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How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car

How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car Step 1 When installing the car subwoofer in a car, the first step is to assemble all the required equipment. This could include the wiring kit, subwoofer box and the subwoofer speakers and the amplifier. Step 2: Choosing the speaker and the amp This might be a tricky […]

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What Kind Of Car Stereo Should I Get?

Are you having troubles choosing your car stereo? Since 1930, when Paul Galvin, Joseph Galvin, and William Lear, three of the most creative men in the world, created the very first automobile radio for a dashboard, it had made tons of remarkable developments. Source Image: A stereo system has become an essential part of […]

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Things To Know Before Renting A Luxury Car

Car rentals are a minor yet important aspect of traveling. With an upgrade and a low rate, you can enjoy a few days driving a luxury car you don’t actually have the ability to afford to purchase, or just simply live an automotive fantasy. You can either drive a convertible with the top down, or […]

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best double din head unit with navigation

Best Double DIN Head Unit With Navigation: What You Need To Choose?

Traveling could oftentimes be boring but thanks to the best double din head unit with navigation as it gives optimum control on your car’s entertainment media. Bluetooth connection, MP3, CDs, FM/AM radio, GPS navigation and other vital inclusion create a joyful journey and exciting driving experience.However, considering your car and your desire such as in […]

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best double din head unit for android

Choosing The Best Double Din Head Unit For Android

Upgrading the head unit of your car might be one of the most essential steps in order to improve the audio system as well as the overall functionality. Head unit has this primary goal of providing interface for the audio system. And with the popularity of android devices these days, the best double din head […]

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How To Start Racing

Auto racing is not an uncommon sport these days. In fact, a lot of car owners love joining races to earn that hefty amount of reward. Some simply do it for passion. But few succeeded.Racing is a long and narrow road to take. But with enthusiasm and some knowledge beforehand, one will have ample of […]

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Tips For A Successful Car Camping Road Trip

Car-camping is really a great way to explore and experience, it is affordable but not for everyone. So before doing a road trip, sit down and and work everything out. Plan ahead You don’t just jump in the car and decide to go for a trip on a whim. Time Choose the best time for […]

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How To Wire An Amp Within 10 Minutes

Installing an amp to a car is usually quite complicated. Particularly, when it comes to the wiring part, many people often get confused and eventually mess everything up.I used to be in that situation about a month ago when I tried to wire my new amp to my car. Having had no idea about techniques […]

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How To Tune An Amp Even When You Are Not A Professional

Tuning your amp is usually the final step of installation after you have done wiring everything. However, many people often forget it and as a result, the sound of the whole system becomes terrible and mixed up with the car engine.I used to have that problem about a year ago, when I had my new […]

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The Best Car Audio Capacitors You Need To Know

If you love listening to music every time and everywhere, you probably have heard of a car audio capacitor. It is fundamentally a device that stores alternative current and only consumes, not create energy. That’s why it can adjust a stable and constant power running to your amplifier and make the entire audio system work […]

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