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What Kind Of Car Stereo Should I Get?

Are you having troubles choosing your car stereo? Since 1930, when Paul Galvin, Joseph Galvin, and William Lear, three of the most creative men in the world, created the very first automobile radio for a dashboard, it had made tons of remarkable developments. Source Image: A stereo system has become an essential part of […]

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How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car

How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car Step 1 When installing the car subwoofer in a car, the first step is to assemble all the required equipment. This could include the wiring kit, subwoofer box and the subwoofer speakers and the amplifier.Choosing the correct product is vital to the process too. Reliable subwoofers for […]

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best double din head unit with navigation

Best Double DIN Head Unit With Navigation: What You Need To Choose?

Traveling could oftentimes be boring but thanks to the best double din head unit with navigation as it gives optimum control on your car’s entertainment media. Bluetooth connection, MP3, CDs, FM/AM radio, GPS navigation and other vital inclusion create a joyful journey and exciting driving experience.However, considering your car and your desire such as in […]

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How Do Dash Cams Work – Find Out Here

What a Dash Cam Actually IsDash cams are more popular now than they have ever been. There are multiple reasons as to why this is the case. Perhaps one of the reasons is that there are now so many people on sites like YouTube sharing their road trips and daily journeys that more people have […]

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How Can You Soundproof Your Car

The soundproofing of a vehicle (and any listening space matter) is an essential stage for who is looking for a sound reproduction. There are many ways to soundproof a car: tar products, acoustic wool (natural or synthetic), convoluted foam, wood and even concrete for extremists sound. Before addressing the practical side, see what we have […]

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What To Do When Your Car Head Unit Won’t Turn off?

Shares Quick Navigation Problems Caused By Faulty WiringDelayed Head Unit Turn OffOverall Electrical Issues Sometimes your car head unit will continue working after you have turned your car off and removed the keys from the ignition. This issue can cause troubles for you in the long run, since keeping the head unit on the entire […]

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