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After a wander to find travel information network of the state of Texas, I click on the request to send the leaflets on a home address to read at their leisure facilities. Just a day later, the whole room as suffocated by hundreds of large and small brochures, colorful and content of the smaller cities in Texas sent to the call to visit.


Imagine nearly 1,215 cities all sorts (28 cities with a population density of over 100 thousand people), including the city of just two or three thousand inhabitants and visitors, invited to visit me thought alone arrangements to schedule each day where they also lost nearly four years without a break and then go! Sure that this place is paradise, where is also the best. So “Everything is starting nan”, I chose San Antonio for their trip the first dust in the United States simply bus fare at the time of launching extremely attractive: 1 USD (So only one week after the test run did not work so the car cut off this route!).


Took more than 6 hours, I went to San Antonio at dawn. Leaving the bus, both as shaking huddled alone in a quiet place by any tourist destination began to pick up only at nine while longer to 3 hours more. Try holding cans of warm cocoa buying rush automatic roadside shop, get excited about being cold crept gradually. Did not have to rent a hotel to avoid the cold for several hours with large sums of money?


I made a decision (probably one of the best decisions) that catches a city bus to the dollar and climbed 1.1 heaters to sit on the bus for a ride around the city, through all the alleys and side streets that do not care where you are! The driver of a passenger carrying a bit strange so vague and also to ask if he knew why they laugh and do not forget to introduce the places I have visited Texas with a deep voice, full of pride a “Texan” (native of Texas) perennial.


After sitting between the park eat a little food taken away from home, the clock to 9 a.m. The city changes, the more bustling activity, the noise of chariots started hustle urged me to carry backpacks to walk deeper into the heartland.

The first point is a memorial to the war in Vietnam and Korea with the US soldier monument are caring for their wounded comrades in battle; poems desire to return home from the battlefield of soldiers young American, memorial of the children from San Antonio, who died in the war. I still like best is the crimson flower beds next to the monument to want to heal the sad picture sunrise and wool between palm branches called peace has returned everywhere.


People often refer to the “American Dream” with the stunning beauty of New York, San Francisco charm from angels or the city of Los Angeles, but there is a “jewel South America” – Texas in her looks enchanting beauty with vast deserts, the spectacular caves, charming coastline bordering the Gulf of Mexico …

Houston – Flying In A Dream Universe NASA

Houston is named after the name of President Sam Houston, the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in US federal. City leaders in the fields of health care, oil and Houston prestigious universities, the third largest in Texas with more than 35,000 students. However, if what makes Houston voted most proud of, then it’s probably the NASA Space Center Houston is a city about 30km to the south, open from 10 am to 5 pm and welcome thousands of visitors each year. It is the center for official visitors center of the universe NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson, a research agency leading the universe, surveillance flights manned space.

Go there; you will have up to 5 hours to visit and learn the astronauts generation; track replayed footage of the journey into space; witnessed a training program astronauts; see how the missile launch to the moon how; photographic memories beside Saturn V – a powerful rocket ever brought many top astronaut into space … In particular, you will enjoy the hands touching the stones were brought back from the moon, experience suspense exciting to be launched into space like a real astronaut in theaters Blast-off. NASA Space Center Houston gives you a great feeling and remembers not to forget.

Discover this city; you will have the opportunity to learn more about the diverse cultures, diverse with many festivals taking place throughout the year. Especially, Houston was named the “new capital” of the Vietnamese community – where much Vietnamese live the 3rd largest in the United States.

San Antonio – A “Miniature Venice” Between South Texas

San Antonio Texas second largest always know how to retain visitors by the unique features of diverse cultures, unique architecture under less influence of Latin style. San Antonio romantic river, curving around the Riverwalk traditional flowers – home to many restaurants, cafes, hotels, commercial centers, Cinema 3D … always fascinated gaze anyone.

During the day walking along the street corners of the river, you will be fascinated with elegant décor, a peaceful scene with flowers and grass were planted everywhere, as the sun dispels harsh Texas region. On the small boat gently glide on the blue river, two banks sightseeing, watching her drop swans roam. At night, choose a corner to sit in the cafe or restaurant and casting an eye sparkling rivers are illuminated by the lights of the restaurant and lampposts along the street, watching the flow of people back and forth. Melodious music and colored lights from the two sides were throwing up San Antonio River that night becomes magic, makes you imagine you lost in wonderland.

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