Holiday Departures: Best Applications Collection For Use In Cars

Nowadays, we see the dramatically growing of technology and Smartphone, cars are now so modern equipped with the convenience of Smartphone, which provides everything you want on your car-trip like searching for Hotels, ATM, Restaurants, destinations, etc…  Here’s our selection of the best mobile applications to use in cars.

A few hours of the first holiday departures, and its road and motorway migration, we wondered what could be the best mobile applications to be warm on your Smartphone to facilitate our lives to motorist. And of course we can find them easily because it is not lack of choice.

In fact, one could almost think that it is possible to dispense with any application and will keep only one: a good navigation program. Because usually the best of them contain virtually all the necessary information, which could make other specialized apps unnecessary, but this is not counting on the ingenuity of developers and application vendors, who always give more.

Here are 10 essential applications drive.

GPS / Navigation

My preference goes directly to Waze. This application goes far beyond a simple navigational aid since it is a “social GPS” that provides a wealth of useful and practical information in a social network approach that allows you to get and share with your community in real time information on traffic conditions, caps, cameras and other traps that usually complicate the life of the motorist.

In addition, the interface is pleasant, fluid and intuitive, and downloaded over navigation maps of your route via the 3G connection of the smart phone are impressive precision. A free alternative: Google Maps Navigation on Android and iOS, the reference type.

On Windows Phone, Nokia Drive does a remarkable job (with 3D buildings please). Three free apps that are better than the onboard GPS in your car, that option yet cost you an arm and a leg.


If you plan to move from point A to point B, it is always interesting to know a little in advance the weather will be on site, but also on the way, just to decide whether we strap snow tires, rain tires or tires heat wave (those that do not melt in the sun).

In this case at the moment the choice is rather the place between the first two categories, notwithstanding that it is spring for three weeks. Weather apps are numerous, but personally I stay with a safe bet, that of The Weather Channel, unbeatable accuracy in the short-term forecast, ie 48 hours max.

Anyway, beyond and despite what meteorologists tell for years, it is clear that this is important-what, whatever the application. The worst in this area is probably the native weather app for the iPhone, the predictions seem to be made every morning. Or wet finger.


When driving is not permitted using phone or smart phone, but you have many reasons to spend texting, reading emails or posting status on Facebook or Twitter. Yet you must admit, you do it too. In this case, if you really need to send an urgent message, wait for the red light and use a voice dictation application.

For me, the best is Siri, the accuracy and the written transcription ability of vocal messages nearly perfect most of the time. I use it frequently – not just by car – to quickly respond to an email or text message or post a status for when I’m too lazy to write on my smart phone and few cases where I have then correct hand.

However I never use the functions “smart” or research organization that Siri so I use only voice dictation. Along the same lines, there is also the excellent Dragon Dictation, or Vlingo.

Location of points of interest

When one moves, one of the main concerns is to find practical addresses, as navigation tools commonly grouped under the banner of “Points of Interest”. The list is long and stretchy, but as a motorist you will naturally be more concerned with certain information.

An outsider I have often used and sometimes I almost saved my life, including finding a gas station in the desert of Nevada when I came back from Las Vegas and I had left with the empty tank and all I could do then was finding the nearest gas station and ask someone for a ride to take some.

Find a service station

This is the case for example service stations, of which is a list of those providing the cheapest fuel Essence Free.

Find WiFi

Also interesting to know where the nearest WiFi hotspots if you need to connect to the internet without spraying your crime puzzle way (essential abroad): that is what provides such WiFi Finder.

Hotels and restaurants

Regarding hotels and restaurants, the apps from or Trip Advisor should do the trick.


For the forgetful parking, note as Find My Car Smarter, who with the help of Bluetooth allows you to find where you parked your car if it is a regular blackouts or that one does not really the sense of direction. To find a parking Parkopedia, with its base of 25 million parking spaces in 28 countries of the world should do the trick.

Technical control

This is not necessarily the operation is done on the go, since generally it is better to think before going there, but it can still be useful to know the ITV centers close, especially if a web service indicates in ADDITION primarily those are the least expensive.

This is what offers Simplauto. The mobile application is not yet available, but the site offers impeccable mobile version will make the same services.

Electric car charging stations

For the few who drive electric car, stress the autonomy and the battery meter that descends down visibly may advantageously be fought by good location of charging stations.

Although these are still deemed fairly rare in many countries, they are still sufficiently numerous to be listed and mapped in an application, as Charge Map, which also has the good idea to invite all individuals with the ability to provide electricity for passing motorists to register.

The 10 best journeys applications for cars

Here’s our selection of 10 mobile applications for iPhone and Android your car journey


This app allows you to organize your expedition to the maximum, planning for your journey. By completing certain criteria, you receive a detailed route to reach the destination place as easily and quickly as possible.


You do not have a vehicle available, or, on the contrary, you still have room for other people in your car? With this app, you can put you in touch with a wide network of drivers and passengers.


The owners’ car rental service has a geolocation system, to quickly find the cars around you. Ideal if you want to borrow a vehicle expeditiously.


When hungry or very hungry when you travel, this app tells you, based on your location, all restaurants and shops located nearby. If you want to give yourself a relaxing break, you can also find a list of hotels, cinema or even theaters. What relax before resuming the wheel!


If you are naturally curious and are on the lookout for tourist places, this application offers paths based on historic sites and unusual details to discover on the way. You can even access a travel guide, to consult on the road.

Esso Fuel Finder

Your fuel gauge displays a low level? No problem, this app locates the nearest gas stations, and all related information and the circuit to borrow for access. From now on, you will never fall down!

Find My Car

The ultra-convenient is a way to find your car when you do not remember (most of the time) where you parked. With a GPS, this app allows you to trace the path to your vehicle and even displays the time of validity of your parking ticket.

Parking Parkopedia

This smart device helps you find a parking space in a parking lot. It offers a path to the nearest car park, thanks to an integrated GPS. No more endless round towers!

Driving View

Because it is necessary to stay focused when you are driving, this app gives you a boost by disabling features SMS and calls from your phone. Thus, more temptations when the bell rings!

RoadAR dash cam & speed camera

To ensure maximum safety and avoid any inconvenience while driving, this app notifies you when you are driving too fast and is also able to detect signs.

All available for free on Android and iPhone, these apps are revolutionizing your tracks / circuits, leaving no room for the unexpected and ensure you maximum comfort. Test them without delay!


You cannot find your car in the parking lot of Ikea? You no longer have to breathalyzer or you want to adopt a more economical driving? So here the 5 applications you should have while driving a car.


Since the explosion of GPS and navigation applications, it is difficult to choose the most effective GPS. Autobonplan shares with you its heart stroke.

Waze is not a simple GPS, but to the community using navigation application. The principle is simple: inform users in real-time traffic conditions: work, radars, and accidents.

It finds you the best route to save you much time while avoiding slowdowns. The application also offers the cheapest gas stations are on your way to save you up on your right. Throughout your journey you have the opportunity to indicate to other users the police presence, radar, accident, traffic jam or construction.

Easy to use thanks to its playful interface, Waze is placed on top of the podium of the most downloaded applications.


You want to adopt a more economical driving and safer without necessarily reduce your speed? The Geco application offers the driver to compare its conduct with an ideal driving mode.

Very easy to use, simply return your vehicle type and its characteristics. When started, the application offers you to view the history of your driving indicators and suggest you many tips to reduce your fuel consumption.

Geco measure the safety, efficiency and conduct. These scores are calculated based on motorist behavior and external factors such as traffic or weather conditions.

Easy to use, Geco will help you adopt an ecological and economical driving style.


With Tuture application, it is now possible to find your vehicle without making the complete tour of the car parks.

On first use, you must enter your name, email and model of vehicle. Thanks to GPS smart phones, the application saves the location of your car automatically. To find your car, it’s simple.

Just run “Tuture” that shows you on a map the exact location where it is located. Also applies to underground car parks where it will guide you to the entrance of it.


The MAAF insurance in 2009 launched the free application alcohol Tel, allowing motorists to have an estimate of the level of alcohol. With this, you must enter your age, gender, weight, height and select meals and beverages during your evening. You will get a real-time estimate of your alcohol level and the best time to use your vehicle safely.


ChargeMap is a program that lists the location of terminals to recharge your electric car. Completely free, it shows you the opening hours, the jack type, the means of access and the cool down. Like Waze, this application relies on its community to improve its content.

The app remembers your preferences research and allows you to view the map in “street view”. You also have the option of assigning a score of 5 to the chosen point of recharge.

Above are the collection of useful applications for your car. Try it and enjoy your journey!

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