Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Of Double Din Head Unit


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Q: What is a Double Din Head Unit?

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Answer: Before knowing about Double Din Head Unit first knows about stereo head. Stereo head is a centrepiece of a car’s stereo systems which fits in dashboard in-between both front seat. If you remove that stereo head from dash board you will get a small box look alike space with all the fittings to control a music system, such as: DVD players, audio players, wifi hotspot or FM radio etc.

The German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung) had standardized two standard sizes for stereo head in early 80’s. First one was 180 x 50mm and commonly known as Single DIN and second one was 180 x 100mm and due to double as tall it became 2 din car stereo. That 2 din car stereo size is the most common and famous setup nowadays and know as Double Din Head and the unit which is made for that size know as Double Din Head Unit.

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Q: Do I need to change my steering wheel controls after installing new stereo system?

Answer: No, you do not need to change your steering wheel control after installing a new stereo system, in case your new system is not supported by old steering controller then you just need to install a audio control adapter for your existing Steering wheel, so that you can control new aftermarket Double Din Head Unit with your old control only.

Q: How to connect an iPod and iPhone with Double Din Head Unit and what is the difference between an aux cable and USB cable connectivity?

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Answer: Common solution is use an aux cable and plug in to the headphone jack of your iPod and iPhone or use the USB cable of your iPod and plug into USB input. Aux cable also transmit background noises and for controlling the music you have to use your iPod only which is not safe at all at the time of driving, while the other hand USB connection gives you freedom to control music by steering controller or other controllers, it also charges your devices and in some music systems you can found special feature for enhancing iPod audio quality when it comes from USB connection.

Q: Can I use my factory speakers for an aftermarket high-powered double din head units?

Answer: Yes, you can use your factory speakers with aftermarket double din head units but remember factory speakers has limits to their performance. If your aftermarket double din head audio unit is high powered and your speakers are no so then speakers will start to distort after a particulate volume note. Though you can find you speakers enjoyable with low sound but it is recommended to change it with aftermarket speakers to enjoy your aftermarket sound system to its full extend.

Q: Can I use my Double Din Head for something else except mp3 and radio controller?

Answer: Yes, there are thousands of available varieties of Double Din Head Units. If you do not want to fix only a mp3 player or Radio set then you can look forward for a DVD player, GPS device or a touch screen complete entertainment device. With these aftermarket double din head units you can connect your phone or iPod to your car, could watch movie while waiting in parking and also track you position in GPS device. You can also use Bluetooth function which is available in some double din head units to connect your phone with your car for streaming music or you could receive calls with your steering controllers.

Q: Is it possible to connect my phone with aftermarket double din dead music unit?

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Answer: Yes, you can use Bluetooth as a bridge between your phone and music unit for receiving phone calls and browsing your phone’s library on music controller. In case if your devices does not support call function you can still use Bluetooth for streaming music only.

Q: How much power a basic Double Din Head unit has?

Answer: This is difficult to tell because every system has different performance and power, but normally we can say factory units has less power than aftermarket units. For a normal calculation we can take an example like, a 100 watt factory system probable has a peak power of 4 channels of 25 watts, this roughly translates to 10 watts RMS X 4 which is not bad but still very weak than an aftermarket unit.

Q: I have an oversized factory radio; can I replace it with aftermarket units?

Answer: By oversized probably you mean a 3 inches tall DIN-and-a-half slot or a 4 inches tall double DIN slot. Now these days’ double dins are getting too common so maybe you would also have a double DIN size radio in your car. Double din head is usually 180 mm wide and 100mm tall so buy your aftermarkets accordingly. Finding a double DIN size aftermarket Double Din Head Unit is very easy and there is lots of models are available with this size measurement. You can replace your radio with DVD player, CD player or GPS system very easily.

Q: Is it difficult to install a new Double Din Head unit?

Answer: Most of the new aftermarket Double Din Head unit comes with handy step by step guide for replacing your old unit with new one. You can follow that guide and fix that yourself or in case of any confusion you can contact on the aftermarket unit’s helpline number.

Q: Will I able to play MP3, AAC and WMA files which burned on to a CD with my new Double Din Head CD player?

Answer: Most of the CD player unit supports audio CDs, video CDs, MP3s and in some cases WMA as well but it is better to check supported file format mentioned on box or related brochure before buying a CD player unit.

Q: I love old cassettes, I have a great collection of those and I want to fix a cassette player in my Double Din Head.

Answer: We know you love your old collection but it is very hard to find a cassette player for your double DIN space, though there are some new cassette receivers are available but before buying them make sure that the receiver has an auxiliary input so that way you could also connect your iPod and latest devices to your double DIN unit.

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Q: What things an aftermarket double DIN head unit can do?

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Answer: This is totally depends on you that what you really want your double DIN system to do. There are lots of varieties available such as double DIN head DVD player, double DIN head navigation unit, double DIN head Bluetooth and most interesting double DIN head touch screen entertainment system which allows touch screen apps as well. So you can listen music, watch movies, stream hones music on car, navigate yourself and receive calls with a aftermarket double DIN head unit.

Q: Which aftermarket double DIN head is good for me and suits my need?

Answer: There is a long list of brands and manufacturers, who makes aftermarket double DIN unit for cars but if we talk about the most famous and reliable companies then the considerable names are JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer and Alpine. With a wide range of options for connectivity, operations and apps you can choose the model which has your every required point. If you like satellite radio and incredibly balanced audio then go for Kenwood Double DIN model, if you want to use as a GPS device and mobile command centre for your cell phone then go for Pioneer Double DIN and if you want to fit an affordable DVD player then go for JVC Double DIN.

Q: Will any double DIN head sized music or GPS unit be fitted in my car?

Answer: Most of the double DIN head sized unit are made with standard measurement and could be fixed with any double DIN head but in some cases you can find a unit specially for a model or a brand so before buying a unit read about that properly and buy only when that is for your car’s model or made for standard measurement size.

Q: What is auxiliary jack and what is it use in a car music system?

Answer: Auxiliary jack is a port in DIN head music for connecting your phone or external music player to DIN head music controller. That is why most of the models even factory models as well are coming with an inbuilt auxiliary jack. While auxiliary jack gives you freedom to connect your external devices with music control unit but still you have to control the music directly from your external device. It requires a 1/8 inch auxiliary cable for connecting your phone and other media player.

Q: What is the difference between a factory and aftermarket double DIN head unit?

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Answer: The most common things which create the difference between a factory and aftermarket unit are amplifiers and equalizers. Though a factory unit could come with a amplifier but that unit is too small for making any real effect of sounds and cannot perform good with high power speakers and multi component car audio system while the aftermarket double DIN head music unit has a superior sound amplifiers which supports multi component car audio system like sub woofer, head system, tweeters and main speakers. Equalizer is another consideration, amplifier allows you to increase the audio to its maximum extend and equalizers keep the gain in limit to avoid audio distortion to occur.

Q: What size music player can be fitted in my double DIN head?

Answer: A 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall ( 180 x 100mm ) sized unit is suitable for double DIN head even you could also fit 3 inches tall and 2 inches tall units with the help of mounting brackets, kits and cases. But after fitting make sure the unit is not making any kind of noise due to non proper fitting because it could cause wire breakage and sensitive part damages.

Q: What is good output or pre-out line for a double DIN head music player unit?

Answer: If you want to have a good quality sounds then you should check not only your speakers but receiver as well before buying. Look how many pre out lines are in receiver to ensure the quality of audio. The number of output lines or pre out lines indicates how much sound and quality you would get. A receiver with 6 channel output has comparatively more pre out line than other less channel output. Having a 6 channel sound means you will be able to configure your aftermarket speakers in such way like 2ch to rear speakers and 2ch for front speakers and 2ch for sub woofers. Having a 4 channel receiver gives you option to connect 2ch for front speakers and 2ch for sub woofers. A stereo only pre out line provides only 2ch output and a limited numbers of audio effects only. Also higher voltage on per channel produces better sound quality.

Q: Can I get GPS navigator in a double DIN head unit easily?

Answer: Yes, nowadays a GPS navigator is coming along with music player which could easily get fixed in your double DIN size head and works more than just a music player. Many GPS navigator assist driver to get the destination with the help of a turn by turn GPS navigation. Some GPS navigators also supports flash memory based maps which could be stored in a SD or micro SD card and could be loaded at the time of need.

You can easily find a GPS included double DIN head unit for your car but before buying a particular model it is better to know that the Graphical user interphone are vary as per software and map providers so choose one which is easy to understand for and which gets proper software update within a particular time period.

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