Driving for Newbies: 7 Safe Driving Tips for Novice Drivers

Driving is an essential skill in today's fast-paced and busy life. Having the capability to drive allows you to be autonomous and travel from one point to another. During the global pandemic, owning a car and knowing how to drive has become necessary as it gives you the freedom to shy away from the hassle and possible hazards of public transportation.

But as we all know, learning a new skill has its challenges. As a beginner, you must earn your stripes through the first-hand experience. This is particularly applicable in driving. Expect that you will have some struggles and difficulties during your first few months behind the wheel. But no need to worry. We have listed below seven safe driving tips to keep you out of danger.

Get to Know Your Car

Before you start driving around the town in your car, the first thing that a newbie driver should do is to get acquainted with your car. A driver must get acclimated to the car that he or she is driving. Every car has different controls and dashboard components. This is the reason why you must be able to know the functions of each gauge and button.

It is also essential to read the owner's manual to know where the levers and switches are. This can also help you with the proper maintenance of your newly acquired vehicle. As we all know, proper maintenance leads to your car serving you longer. If you’re living in Altona, Australia, you can go to the Driving Zone, the best Altona Driving School in town! With that, you’ll be taught by certified professional instructors the basic controls of each car. 

Nothing is more frustrating than being in a situation that you are not prepared to tackle. So, be sure to know the different functions of the buttons inside your car. This will help you be prepared in every driving situation that might arise in the future.

Focus and Avoid Distractions

Texting and driving is never a great combination. Whenever you are sitting in the driver seat, you must become laser-focused on the task at hand, and that is driving safely. It is vital that a vehicle's driver is attentive, and the driver's eyes must only be on the road ahead. As a driver, it is your responsibility to limit the distractions inside your car.

As a general rule, driving while texting is discouraged. Just shut off your phone while you are on the road or if you need to take that call, place your car on the side of the road. Drunk driving is also frowned upon in the world of driving. This is not only dangerous to the driver and passengers but also pedestrians as well.

Learn Good Driving Habits

A safe driver is a good driver. As the one behind the wheel, it is your responsibility to educate yourself and learn safe driving habits. It is a must that drivers know defensive driving techniques. Habits like checking your vehicle first before embarking, adjusting mirrors, and fastening your seat belts will make you a safe driver on the road.

Drivers also need to use all their senses while driving down the road. This is especially important in situations where traffic is heavy, or the roads are not well lit. Primarily, drivers use their sight and hearing while driving and tend to forget their sense of smell and touch. Your sense of smell comes in handy in situations wherein there are burning materials like oil.

Find the Correct Seating Position

Seating ergonomics and position is vital in safe driving. Finding the right seating position will provide drivers the right line of sight whenever you drive. Modern cars have adjustable seat mechanisms which provide the comfort that every driver needs. Being comfortable when you drive will lessen your agitation and distraction of always changing seating positions.

Arrogance is Dangerous

You gain experience as you drive, and as you gain experience, you gain confidence. Overconfidence can lead to arrogance. It is essential to control your emotions when you drive. Be self-aware and minimize road rage. Utilize your horn for the right reasons. Horns are used to alert other drivers and not piss them off. 

As you gain confidence in driving, it is common to put the pedal to the metal and slam on the accelerator. Overspeeding can lead to significant accidents on the road if you are unable to control your vehicle. Sure, being speedy feels good but be sure to control your need for speed and get familiar with your reaction time and your car's performance.

Learn Basic Car Repairs

Learning the basics of car maintenance and repair is a must for all drivers regardless of the driving skills. Being able to do repairs for emergencies like changing a flat tire or avoiding overheating, popping the hood, and how to jumpstart your car will come in handy in the future as cars tend to break down in unconventional places and time.

Remember to Have Fun

Yes, driving can be dangerous, but if done right coupled with safe driving habits and knowledge, driving can become a fun filled activity. Whether you drive around town to buy groceries or have a long drive out of town, always remember to enjoy the experience and have fun.


As a beginner driver, observing and following these safe driving tips will ensure that your driving experience will be a pleasurable one. Always follow traffic rules and regulations and road signs. Observe proper driving etiquette and lastly, never forget to have fun.

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