Car Rentals In Florida Guide

Car Rentals In Florida Guide- Book A Cheap Car Rental With Discover Cars

We know there are a lot of rental car companies out here in Florida. And with good reason – it’s not easy picking the best one! But we’re going step by step through what you need to think about before making your decision so that when you get down into details, things will go much smoother on vacation and maybe even save some money too (depending).

What Do You Need To Rent A Car?

To rent a car from an enterprise, you will need the following:

  • In Florida, to rent a car you must be at least 21 years old. You’ll need show the rental agent your driver’s license with a photo and proof of age like one or two pieces of identity.
  • The young driver fee is determined by your age. If you’re under 25, be ready to pay an additional charge!
  • A photo ID (For example a driver’s license or passport)
  • A valid driver’s license with a photo
  • Credit or debit card

Additional items to consider before picking up your rental car:

  • Use of toll roads
  • After-hours drop-off availability
  • Mileage restrictions
  • Deposit required upon pickup
  • Insurance and protection product options
  • Renting car seats, GPS or additional equipment

Whether you’re renting a car to take your family on an exciting vacation or just need transportation for work, make sure that the process goes smoothly. To get started with rental cars in and around Florida efficiently and affordably, you need to know how long it takes to rent a car, how booking and payments work, what type of insurance is best (and which ones aren’t), and how pickups/returns work, etc.

If you want to rent a car, we recommend because it’s an international company with guaranteed policies and reasonable prices. Let’s see what they have to offer!

How To Rent A Car On Discovercars.Com

Car Rentals In Florida Guide- Book A Cheap Car Rental With Discover Cars

With more than 500 partners across 10,000 destinations and 145+ countries to choose from Discover Cars is an excellent choice for travelers looking for car rentals. The website was founded in 2013.

The site has hundreds of companies from around the world with one easy to use interface that lets users filter by destination and dates before comparing rates on their own. Here’s how to find a cheap car rental on Discover Cars:

Select your dates:

The first step in renting a car is to select your pick-up and drop-off dates. Try being as specific about the times you want so that it will affect pricing, availability of cars for rental, etc

Choose Car type:

Filter by car type to find the perfect match. Whether you’re looking for a compact car or luxury car, a full-size sedan or an SUV, etc. This site has simplified terms so it’s easy!

View deal:

When you’re ready to book a particular itinerary, select “view deal” and depending on the plan that is offered by either Discover Cars site or the rental car company’s site. The price remains consistent no matter which site one uses.

Complete booking:

When it’s finally time for your booking, you’ll be able to review all of the details again and add any extra items that interest or excite you. One thing we recommend keeping in mind is that you’re booking the type of car, but The model is going to depend on availability.


You can use your credit or debit card to make purchases on the Company’s website, as well as pay with PayPal.

Discover Cars offers three different payment options for your purchase: full prepayment, partial pay-now and later payments so that it’s easy to plan ahead of time without worrying about running out!

Why Should You Choose Rent A Car On Discover Car

Discover Cars compare rates from various providers so that no matter what type of trip requires a wheels-on vehicle, the site can provide an option perfectly suited just right! Along with this information on policies and guarantees below:

Car Rentals In Florida Guide

Clear Rental Conditions

The terms and conditions of the book your car quickly, easily. On the website, there’s a link to the rental conditions underneath each picture of a car. On mobile devices you can find them under provider’s logo.

Click the blue text that says Rental Conditions to learn more about your agreement.

After the rental is confirmed, you’ll receive a voucher and additional conditions. You can also download your voucher in your My Booking section.

Quick Online Reservations

You can quickly find the perfect car by going on Discover Cars website and entering basic details about your Pickup Location, date you are available to pick up or drop off vehicle at destination as well as choosing what type of vehicle – all within one minute!

Over 20,000 Locations

With nearly 20,000 locations worldwide and an easy purchasing process you’ll be covered in no time. In Florida, there are 1085 car rental offers in 31 cities. 

No Hidden Fees

Instead of hiding fees and extra costs, Discover Cars includes them in the quoted price so there will be no surprises when you arrive at your rental desk.

Most Popular Car Models of Rental Suppliers

The company’s business model is succeeding so far with more vehicle rent classes (such as convertibles, pickup trucks and SUVs) that are tailored to customer needs. They also offer better rates on luxury cars!

Free Cancellation

When reserve a car through DiscoverCars, you can make changes or cancel your reservation for free up until 48 hours before you are scheduled to pick it up.

Full Coverage

With Discover car’s Full Coverage policy, you will be offered the best rates and much safer during your rental as a global company.

Security Payment 

The rental company will block your security deposit on the card. You could lose this entire deposit if you damage or lose car, but as long as you’ve got Full Coverage, you can rest assured knowing that full coverage will refund up to 3000 euros.

Good Customer Service

Discover Cars offers a comprehensive customer service experience. They have details for contacting them including phone numbers, email addresses and their website’s address in addition to providing social media channels on Twitter or Facebook so that you can reach out if necessary. 

Helpful Tips For Renting A Car In Florida

Car Rentals In Florida Guide- Book A Cheap Car Rental With Discover Cars

➤The state of Florida has certain rules when it comes to driving with children. If you’re traveling there and have a child, they must be in an appropriate car seat. The types vary depending on what year/stage your kid is at: from newborns up until 3 years old – full seats; 4–5 yrs old—booster seats (which provide added protection).

➤Make sure you ask about any toll roads in the state of Florida. Some agencies will let customers purchase or arrange for an advance pass that eliminates this need and saves time by not having to carry cash with you while on your trip. You can also use these passes when paying upfront fees such as gas stations.

➤If you’re a visitor to the state of Florida, it’s important that your parking knowledge is up to speed. You will always park on the right side when in any other situation but there are times where one-way streets allow for turning left. If possible check with locals before taking this risk yourself since some areas may have restrictions. 

➤If you plan on driving cars on Florida beaches, be aware that it’s prohibited in most areas. One exception is Daytona Beach and spots around St Augustine’s Bay.  (Daytona Beach charges $20 per day). The soft sand of a beach is perfect for four-wheel drive cars and all-terrain vehicles with high ground clearance. If you want to rent one, remember that they must have ample trunk space or roof rack so as not to ruin your surfboards during transport.

FAQs About Renting A Car In Florida 

Car Rentals In Florida Guide

Should I rent a car in Florida?

Renting cars in small towns and taking them along any route will make sure you can explore all those beautiful beaches without having too much difficulty getting around. In large cities like Jacksonville and Miami with their own unique tourist attractions outside city center, an 18-mile trip can take well over 1 hour, and a rental car is essential. 

What is driving like in Florida?

Florida is a pretty flat state with not many mountains and hills. You’ll drive mostly on the highway where the speed limit o 70 mph but in some areas like residential roads is 30 mph, school zones it goes down to 20 mph.

The four-way stops are an important rule for all cars because whichever vehicle gets there first has the right-of-way. 

What cars are popular to rent in Florida?

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the beaches and scenery of Florida, then renting a convertible is your best option. You can see as how these cars offer stunning views from open-top cars or removable roofs depending on what kind fitters choose. You can also choose from jeeps if you’re looking for something fun and adventurous. 

What do I do if no rental cars are available?

You might be offered a larger or smaller vehicle. If they give preference towards bigger cars over what was originally reserved – don’t worry about paying extra. If however things go upside down &forth between both parties involved speaking up sooner rather than later will help avoid any future problems down. 

Bottom Line

Florida is a fantastic state to explore with the freedom of rental cars. From large cities like Miami or Orlando, you can find everything that each city has offer in addition beautiful beaches and nature on your visit. 

We hope that this article will help your trip more comfortable. As well as providing a reliable car rental site like Discover Cars, if it’s not enough for doubts then see all those positive reviews from customers who have experienced our service!

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