Dog Drives Truck Smashes a Parked Car And a Tree

An amazing event or you may think an unbelievable event occurred in Mankato, Minn. The dog driven semi that has smashed a tree and a car, this may be weird to thin but it happened in real. The semi smashed and was parked there, looking at the situation, the passerby stopped.

Someone observed that the truck was without a driver and a dog was sitting at the driving seat. The observer was not able to believe the fact so they tried to find if a driver was around or if someone was sitting on the other side of the window.

Shockingly, there was no one and it was just the dog. The incident was unbelievable so the person clicked a picture of the incident so that it can stay as a proof and that the story is not a lie.

The person named Marie Brace was the one who took the photos and what she saw was that the tree was lying down and the car was smashed at a gas pump.  

The dog inside was a white Labrador peeping out of the window at the driver’s side.

The Mankato police confirmed that the incident that Marie witnessed was true and that the semi was parked by the driver near the North River Driveway.

The police added that the semi was idle as the owner was in a nearby shop, the dog managed to shift the gear and the semi started moving. The incident was reported by the police and the tree and the parked car were really smashed by a dog.

The dog smashed the car which was parked at the gas pump and the tree was lying down, the semi was parked there itself near the smashed car. It was a fortunate day that there were no injuries and everyone was safe including the dog.

The owner of the car Cathy stated that she and her husband Russ witnessed added that they witnessed the incident and it was my Car that was smashed. Russ also went to facebook and he wrote the whole story.

Russ stated that he and Cathy were standing and they saw that the truck driver rolled up both the windows of the truck and then he moved out of the truck to buy some items from the nearest store. However, as soon as the driver went away from the truck, the dog rolled the windows down.

The dog then somehow managed to get on the driver’s seat. The truck was idle and unattended and the dog may have observed the driver shifting the gears of the truck and he tried to follow the observation.

The dog managed to get the gear knob move and then the truck started moving. Luckily, the truck smashed to a parked car and not a car in which there were people, or someone on the road or it may have lead to many casualties.

The news was reported and the news spread all over the media quickly as this was a kind of surprising event that has taken place. People also enjoyed this story on various social media platforms.

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