Cosmo And The Woman Trucker

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Female Truckers on the Road

You will be surprised to know that 95% of the truckers in cosmopolitan are men which mean that 5% of women truckers love the job. This is not about the truck drivers hat will ever think of knowing the popular insights of the job profile because these things will be learnt through passage of time, driving the truck and getting on to the roads.

This is greatly related to beauty, erotic industry and sexual abuse, which is the ugly part of women truckers but on the other hand, this is the job which is easier to find in a cosmopolitan. Livelihood requires some hard decision and you can go through different online posts which give an idea about necessary things that can matter if you would have known those 13 things before becoming a woman trucker!

Lindsay Slazakowski learnt 13 important points that have been penned down by Arielle Pardes which describes the ins and outs of the 3 year long career as a trucker. So, you are ultimately out of your home, on the road and travelling to different places.

One of the most important insights which she wanted to share with the readers is the onset of career when she joined just to fix the personally but petty issues, to compensate the losses of life and fighting for the financial crisis. She often considered it as a temporary career option which will be enough to pay loans for kids and have some sort of substantial savings.

The writer has 30 years long experience and she has gone through different kinds of jobs, trucking being a booming industry which offers adventure, money and of course, some of the ugly sides are there specifically for women drivers. Slazakowski story is an inspiring one and presents the true moral of the job.

The insights of the trucker in question which comprise of 13 points give something special about the hidden sexual harassment. Women truckers often live a tough and exposed life because you are just in 5 out of 100 drivers, so you are ought to receive sexual comments, abuse in the training and ugly eyes focusing on your driving style once you on the road. This has been so common that women truckers have got addicted to it.

Slazakowski emphasizes on the gradual increase in the pay roll, which is meager at the start but it can give you a considerable income source if you have a good track record of driving and faced a less number of road incidents. No doubt, the job will offer a different kind of loneliness even though you do have a choice of driving with a selected partner.

So, if you have been delivering good performance, have a good expertise and least number of fatalities, you can earn a good life in this industry. She also guides the futuristic women drivers about the ease and convenience in getting such jobs because there is no dearth of such trucker jobs. You can be hired instantly after completing 10-week certification course.

What keeps you energetic and enthusiastic in this job, Slazakowski shares about the flexibility of money savings and having a customized schedule, with no interruptions from outer world!

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