How To Draw A Bike As Best As You Can



Have you ever had trouble when drawing a bicycle?

It sounds a little funny but I’m sure many of you used to have. About two or three weeks ago, my little boy asked me to give him some instructions in drawing a bike.

And I had no idea how to do it. At first, I thought it was easy. However, it turned out to be a great difficulty when I started. Therefore, I had to ask for help from Youtube.

That is why I’m writing this article about how to draw a bike step by step. I hope after reading, you will never have any obstacles in drawing it again.

What you need to follow this tutorial:

  • A pencil
  • Paper
  • Color pens (if you want to add some colors)

Let’s get to work!

Step 1: Draw two wheels

The first things to draw are the ones can make your vehicle run, the wheels. Just sketch two round shapes on your paper. Make sure that they are equal because a bicycle obviously cannot run when its wheels are not the same.

Step 2: Draw the wheel rims and their centers

Now, to complete and make the wheels look like real, you need the rims. Draw two smaller round shapes inside the ones that you already have in step 1. Then, mark their centers with a spot. Remember the spots are crucial as well. They are the beginning of spokes, which keep the rims stay in their shapes and the start for you to draw everything else in the next steps.

Step 3: Draw a cross bar

A cross bar is the part that you can be creative. You can add any shapes you like here but the easiest ones are impartial trapezium and triangles. In this article, I will show you a bicycle with an impartial trapezium.

Otherwise, there are other shapes, such as a pentagon, which you can draw as many sides as you like, hexagon, or rectangle. Feel free to sketch anything you want. It’s your masterpiece.

With a trapezium, just unite two centers with each other with a line segment. That is the bottom side of your shape. Then, draw a parallel line with it, which is above the wheels, and connect four heads with one another.

Step 4: Draw a seat

When you have the cross bar, drawing the last components will be very easy. A seat will start from the central point of the bottom side of the trapezium on your picture. Find it and connect it with the right angle of your trapezium. Then, to make it easier, you can draw a triangle on the top of that corner and round its angles. Finally, coloring it like this:

Step 5: Draw a handle bar

The handle will have the same beginning with the seat. Once again, unite the central point with the left corner and create a curve on the top of that to make it look like a handle bar.

Step 6: Draw the panels

Your bike is shaping. You are almost done. Now, it needs panels to drive. Draw a vertical line cutting the central point. And you definitely cannot ride it if the panels are not equal. So the central point of the bottom line should be made the central point of the vertical line you just draw as well.

Then, draw the panels with two small rectangles and your job is done.

Step 7: Draw the spokes

I leave these in the last step because I’m afraid they may make you have a confusing look if I put them in the first phases. The spokes are not difficult at all. From the central of the rim, draw the straight lines, of which the ends are any spots on the rim.


• Coloring your bike

  • You can feel free to make colors for your work of art. Pick anything you like, which is not necessarily one color. In my opinion, the more colors you have, the more beautiful the picture is.

• Draw a basket:

  • Baskets are quite common with bicycles and easy to draw. Just make a quadrilateral under the handle bar and above the front wheel. The, square it. A tiny little and cute basket will appear.
  • If you draw it for your kids, add some flowers or special action figures if they like. You can also make it draw it on the back of your bike if you think that it beautiful.

• Draw a slogan at the back:

If you draw a propaganda poster which has bikes, it will be great when they are attached with some slogan. You can sketch a flag at the back of your bike and write something on it. These are some for you:

  • We bring good things to life
  • Seductive at the first sight
  • Protecting environment is the responsibility of everyone
  • Act today, protect the future
  • For precious life
  • Conquer all challenges
  • We frame the world
  • Your safety is our responsibility
  • Do more with less
  • Lighten your space


Have you done drawing your bike?

If you have, I believe you have been enjoying my article so far.

So if you like this article, do share it. No one will have to be so miserable when looking for ways to draw bicycles anymore. Moreover, whether you have any opinions or questions, do not hesitate to comment them down below. I would love to reply.

To sum up, thank you for reading my article I hope to see you in my subsequent ones. Goodbye.

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