”.

The construction of a multi-layered glass fiber shell wrapped around a thick layer of EPS inner foam along with cheek pad and ear slots makes it a highly secure helmet with no compromises of comfort or hearing ability.

You can remove the inner liner as well as adjust the cheek pads for a custom fit.

Additionally, the wide viewing angle glass is coated with anti-fog material, and the ventilation system draws breath out effectively.

As a big bonus, there are two spherically rounded visors that are both 100% UV-ray protection.

Ah, don’t worry; despite its design and durability, the weight is incredibly lightweight.


  • Deliver a great custom fit – adjustable cheek pads and removable inner liner
  • Not disturb the eyesight – wide viewing angle glass with anti-fog coating
  • Good protection – full-face design, good padding, and 2 spherically rounded visors
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • The strap is a bit difficult to adjust
  • Not as easy to put on/take off as the half-face helmets

Product Specs

  • Material: EPS Impact foam & Multi-layered transparent glass fiber shell
  • Head Size: Small – 54-56 cm // 21.3-22” Medium – 56-58 cm // 22.-22.8” Large – 58-60 cm // 22.8-23.6” Extra Large – 60-61 cm // 23.6-24”
  • Padding: EPS Impact foam padding
  • Ventilation: a combination of ventilation that draws breath out of the helmet
  • Highlight Features: 2 spherically rounded visors; Cheek pads; Wide viewing angle; Multi-layered glass fiber shell

Triple 8 Downhill Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B00MA7XUO4″]

The Triple 8 Downhill is designed to meet ASTM F1952 and CPSC 1203 standards. It is protective and safe enough to be a perfect downhill mountain motorcycle helmet.

This means the helmet is unrivaled in head protection and also the favorite pick of experienced skateboarders or anyone who loves dangerous high-speed sports. It highlights an aerodynamic styling with a shatter-resistant flip-up visor and hand-laid fiberglass shell.

Going inside, the lining is made from velvet for a softer and comfier feeling.

Like most other counterparts, you can add/remove the liner to customize the fit, while the helmet itself provides two size options.

Besides, it is lightweight with good visibility. For the price, this is worth buying because Triple Eight has also been a renowned long-standing American manufacturer of bike helmets since 1996.


  • Easy to customize fit – an extra fit pad insert
  • Practical design – shatter-resistant flip-up visor
  • High-quality and good visibility – hand-laid fiberglass shell


  • Expensive
  • Not good ventilation
  • Fogged up a little bit

Product Specs

  • Material: Hand-laid fiberglass shell & EPS foam liner
  • Head Size: Small/Medium Large/X-Large
  • Padding: EPS foam liner with velvet lining
  • Highlight Features: an extra fit pad insert; velvet lining; Shatter-resistant flip-up visor; Hand-laid fiberglass shell;

Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B0091PBKLI”]

The Triple Eight Dual Certified Skateboard Helmet is probably the most versatile design here because it fits riders of all ages.

But take note that as it doesn’t have adjustable headbands like other helmets so, sizing is key for a good fit. There are three options to choose from, ranging from 18.9” to 24”, which is ideal for ultra-small or bigger heads.

And the liner is thick enough to make you feel like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs, but regardless, the helmet looks great.

In my humble opinion, its construction is quality for the price, and the extra padding comes in handy to help snug it up.

The adjustable chin straps adjust greatly, and they’re almost extended fully out of the box. Overall, this is a lightweight, protective, and comfortable helmet to try.


  • Safe and protective – meet ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards & U.S. CPSC Safety Standards
  • Good customizability in fitting – 2 sets of Sweatsaver Fit Pads


  • The matte back finish is prone to get scratched.

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS shell & EPS foam liner
  • Head Size: Size XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm) S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm) L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm)
  • Padding: impact-absorbing EPS foam liner
  • Ventilation: 7 vents
  • Highlight Features: two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver Fit Pads; Complies with ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards & U.S. CPSC Safety Standards;

Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B09YB8XWFQ”]

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skateboard Helmet has been voted as one of the top choices of most pro skaters and even beginners for decades.

It looks cool, fits perfectly, and the protection is top-notch. The helmet gives a snug fit on your head to stay firmly while skateboarding or cycling, but if you prefer to have some wiggle room, just remove the inner liner.

If you are a rider who also pays attention to style as well as the helmet’s outlook, the good news is this model doesn’t look cheesy.

Instead, the design is cool and fantastic.

It is also certified for safety, including CE 1078, AS/NZS 2063:2008, CPSC 1203, and ASTM 1492/1447.

In a nutshell, this is such a wonderful classic industry-standard skateboarding helmet!


  • Good protection and comfort – Compression-molded liner pads
  • Secure and well-protected – complies with CE 1078, AS/NZS 2063:2008, CPSC 1203, and ASTM 1492/1447 safety standards
  • Look stylish


  • No forehead liner
  • Hard to find replaceable liners

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS shell with certified EPS liner
  • Head Size: X-Small Small Medium Large X-large
  • Padding: Compression-molded liner pads
  • Ventilation: 11 vents
  • Highlight Features: Compression-molded liner pads; complies with ASTM F1492 standards

Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01M2V3KT4″]

In terms of fitting, I find no contenders that can beat off this helmet.

Aside from a functional chin strap and thick, soft padding, there is an adjustable spin dial on the backside, making it a greatly customizing fit. That said, the helmet still has little room for young riders to grow when they get older.

Compared to other helmets, this one is a lot lighter and more comfortable, allowing the head to breathe.

For kids, the graphics are also a must-consider feature as either it’s cool and appealing or they won’t wear it. And this helmet satisfies this requirement like a breeze.

There are nine color options to choose from, whether your kid loves a simple matte design, a vintage pattern, or some cool printed graffiti.


  • Various color options to choose from
  • Good overall fit – has an adjustable spin dial & covers the upper forehead and back of the head greatly
  • Safe to use – CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified


  • The thick inner lining really adds some height to your noggin, which looks a bit weird

Product Specs

  • Material: ABS shell, high-density EPS foam
  • Head Size: S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in) M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in) L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in)
  • Padding: Thick EPS foam padding
  • Ventilation: 12 wide vents
  • Highlight Features: an adjustable spin dial; CPSC & ASTM Safety Certified

Kryptonics Step-Up Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01N2AYRDV”]

At the price range of $15-$25, the Kryptonics Step Up Skateboard Helmet is outstanding.

It comes in three different sizes of foam inserts, so if you feel too tight on the receipt, just remove the felt liners and replace them with the included thinner one. Generally, these creative padding inserts make a really great fit.

Contrasting to its low-profile design, the helmet is actually more durable. Under common abuses like falling, collisions, or drops, its shell leaves hardly a scratch.

Also, not heavy to wear.


  • Easy to customize the fit – adjustable nylon chin strap with clip & three different sizes of foam inserts
  • Comfortable and protective – The foam core with padded liners


  • Prone to get scuffed up, and paint transfers to it easily

Product Specs

  • Head Size: Small/Medium: 20-21 in. Medium/Large: 21-22 in.
  • Padding: The foam core with padded liners
  • Ventilation: 12 vents
  • Highlight Features: Adjustable nylon chin strap with clip; The foam core with padded liners; 12 vents

Pro-Rider Classic Skateboard Helmet

[amazon box=”B01N41LHBT”]

No products were found. Pro-Rider Classic Skateboard Helmet is a very good product for the price.

It is particularly created for toddlers to teenagers, with three size options within 20” to 24.5”. The EPS hard foam padding is sufficient enough to make the fitting phenomenally great but still leaves a little bit of wiggle room to grow into.

Aside from the fit, this helmet feels sturdy and high-quality. It complies with CPSC standards to be safe for multiple outdoor sports like skateboarding, cycling, and more.

The straps are durable and easy to use with a quick-release buckle. Once buckled up, it stays secure, and kids can wear it off/on all day with no issues.

Ventilation is nothing to complain about.

I really like the style – very boyish and not goofy. The only thing that I don’t like is the forehead protection. This helmet doesn’t cover completely the forehead.

If it’s a little hollower inside to give more protection, that would be great.


  • Ideal for small kids who will outgrow quickly – include padded inserts for a custom fit
  • Easy to use – quick-release buckle and adjustable chin strap


  • Unclear instructions
  • Not cover the forehead completely

Product Specs

  • Material: Hard shell and hard dense foam
  • Head Size: X-Small: 20″ – 21.25″ (typically fits ages 2-5 years) Small/Medium: 21.5″ – 22.5″ (typically fits ages 5-9 years) Large/X-large: 22.75″ – 24.5″
  • Ventilation: 7 vents
  • Highlight Features: Includes Padded Inserts; Quick-Release Buckle & Durable Polyester Straps; Ventilation Channels

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Best Skateboard Helmet In


best skateboard helmet

To stay safe while skateboarding, wearing a properly fitting helmet is essential, and its size is determined by the circumference of your head.

Also, take note that the size chart of helmets is different from brand to brand. Your head might fit properly in size S of this helmet or size M of another model. So always search for the detailed measurements of each size to make sure the best fit.


Another important feature to consider is the protection performance of helmets. It is decided by the types of helmet, shell materials, and inner lining construction.

There are two types of skateboard helmets – the full-face and the half-face.

Obviously, a full-face helmet provides more coverage area around your head, including the face, forehead, eyes, chin, ears, and the entire backside of the head. Therefore, it is more protective.

However, the two biggest flaws of full-face helmets that commonly stop skateboarders from choosing them are:

best skateboard helmet
  • Limited eyesight
  • Poor ventilation

Not to say that it’s harder to put on/take off a full-face helmet rather than a half-face.

About the shell materials, I highly recommend choosing those models with hard-plastic shells, such as PCV, P.C., and ABS, for a good balance between protection and lightness.

The lining, on the other hand, plays a huge role in absorbing impacts and keeping your head comfortable. Another extra function of padding is giving a custom fit to the rider’s head.

So, it should be thick, shock-absorbent, and interchangeable. The softness is a preference issue, so I won’t talk about it much here. Instead, I’ve got a recommendation for you, which is EPS foam.

Last but not least, make sure the helmet complies with at least two well-known safety standards for skateboarding, such as CPSC & ASTM.


best skateboard helmet

No matter how protective a helmet is, you won’t wear it if it is uncomfortable, will you? So, the next thing to keep in mind is how comfortable the helmet is on your head.

There are three key elements to consider:

  • The softness of the padding
  • Chinstrap
  • Breathability

As stated, softness is a subjective feature, so it mostly depends on you. I just recommend you choose a helmet with multiple sizes of interchangeable padding for a custom fit.

Some models even have a spin dial on the backside of the helmet or inner headbands for souped-up fitting to hence give you more comfort.

Besides, look for a comfortable chin strap with adjustment.

It’d be better if that chin strap had quick-release buckles as well.

The breathability is very important to consider. Under intense body movements, your head tends to heat up and sweat a lot. A breathable helmet design will provide better airflow on the inside to keep your head cooler, resulting in less Sweat.

For this feature, find a helmet with as highest number of vents possible.


What Is The Best Skateboard Helmet?

best skateboard helmet

My choices are:

  • Retrospec CM-1 Skateboard Helmet
  • Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboard Helmet
  • JBM CPSC ASTM Skateboard Helmet
  • Punisher Pro-Series 13-Vent Skateboard Helmet
  • Punisher 11-Vent Skateboard Helmet

Is There a Difference Between Skateboard Helmets and Bike Helmets?

In short, bike helmets are specifically designed to bear extreme force from one impact and should be alternated after one accident.

Skateboard helmets are for taking various blows prior to being alternated. However, they are commonly not as sturdy as bike helmets to withstand extreme force.

Do I Need a Helmet for Skateboarding?

Yes, you do.

The reason is to keep your head protected from severe injury in bad cases, like a fall or collision with other vehicles.

best skateboard helmet

Not to say that in some countries or states, the law requires you to wear one.

How Do I Choose a Skateboard Helmet?

There are three things you should keep in mind when considering a skateboard helmet:

  • Size – it should fit your head circumstance properly
  • Protection ability
  • Comfort

To learn more about these features, please scroll up to read my ultimate buying guide.

Why Should Skateboarders Wear Helmets?

It’s because helmets help to protect the rider’s head better, keeping it from unwanted injury and retaining your safety.


There will never be the best skateboard helmet for everyone. Every size chart, design, and padding decision comes with its own strengths and weakness. Add to that the numerous uses riders have for their helmet.

I just hope that the options provided in this review help you obtain the right skateboard helmet for you and your specific needs.

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