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“My car deck cost me more than my car.” Admit it, we all have heard our friends say this upon buying a new car or replacing the DIN. And we are ought to believe them because DIN units today, can get surprisingly expensive. After done chuckling, though, the statement makes us think about the importance of analyzed investment in a premium DIN unit.

We have often seen prior to buying DIN units, people just walk in any random car store on the corner, see the demonstrations and without any hesitation, buy exactly what the salesman wants to sell them. But on the other hand, when it comes to buying a new car, people tend to spend months on researching, test driving and making comparisons with its competitors.

Why be so discriminating? Well, all we want to say here is – Your DIN unit is too as important as your car. Both serve their important purposes in their particular domains. Car gets you to your desired destination whereas a good DIN unit makes your journey more enjoyable by offering you a range of exciting options for your entertainment purposes.

This is why we are bringing you a detailed review of a good double DIN unit – BOSS AUDIO BV9356 .


  • 80 Watts x 4 Max Power, RDS (Radio digital system) Tuner, Built-in Equalizers.
  • Supports CD, DVD, USB and SD Card
  • Audio out for MP3 Players and Smartphones.
  • Video, Front, Rear and Sub Pre Amp Outputs.
  • Double DIN.

Features Of This Device

Boss Audio-BV9356 comes with tons of amazing features. Some of the most interestingfeatures are:

  • Aux Input:The Aux Input allowsyou to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphoneso you can enjoy your music through your system.
  • AV Input:The AV Input allows you to connect to the video and/or audio output of an external device so you can enjoy your audio and video content through your system.
  • Builtin Preset Equalizers: It allows you to choose from preset EQcurves for a variety of music styles such as Rock, POP, Jazz.
  • Digital LCD: the digital display delivers clear and vibrant graphics in an automotive environment.
  • Pre-Amp Output:The units Pre-Amp outputs lets you expand your system by adding up to 3 amps and/or signal processors for your Front, rear and subwoofer channels.
  • SD Memory Card Port:The SD Memory Card port will support a full size SD memory card to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing.
  • USB Port:The USB port will support a USB flash drive up to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing.
  • Video Output:Video RCA Output allows you to connect directly fromyour source unit to the video input of external monitor(s), such as headrest or overhead monitors. If you plan on using multiple video monitors, we recommend using a video signal amplifierto boost the signal for optimum picture quality.

Best Benefits Of BOSS AUDIO BV9356

  • Upon using BOSS AUDIO BV9356 , say goodbye to distractions, because it comes with a Steering wheel compatibility option allowing you to control the functionsof the radio from the buttons provided on your steering wheel.This is surely a lot convenient and safe while driving.
  • Users can stay updated with the details regarding the song. Just a single glance at the screen will provide user the information regarding the artist’s name, album name, track number etc.
  • The wireless remote provided with this DINwill give you the commanding access to the key functionsof the unit from the palm of your hand.
  • The DIN provides an excellent audio and video playback quality, making user feel more immersed.
  • Collision avoidancewhileshifting your vehicle into reverse is like a piece of cakebecause the unit automatically powers on a rear view camera and switches the display to show what the camera sees.
  • The 6.2 inches huge touchscreen panel will give you the access to the unit’s control functions by simply touching the function you want touse, thus, its very user friendly.

Who Need It Most?

Well, the unit is a perfect choice for the first time users. Simplicity, ease of use and equipped with coolfunctionalities, this double DIN will ramp up the entertainment experience of the users.

  • PROS
  • CONS

It comes with Large 6.2 inch bright touchscreen monitor.

  • It has Rear view capabilities.
  • This double DIN unit is very easy to setup.
  • Supports MicroSD and USB.
  • One step easy connectivity with smartphones or other output devices.
  • Provides good sound quality.
  • Inexpensive and bang for your buck.

Customer Rating

This double din has been showered with a lot of rave reviews. Most of the users are satisfied with the product considering the price point.

Also, the Customers are happy with its above average performance whereas there are some other customers who have faced technical issues such as screen flickering, radio station scanning difficulties, date time issues etc. But as every product has a small percentage of bad reviews, it can be neglected.

User Instructions

After buying this unit, install the DIN properly in the provided 7 inch space. Since this DIN is extremely easy to setup, you won’t face any problems. In case you are unable to install, please get it installedby a trained technician.

The touchscreen is equipped with all the necessary onscreen options so navigating through the menu is very simple. Select the options or modes as per your needs.Also, the interface is kept very minimal to avoid confusions.Furthermore, you can customize your DIN by:

  • Adjusting the screen color, wallpaper, brightness, date/time, audio/ video mode etc.
  • Also try changing the equalizers to get the desired music output. For example-If you want a thumping effect, select the bass equalizer.
  • For uninterrupted video playback while driving, ground the break wire.


Taking into Consideration its latest features, premium looks and a good audio/video quality at such an affordable price, Boss Audio BV9356 is definitely worth buying. And especially for the users who are new to DIN, this is the must product for you.

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