Choose Top 5 The Best Wax For Black Cars 2017

Are you having a black car and its color is fading?

Then, you are experiencing my circumstance about 4 or 5 years ago. I just bought my car for a few years and wanted to have something to protect the paint. By watching testimonials and reading quite a lot of articles as well as documents, I am proud to say that I can give people the most efficient advice on how to choose the best wax for their cars.

In this article today, I will share with you the best wax for black cars because mine has the same color and I had the most experience in choosing products for dark paint. I hope that you will be able to know how to take care of your car and pick the most appropriate wax for it after reading.

Top 5 Best Wax For Black Cars On The Market

Benefits Of Using Wax For Black Cars

  • - Keep your car clean for a longer period

Have you ever made a comparison between a waxed and not waxed car? You can try because the differences will immediately appear. When having wax, the surface of your car tends to be more slippery. Therefore, dirt and water won’t stick to it like a car without wax.

That is why you won’t need to worry about washing your car so regularly when having wax. Besides, because water is flushed very quickly and does not stay on the surface, your car will get dry and feel just like new within a few minutes.

  • - Protect your paint from UV

Do you think that only human skin can be affected by UV? Start thinking over because your car’s paint is not so much different. If your skin gets darker after you expose it to the sun, you will be able to notice that the paint of your car begin to have discoloration and peeling off after being used for a while.

I’m sure that is the last damage you will want to see. With only a simple movement, waxing your car, you can prevent that from UV from damaging its paint. The wax will create a coat covering its surface and you won’t have to care much about repainting it anymore.

  • - Limit awful consequences from scratches

To car owners like us, scratches can be considered an annoying false and make us in huge rage and pain. After I discovered this advantage, I had to admit that car waxing is probably the most beneficial thing that an owner can do for his car.

As I mentioned, the wax will build a coat for it and prevent it from UV. And although the wax cannot 100 percent prevent scratches, it still can limit them to the maximum. And it’s the most efficient one to do that in the market nowadays, trusted and rated by billions of consumers in the world.

  • - Saving money on repairing your car

By protecting your paint from dirt as well as UV and restricting scratches, car wax can obviously save you tons of dollars on fixing the damages. You can figure that out easily when renting a car or have your vehicle for rent.

If you hire a car for traveling, the dealer will take a deep look at it to make sure nothing happens to his property. And if there is a minor scratch or discoloration, you will be responsible for paying all of them.

  • - Creating a shinier look for your car

Finally, having your car waxed can make your paint look extremely shinier and more beautiful, especially when you have a car with dark colors like black, dark blue, or kaki. I have a black car and I am completely satisfied with what car waxing was able to do.

How To Choose The Best Wax For Black Cars

There are some criteria that you need to pay attention to when picking an appropriate wax for your black car.

The age of your vehicle

The type of your paint

Where you live

The shiny degree

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The Highest Quality Wax For Black Cars

The first product is from Black Magic, which is a very famous brand with car wax and polishes.

It was the bottle I purchased after the first one ran out and I had a little more experience to choose an appropriate wax for my car.

At that time, I just bought my car for about three years and a half so this product was relatively a reasonable choice.

best wax for black cars, Black Magic 120025 2-in-1 Fast Wax Spray, 16 oz


  • 2-in-1 product

This bottle is a cleaner wax; therefore, it can wax and clean your car at the same time. You won’t need to purchase any extra polishes or cleaning substance anymore. I found this feature so convenient and economic, which is why I named Black Magic in this list of the best wax for black cars today.

  • Minimizing scratches and spots

This is an excellent feature of this product. Due to a moderate shiny degree, the product could work efficiently on black surfaces and hid almost all of the blemishes and scratches on my car. After about two minutes of applying it, I realized that face immediately. You will notice that as well when you use it.

  • Removing stains and oxidation

Because it is a cleaner wax, it can eliminate any stains and oxidation, which are harmful for your paint. Within only a few minutes, I’m sure your car will be transformed into its brand new outlook when you first purchased it. What surprised me the most after using the product was that the black paint looked even more beautiful and shinier than it used be at the first time I saw it. I believe yours will also experience that.

  • Easy to apply

Finally, the spraying design makes it very comfortable to use. It works just like when you watering your plants. Besides, spraying always takes less time than other methods because the wax will be spread quickly within a few seconds.


  • - Until now, I don’t find any seriously unsatisfied features in this product. It was deserved to be one of the best wax for black cars. Some people claim that it does not entirely erase all scratches but I think that is a little high expectation for a wax like this. So it is not such a big drawback at all.

This product is specially designed for black as well as dark-color cars due to its specific formula.

I had a chance to experience this product when coming over to Luis’s house, my best friend, about a few months ago.

He had a very nice black KIA K3, which was fashionable and always seemed brand new.

When I asked him his secret and he told me about Carnauba Wax, I instantly decided that it would stay on my favorite list of the best wax for black cars.

best wax for black cars, Surf City Garage 922 Black Edge Carnauba Wax, 16 oz


  • Creating an UV shield

If you are living in a full of sun rays like me, you will want to have this product. It’s a liquid wax so it works quite strongly on hard paint. And it also has a high rate of UV protection; therefore, your black paint will be able to remain its color for quite a long time. Besides, although its solution is grey, it can still provide a precise color you want for your car. That sounds amazing, right?

  • Eliminating scratches

An upgraded feature of Carnauba Wax over Black Magic is that it can erase swirl marks and small scratches on your car. The reason is there are pigments in its ingredients, which can change the color all those undesirable marks into black, equivalent to your car’s color.

  • No marks on plastic areas

There are definitely plastic surface on your car which cannot be waxed due to its specifications. Moreover, one problem with current waxes for cars in the market is that it can leave terrible marks and spots. I’m sure car owners want those to happen. But this product can fix that situation. It can be used on plastic areas and leave no marks at all. I tested this feature by rubbing it on Luis’s car lights and found no dark spots at all. It was fantastic.

  • Quickly get dry

It seems minor but plays a crucial role in driver’s convenience. The wax will be dry within a minute, which is almost instant. So you can work on your task and drive your car right after that without worrying about anything.


  • May not compatible with deep black cars

Because the liquid color is grey, I think that cars which are deeply black are probably not so much compatible. Therefore, researching about your car before buying a wax is very necessary.

The first time I looked at this product, I thought that its name was so funny.

However, it worked beyond my expectations at that time.

Before discovering it, I never knew that waxing plastic surfaces would be so easy.

Mothers Restorer is made specifically for those plastic places on your car such as lights, the roof, and many other things.

best wax for black cars, Mothers 06112 Back-to-Black Plastic and Trim Restorer


  • Best dirt cleaning

It has a magical ability to maintain car’s components and clean places being stuck with dirt very quickly. When I helped Luis wax his car, I could see the clear distinct between the area that has already been waxed and has not. The waxed one was completely shinier and cleaner. However, washing the car before waxing is still recommended. Mothers Restorer can optimize its uses when you do that.

  • Restoring plastic surface

I believe if your car is a little old, cracks on plastic places can appear very often. This wax has a very powerful protectant that is capable of mending those cracks and providing more moisture for the dry surfaces. Its effects will start right after you apply the wax. Although you may not see the difference, those waxed areas will look just like new after some hours.

  • Long-term remaining

I did not remember exactly how long it lasts. Perhaps, it was about 7 or 8 months after Luis and I waxed his car. That was quite a long time despite so many car washes that Luis did every week.


  • Taking time to get dry

Unfortunately, it can take you 30 minutes to an hour to get entirely dry. And after being waxed, your car can be very slippery and sticky. Therefore, remember not to touch or do anything to it before it is dry.

  • Fade your paint color

One disadvantage that makes me not so 100 percent satisfied with this product is that it can fade your car paint if you don’t apply it carefully. When touching the towel, I had not been so familiar with it much and did not know how much I should have poured out. So I bled a little onto Luis surface and it was adequately hard to get it out. So be careful and read the directions cautiously before starting the work.

This product is original from Thailand. The researchers had to spend over three years of hard-working to give birth its formula.

I found out this product when seeing the employees at the wax store testing it for customers.

If you want your car surface to have a perfect glossy outlook, Chemical Guys is the most appropriate option for you.

best wax for black cars,Chemical Guys GAP_619_16 Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhancer (16 oz)


  • Improving car’s color

Of all the products in this list of best wax for black cars, I don’t see any wax can enhance a car’s paint color better than this one. Its ingredients are blended with nano formula; therefore, it can make your car’s paint flashing under the sun. It completely surprised me when the employees showed it to audiences because even an old car with the most faded color could look more beautiful than it had ever been.

  • Preventing your vehicle from harsh weather

Similar to some previous products, Chemical Guys can also build a coat for your car and protect it from severe weather conditions, such as emissions, UV, and limit scratches. Try it and you will see it.

  • Anti-static

This is a new and unique feature of this product. It is provided with anti-static elements. As you can see, black cars are more likely to get dirty because dust and filthy mud are stuck tighter to it than other colors. And they are easier to be recognized by naked eyes. Therefore, anti-static substance added can eliminate all those dirty factors and prevent them from appearing on your car ever again. Isn’t it wonderful?

  • Creating a bright surface

And one more thing that I really like in this product is that it can bring a whole new bright and vibrant outlook to your car. When all the dirt is removed, its glossy factors started working. It can make your black paint look much wetter and brighter than you can ever imagine.


  • Not completely removing scratches

Perhaps, because many other product and erase scratches and spots, I expect this one to have that element as well. However, it does not. All it can do is lighten the scratches and make them more faded than they used to.

I discovered this paste wax while looking for some product appropriate for my father’s black car.

At first, I did not believe in its quality much because I had never heard of Meguiar’s before. However, after researching a little, I found out Meguiar’s popularity and its products were excellent.

I bought it immediately for my father and never regretted since then. Therefore, it is totally deserved to have a place in my list of the best wax for black cars today.

best wax for black cars,Meguiar's G6207 Black Wax Paste - 7 oz


  • A brand new finish

This product not only can recover your car color but also polish it. And it’s not just ordinary polishing. Your finish will look as clear as a mirror after applying the wax. My father’s car looked a lot different than it used to be, which was like brand new. I could even see my reflection on his finish. It was excellent.

  • Long-term protection

If other waxes can protect your car for couple of months and then you have to apply them again, Meguiar’s can do that for a whole year. Therefore, it can save you tons of dollars from purchasing polishes and new wax. My father had to drive to construction sites almost every day in a week but his car barely experienced any scratch or spots. Fantastic, right?

  • Hiding swirl marks

Swirl marks are nothing to the strong effects of this wax. When you apply it onto areas of your car, all of them will slowly disappear. My father liked this feature best and that is why he always said that this product was the best wax for black cars that he ever had.

  • Easy to apply

You can use both your hands and polishing machine to apply the wax. It can optimize its effects no matter which way you use. However, if you have a machine, I recommend you use it. It can control the amount of wax and distribute the wax equally to all areas. Using your hands is fine but if you are not familiar with waxing, you won’t have your wanted result.


  • - When being asked, my father found nothing unsatisfied with this product. So did I. Nevertheless, the process of booking and delivering the product can be a little longer than expected. I had to wait for 5 days to receive it. So be patient.


After my Black Magic ran out last week, I decided to buy Meguiar’s Black Wax Paste, which was similar to my father’s. As you can see, it can fulfill almost all of the criteria that we discussed in the first section, such as protecting cars for a long period, limiting scratches, and creating shiny look. I felt really happy with my decision and I don’t think I will need to buy any new wax in this year.

So you can choose the proper one for you and I hope you will be satisfied with your choice. Thank you for reading my article about the best wax for black cars today. Goodbye and see you in my subsequent writings.


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