How To Become A Racecar Driver

It’s not just graduating from a racecar driving education course and then you will become a racecar driver. There are much more than that. This article offers a guide on how to become a racecar driver.

May people may think it’s all about theories to read an instruction on how to become a racecar driver. And they see the driver pretty in the car on the line, getting out of the corner as fast as possible. It looks easy, but the truth is, there are many intense exercises that involve your full body. However, again, at the end of the day, you can pull out the victory.

And there’s nothing like winning, especially when you out many hard works into it. In this article, the information is collected from various sources (theories, experiences, testimonies from people in the field) to show you how to become a racecar driver.

Some first words

Becoming a racecar driver needs a lot more than just learning the theories. In fact, most of your time will be spent on practicing and getting yourself ready for the race, both physically and mentally. In this article on how to become a racecar driver, I will guide you through 5 major sections. It’s not all about the steps. Instead, you should improve and involve yourself in all 5 sections

1. Get to know the basics

  • Give it a try

And by “give it a try” I mean you should start at something basics. Be smooth at driving a stick shift or a go-kart can be good choices. It seems boring, but you have to know there is no born talented racecar driver, even if you think they are. Most of them start with the kid stuff. And getting involved in these activities, you may find whether or not you are really want to be a racecar driver.

  • Join a club

It’s always recommended to put yourself in a community. It is where you can freely communicate your problems and get things done by the experts in the field. Check out their membership requirement and make yourself qualified to be an official member. You can get your license via those professional communities.

  • Register for a course

It can be a one-day course or a full credit course offered thy reliable driving schools. They will help you decide whether you are really cut out for being a racecar driver. Also, getting a qualification from a full driving school is a must. The courses will offer you every single detail on the basics and advance about driving a racecar. You will find out how to seat properly, how to steer, how to shift, how to use the pedals, how to take the corner and much much more.

2. Prepare for the races

  • Invest for the race

There are 3 major things you need to invest on: the car, the gear, and the mechanic. Today there are many race car driving schools offer you the racecar for your job or allow you to rent it for the competition. Make sure you have a checklist of what to pay and also make sure that all of them are within your affordability, or ability to call for the sponsorship.

  • Train for the race

It’s not all out practicing with the racecar. You also need a lot of time on gym exercising or getting involved in an intense sport. Most of the professional racecar drivers go to the gym 7 days a week. This is to let you know how important your physical condition is to participate in the competition.

3. Move up from novice

  • Graduate from the driving school

You need the certificate of graduation from a reliable and recognized racecar driving school. To start as a novice, you should have 2 years to compete in 3 races. Make sure that your application is approved by local/national racecar authorities before mailing it to any professional competition.

  • Try to win

We all know that the best way to get into professional races is to win some local races or races of the smaller scale. Your victory may attract the sponsorships, and they will help you a lot in financing you’re your participation in professional races. Also, the more victory you can gain, the more experiences you will get.

4. Keep your body in shape

  • Proper diet

You have to know what is happening in your body. You need carbohydrate to build up energy, but you don’t want to put up your weight. Thus it must be balanced with a lot of veggies, fruit, protein and whole grains. Besides the strength, the durability is also a determining factor for rocking the race.

  • Intense and frequent training

You should be for all the stress and consider it as a part of your job. As driving in the racecar, your body is pulled by the g-force, and get cold. Make sure your body temperature is stable, and the muscles are well trained for your driving.

The difficulty of training for the race is that you have to strictly control your weight while ensuring the wellbeing of your body. More weight will slow down your car, so you have to stay just in right shape constantly.

5. Get ready for the race

  • Visualize your victory

Imagine as specifically as possible how the race starts and how you will race to beat other competitors. Of course, it should not be dramatic or too far-out. Instead, it should be a way to review your knowledge and experience to get yourself ready for the race.

  • Eliminate the fear

The fear of car racing is much worse than other sports. Thinking about going off track or hitting the wall will be the ultimate reason that makes not succeed. It’s all about your perception. Tristan Nunez once said that sometimes you go off track, sometimes you hit, and that’s the thrill of it, not necessarily the fear of it.

Above is the guide on how to become a racecar driver. We all know being a racer is awesome. Once you are a pro, nothing is holding you back; you don’t have to hear someone in your ears telling you what to do. Everything does like clockwork, and it just happens. But before reaching that state, you need a lot of patience and willingness to learn, to practice and to thrive.


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