6 Accessories That’ll Make Your Car Look High-Tech

Modern cars have so many features that can turn driving into a convenient and relaxing experience. But not everyone can afford to buy one every time a new model comes out. Most people get by with a budget car bought from a surplus/used car dealership.

Good news, though. There are aftermarket accessories available, which you can use to deck out your ride. Having a couple of those may make your washed-out car feel like a luxury concept vehicle. You’ll never have to hide your face in shame again behind tinted windows as you cruise through the streets.

Of all the car accessories out there, here are some that will make your car look high-tech.

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

A global positioning system (GPS) can help you navigate, but you need to look down on your phone or your dashboard to check on it. Although you can place your car GPS above your steering wheel, it will obstruct your view.

A HUD is transparent, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while having a GPS on your peripheral vision. HUDs can also display other stats like your current speed or the time of day. If you mount several HUDs on your dashboard, it can appear like you’re driving a racing sim or a VR with “ultra-realistic graphics,” not to mention the sophisticated appearance.

HUDs are usually compatible with OBD II ports (on-board diagnostics), which are typically installed in cars manufactured from 1996 and up. Other HUDs only support smartphones, and a few of them are OS specific too. So read various HUD buying guides to know which model you can use on your car.

Wireless Mobile Charger

Speaking of smartphones, you may need to charge your phone often. There are USB mobile chargers for cars, but they’re old school, and their wires can make a messy tangle. They can snag on your gear stick and generally be in the way.

If you have a Qi-enabled phone, you may want to get a wireless phone charger for your car. Some of the best don’t need to be on your dashboard too; they have suction cups so you attach them to your windshield. With that setup, your phone can still remain in front of you, and you can continue using your apps while driving.

Carbon Fiber Materials

Carbon fiber could be the next step for automobiles, but it isn’t cheap enough to be used in mass production. Alas, carbon fiber—five times stronger and two-thirds lighter than steel but also more costly—is only feasible as car accessories and as chassis for race cars.

Of course, this means that decking your vehicle with carbon fiber will make you stand out. If you have the cash, you can opt to replace your car’s body with one made of carbon fiber, but that may be an expensive venture as the material normally costs $10 per pound.

However, you can slowly replace parts of your car with carbon fiber gear. Swap your stock door levers with carbon fiber handles, encase your license plate on a carbon fiber license plate frame, or even attach a carbon fiber spoiler if you’re going for the sports car look.

In any case, tweaking your ride with carbon fiber adds appeal. Plus, your car will be lighter and thus will consume less gas.

Thermoelectric Seat Cushion

Being stuck in heavy traffic can be stressful, especially if you’re in a humid climate, your AC isn’t strong enough, and you’re the type of person who sweats a lot. Your car may as well be an oven. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’ll look like you’ve gone through hell and back.

And driving in cold weather can be equally taxing as well. If you’re too cold, you may have trouble steering and keeping your car in control. Your movements will be sluggish and will adversely affect your reaction time.

It might be a good idea to get a thermoelectric cushion for your seat. It’ll keep you comfortable as you drive and help you relax so you can focus on the road rather than the temperature.

Thermoelectric cushions typically have a button that’ll switch between heating and cooling functions. Some models automatically make adjustments depending on your preset preferred temperature.

Surround View Camera System

When you’re in a car, you have a lot of blind spots. Your rear view and side mirrors are your only aid, and even then, you still won’t be able to see beyond their reflections. A 360 degree surround view camera system can cure that disability.

By default, a surround view system gives a bird’s eye view of your car and its immediate vicinity. Some systems can switch to rear view or right side view displays that address those respective blind spots.

The cameras are tiny and cleverly hidden, so it’s not going to affect your exterior aesthetics too much. Inside your car, however, the display is usually installed on your dashboard, and the bird’s eye view can give the impression that you have a drone following your car.

Bluetooth Headset

A car isn’t complete without its driver, and though your car may be an extension of your personality, you are the main component—the most important part—of your car. You are the person behind the wheel.

Many drivers need to stay on their phones, with calls coming in every hour. If you’re one of them, having a good headset with Bluetooth connectivity can free up your hands so you can keep driving. This type of gear is usually vital to any entrepreneur. Putting on blutetooth headphones enables you to do drive without tangling up in wires. This, in turn, means more comfort and freedom during your travels. Plus, wearing a Bluetooth headset gives you a high-tech appearance, matching the look of your teched-up vehicle.

Got the Tech You Need?

One quality of techy people is that they are always on the loop of the latest gadgets and gizmos. A more convenient and safer version of your current setup may appear on the market, so don’t settle for just the above items.

Always be on the lookout for new tech. You may find a cost effective alternative to a product that you’re eyeing for.

And remember that function often trumps appearances. Make sure that your tech not only looks good but works as well.

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