Boss Audio BV9386NV Reviews

 1. Introduction:



Boss never disappointed the clients who buy any kind of car stereo device of its brands. Boss audio bv9386nv 2DIN navigation and car stereo device is one of the hot selling brands of the company included with all possible features and qualities.

You can find almost every thing in this latest car stereo system you are searching for. Starting from qualitative entertaining music to safe driving features, every thing is available in this single electronic device. This best navigation system reflects the features and qualities of BV9386NV car stereo of Boss.

The review reflects the genuine aspects of the product and all positive as well as negative points are highlighted, so that customers would be able to take the right decision.

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2. Major Specifications of Boss audio bv9386nv:

  • 6.2” Touch screen with 800x 480 resolution
  • Bluetooth for hand free and car stereo streaming
  • 80w x 4 Max Power output
  • Navigation system with preloaded maps of 50 States of USA
  • Built-in CD/DVD player, SD, USB and Aux ports
  • Rear camera input
  • Video output
  • Compatible with steering wheel interface remote
  • Dimension 625″ x 6.875″
  • Power source 12 volt DC

 3. Feature of this device:

Boss audio bv9386nv - Best in dash navigation

BOSS AUDIO BV-9386NV Double-DIN 6.2 inch Touchscreen

  • BV9386nv has built-in GPS system included with updated maps of 50 States (USA), Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • The Boss audio bv9386nv is installed with A2DP audio streaming Bluetooth technology that allows you to stream music file of your smart device wirelessly.
  • Aux, USB and AV input ports allow you to connect external music storage devices to listen your selected favorite songs.
  • Built-in DVD player of this car stereo allows you to play discs consisting of DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, VCD, JPEG and WMA formats.
  • Built-in preset equalizer provides you with various music styles and sound qualities using preset curve equalizing.
  • Electronic skip protection (ESP) is the unique feature of this Boss audio buffering the CD/DVD to store 5-second data in advance. This feature provides you with smooth music even the disc reading is interrupted.
  • This Boss audio device is supported with latest smartphone and iphone to connect via Bluetooth and USB interface cable. After connecting the devices, you can access and control various applications through touch screen of Boss double din car stereo.

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4. Best benefits of BV9386NV in dash navigation

  • Having this best double din navigation in the car dashboard allows you to attend and make hand free phone calls through your cell phone. You can communicate with your friends, with family members and even with clients while driving the car.
  • Audio streaming provides access to music stores of smartphone and iphone to play nonstop music.
  • When connected via USB interface cable, you can access internet radios through supported cell phones. Now you can play and control your favorite Spotify and Pandora music through this double din car stereo of Boss.
  • The company has manufactured the device with built-in navigation system that provides you with preloaded maps of all the States of USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. You can also get newly updated maps through internet connecting this double din head unit with navigation directly.
  • Supported with multiple file formats and availability of storage device ports allows you to connect and play songs from unlimited sources.
  • Crystal clear display of the screen helps the user to operate various functions easily.

5. Who need this Double din car stereo the most?

Boss bv9386nv covers various needs of the drivers who install stereos for long as well as short journey. The company has focused all possible needs of users including connectivity, safety and entertainment. The under mentioned points in bullet include major requirements for which you can opt for this best in dash navigation.

  • If you are interested in traveling through unfamiliar routes and want a reliable GPS to track your desired destination, you need this double din in dash navigation product.
  • Attending phone calls while driving saves your time but this act is hazardous. To drive safely while attending phone calls you need this particular device. Furthermore, you will also get best reception and quality of sound when connecting your cell phone with this car stereo device.
  • The best quality music is the important tool for real entertainment for long drive. You need the best quality car stereo output device like BV9386NV to enhance the pleasure of drive.
  • You always need rear camera for safe and right parking of the vehicle. Buying additional equipment and accessories for camera add unnecessary weight in the vehicle. You get this entire job done by attaching rear camera with this best car navigation system.

Pros and Cons of Boss Audio BV9386NV:

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  • Built-in GPS with preloaded maps of USA, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Audio streaming and Hand free profile
  • Supported with smartphone and iphone view Bluetooth and US interface cable
  • Access to personalized internet radios
  • Supported with multiple car stereo and video file formats
  • Supported with video output
  • In-dash design
  • Touch screen input and control
  • Steering wheel interface remote control (not included in he package)
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  • The preloaded navigation map is too old

6. Necessary precautions for installing this car stereo:

  • Check for compatibility with your vehicle. If there is any issue, just call for the mechanic to make necessary modifications.
  • Keep the vehicle switch off while installing the car stereo in dashboard to avoid fluctuation and sparking.
  • Boss BV9386NV operates on 12 volt DC. Therefore, plug-in the device with the same power source.
  • Save all the loose and naked wires with solution tape to avoid short-circuiting.

7. Conclusion
Boss car stereo BV9386Nv
is the latest in dash device, which suffice the requirements of all vehicle drivers of current era. If you know how to use this car stereo, you can get lot of benefits through this double din car stereo device.

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