FAQ Luxury Rental Cars

What credentials do I need to rent a luxury car ?

  • Driver’s license:
    • If you are not a citizen of the country, you need to present a valid passport and a driver’s license in your name.
    • The drivers must be over 21 years old (25 with some agents) with clean driving records and have to present physically at the rental since the keys must be handed to the persons who will be driving.
  • Only drivers on the rental agreement are allowed to pick up the vehicle, no third parties are authorized.
  • There is no maximum age limit in the U.S but there may be some restrictions in other countries.
  • Payment methods:
    • All major credit cards are accepted, bring along a major credit card for example American Express, MasterCard, Discover or Visa… Cash or debit payment will require the renters to have insurance coverage.
    • The renters’ credit cards will be taken immediately after you have made a reservation.
    • Some agents accept debit cards.
  • Insurance: The insurance company’s name and policy number is required.
    • You can choose to present an insurance policy of your own vehicle.
    • Or you can choose to present insurance from some third party companies.
  • For international renters, the agent can arrange for insurance coverage for at least two days. And since the renters do not have insurance coverage, they will have to incur a higher security/ damage deposit.

Do additional drivers have to pay an additional fee ?

  • Additional drivers will be added on the Rental Agreement with no surcharge, they also have to submit their driver’s licenses and present physically at the time of delivery.
  • Additional drivers also have to meet all the requirements like the primary renter does such as: Age restrictions, clean driving records…
  • There is a limit of about 3 drivers per car depending on agents.

What do I need to know about Delivery and Pick-up terms ?

  • You can choose to pick up the vehicle at and return to the agent’s place yourself or you can have the vehicle sent directly to the place that you want to be delivered to. For example your house, the airport, your office… You will have to pay an additional fee for transportation.
  • Verify the pick-up and delivery arrangements at least 24 hours prior to the rental. In case of changes, an additional fee will be added.

How can I make a reservation ?


  • There are several ways for you to access the agents and make a reservation. You can make a reservation online (via websites or emails), over phone or by fax. You will then receive a verification email confirming your reservation.

How soon or late can I make a reservation ?

  • You can make a reservation as soon as you know the date (preferably) and you can also rent a car at the last minute (however, you should make a reservation at least several days in advance for insurance verification and get the car available at the best condition).

Drivers with a disability ?

  • Can a driver with a disability rent a car?
    • Yes, at no extra cost. As long as the driver has a valid driver’s license and meet all driver qualification for example in age, insurance coverage…
    • Most of the agents offer hand controls and wheel-chairs for renters with a disability.


  • There is a 24 hour grace period, if you want to cancel, it has to be done in 24 hours after your reservation. Because your credit card will be authorized for 50% to 500% right after your reservation.
  • If you make a cancellation in the day of reservation, you will be charged 50% of the total cost as a cancellation fee.
  • If you make a cancellation after more than one day, or do not show up in 7 days prior to your rental, you will be charged full cost. The cost might vary if it is due special circumstances for example: extreme weather, earth quake…

Can I make an hour rental ?

  • Even you only want to rent the car for an hour, you will be charged for a full day. Because the car will be out for a full day hence the agent can’t rent it to other customers.
  • Most agents do not allow hour rental since it is not cost effective for both customers and the agent.
  • The same goes for one day rental on the weekend, since the demand is always higher on these days.

What do I need to know about security/ damage deposit ?

  • If there is any damage found on the vehicle, the damage will be billed against this security/ damage deposit.
  • There are some payment methods that can be used for example: you can write a cheque, authorize a payment on credit card or pay in cash…
  • Depending on the type and model of the vehicle and the insurance coverage being used by the renters, the amount of deposit normally ranges anywhere from $2.500 – $15.000.

Can I have my car delivered outside of working hours ?

  • Yes, and you will incur an additional fee based on the time and location.
  • Call ahead so the agent can arrange the staff to work around the customers’ schedules and have the car serviced.

Can I drive my rental car anywhere ?

Source: weheartit.com

Source: weheartit.com

  • If you want to drive your rental vehicle outside of the country, you will need to get a written approval from the agent first.

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