Car Care Tips To Stay Safe On The Roads

Statistics show that there are around six million car accidents in the US each year. Those accidents lead to 100 deaths a day and countless injuries, with lives ended and families broken apart due to reckless driving, hazardous road conditions, or sometimes, quite simply, a lack of preparation and proper car care.

Many accidents are caused by negligent behavior or drivers following to follow the rules, but many others are down to actual vehicular faults, issues, and failures that could have easily been avoided. This is why regular car maintenance is so important, and it's every car owner's responsibility to look after their vehicle and carry out regular routine checks to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Even the slightest issue, like a lack of windscreen washer fluid or a slightly weak headlight bulb, could cause an accident out on the road, leading to physical injuries, mental trauma, and serious legal consequences too. With that in mind, let's look at some key car care tips every driver should bear in mind to keep themselves, their family, and other road users safe.

Check Your Tires

Tires are a massively important part of any vehicle, and they need to be checked often to ensure that the air pressure is correct. It's also vital to look over your tires regularly to look for any signs of wear and tear. Little punctures or cuts can occur, leading to a loss of pressure and giving you less control over your vehicle, which could raise your risks of having an accident.

It's also important to prepare your tires properly for different driving conditions. In winter, for example, those who live in snowy and frosty areas may consider installing chains or getting some snow tires fitted for their safety.

Replace Headlights

Faulty or weak headlights can also cause a lot of problems on the road. If you find yourself driving in the evening or at night and are unable to illuminate the space around you, you'll be much more likely to end up in a collision. Equally, if you can't turn your headlights on, over vehicles might not be able to see you in the dark or in foggy conditions.

So, if you notice any of the signs that your headlights are failing, take swift action. Get the headlights replaced with new, brighter bulbs or consult a mechanic to get them to fix the problem for you, professionally.

Bad Brakes 

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that around 2% of all accidents are caused by brake failure. That might not sound like a lot, but when you consider that 6 million accidents occur in the US every single year, even the smallest percentages equate to tens of thousands of injuries and many potential lives lost.

Driving with bad brakes is incredibly risky. You need to be able to stop your vehicle when hazards on the road present themselves, or when you reach traffic lights and stop signs. If you notice any kinds of issues with your brake, it's imperative that you stop driving and seek out the services of a mechanic to fix the issue.

Wipers and Wiper Fluid

Even something as simple as your wipers could have an impact on how likely you are to have an accident on the road. Wipers seem like a relatively basic part of the car, but they play a big part in safety, helping to clear away rain and debris from the windshield and let you clearly see the road ahead of you and the environment around you.

Trying to drive with obscured vision because of rain, mist, or dirt on the windscreen can be really dangerous, reducing your field of view and making it a lot easier for you to accidentally cause a collision or even fail to spot a pedestrian stepping out in front of you. Check wipers regularly to make sure they're working properly and keep your windscreen washer fluid topped up too, just in case you ever need it.


It's vital to drive sensibly and follow the rules in order to reduce your risk of accidents, but it's also important to focus on maintaining your vehicle and ensuring that all of the important parts are in good, working order. Drivers can take on many of these simple maintenance tasks themselves or seek out the services of a local car repair shop. Either way, be sure to keep your vehicle in top condition to keep yourself safe.

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