Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

Cars, like any other thing, generally lose their value over time. However, if you take good care of your vehicle, it will depreciate comparatively less. 

In case you have not taken proper care of your car and now want to sell it at a good price, here are some car maintenance tips that can increase the value of your car. 

1. Clean The Car

Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

The single most important thing that gets a car a good monetary value is the look of the car. No one will be willing to pay a handsome amount for a dirty car. It just shows that the owner has not taken good care of the car. 

While cleaning your car for increasing its value, you need to clean it more than just a regular dusting or wash. Here are some things that you need to focus on while cleaning your car: 

  • The inside of the car is every bit as important as the exterior. Clean the interior thoroughly. If it is not very much messy, a vacuum cleaner can work. If you have never cleaned the inside of the car, take some time and strip the interior down to clean it.
  • Focus on the things that make the car look old like foggy headlights, rusty chrome parts, and dirty AC vents. Clean everything to perfection.
  • The wheels and tires also contribute a lot towards the look of the car. Wash them and use a tire shiner if possible.
  • Do not forget to give the engine bay a good cleaning, it adds to the look of the car.
  • If your car is more than a decade old, the paint will most probably be oxidized. Use car wax or polish to return it to its shiny condition.

2. Get The Little Things Fixed 

Remember, if you want to increase the value, the aim is to show that the car has been taken care of very well over its lifetime. Small things can make a big difference in this respect. Here are some small things that you need to take care of: 

  • Replace the windshield wiper blades if they are worn out.
  • If any of the trim pieces on the interior of the car are broken or missing, it is a good idea to replace them.
  • Make sure that all the headlamps, DRLs, brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights are working fine. If any of them is faulty, get it fixed.
  • Get the infotainment system and its auxiliary systems like the reverse cameras in working order.

3. No Warning Lights on the Instrument Panel

Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

One of the major things contributing to decreasing the value of a car is the warning lights. Make sure that no Check Engine, Timing Belt, Power Steering Malfunction, ABS Not Working, or any other warning lights are on. 

A DIY tip for turning these lights off is to disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes and then reconnecting it. This can turn the light off if there is no actual problem and the light is showing up due to a faulty sensor or sensor connection. 

If this does not work, get the services of a professional and rectify the issue that is causing the light to turn on.

4. Get the Fluids Changed

Burnt out Engine Lube or transmission fluid are the indicators of a car being abused over its life. Make sure that all the fluids in the car are in good condition. 

A pro tip for this is to change the engine oil with a thicker one if the engine is burning it. The thicker engine oils do not pass through the clearance of worn-out pistons and are not burnt. This will prevent the oil from going below the recommended level.

5. Get Rid of Dents and Scratches

Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

The looks of a car are an important factor in determining its value. If your car has dents and scratches on the body panels, the best approach is to get them removed before you list the vehicle for sale. 

You can tackle minor dents, scratches, and chipped paint on your own and if there are too many of them or if they are too large, you can get the help of professionals.

6. Get Any Mechanical Issues Fixed

The main part of any car is the engine and then the suspension. No buyer can compromise on any faults in these two. If the car has any issues with these two, it is a good idea to get it fixed before selling the car. 

7. Get the Paperwork in Order

It is a good practice to maintain a logbook for your car. If you have not done that, at least gather the paperwork you have. The papers you need to have include: 

  • The ownership record of the car.
  • The insurance claim record.
  • The record of any repairs performed on the car.
  • The MOT/other applicable inspection records.
  • The service book of the car, if maintained by your repair shop.

8. Gather the Stuff that Came With the Car

Best Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Car

Having the stuff that came with the car shows that you care about the car. Try to gather any and all of the following things if they came with the car: 

  • The owner’s manual.
  • Spare wheel. 
  • Tool kit.
  • Luggage bags.

9. Get A Vehicle Inspection Report

Buyers need something to believe that the car is actually in a good condition and the best thing for that is to get an inspection report. 

You can go to a credible garage to get the report or call some professional company that provides inspection reports for cars. Make sure to rectify any problems with the car before you get the report.

These were some of the general things that you need to take care of before listing a car for sale. You can greatly increase the chances of getting a good deal for your car if you follow all these car maintenance tips.

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