If you are having an idea of a family bonding trip next holidays, why not consider going on a bike ride, a healthy yet fun activity?Family biking is the future of biking, there are so many good reasons to start having cycling as your hobby. Let's find out about it together in this article!

A fun activity to do and a great family bonding chance

African American family cycling on a forest trail.

  • Cycling is an easy sport, it doesn't require high levels of physical skill or intense workouts so it means everyone in your family can do it, even your parents and your kids (except for babies/toddlers as their neck strength isn't sufficient).
  • Children love cycling and exploring. Young people should participate in physical activity at least one hour a day, but in reality, half of them don't undertake enough.

Cycling improves your health and gets you fit.

  • Cycling teach children vigilance and balance, it is also fun as kids love freedom and independence: Kids always love to venture onto the road during the ride but remember to ALWAYS remind your kids that the most important thing about cycling is safety. Help them build a sense of safety from the very first day when you start to teach them how to cycle.
  • Cycling is a low-impact kind of exercise: It causes you less strain and injuries as it places less stress on joints. If there is any, it's also rarely serious so it's safe you everyone, especially your kids.
  • Cycling helps strengthen your muscles and join mobility.
  • Metal health is as important as physical health: Cycling reduces stress, depression and anxiety, hence boost your pleasure and productivity at school or work.
  • Helps you lose weight: Cycling boosts your metabolism and burns your body fat. A moderate cycling can burn about 483 calories per hour so spend at least 30-40 minutes, in the morning and/or afternoon for cycling every day.
  • Cycling is one of the most beneficial exercises: Not only does cycling help you burn your body fat, it also helps you gain fitness: increases stamina, strength and flexibility.
  • Cycling helps protect you from serious diseases:
    • - cardio-vascular diseases
    • - it improves your heart and lung muscles, diabetes
    • - lacking in physical activity is allegedly a reason causes the condition, cancer
    • - especially bowel and breast cancer...
  • Give you exposure to sunlight and fresh air: One needs 15 minutes exposure to sunlight every day to help your body produce vitamin B, which is good for bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Cycling helps you sleep more soundly: Exposure to sunlight and fresh air helps get your circadian rhythm back in sync, besides, stress can prevent you from having a deep and regenerative.

Cycling helps your financial health

  • For a typical household in general, transportation is the second largest share of household expenditures, second after food. Using bicycle instead of other vehicles means spending less on transportation which saves more money to spend on other things.
  • A bicycle is so much cheaper to purchase than other types of transport. And it's not only about the purchase price, you also don't have to pay that much for maintenance or particularly, washing .
  • Commuting by car can cost much higher compared to biking. You will have to pay more for parking, tires,.. and especially gas, you don't need gas to ride a bike right?
  • Instead of commuting by public transports, you can use your bike when shopping, visiting friends or cousins...
  • Since it is also a type of aerobic exercise, cycling can help you save money that you're supposed to spend to sign up for gym clubs.

Cycling helps you save a lot of hassle

  • Safety: For both you and other people as well as animals. Motorists adjust their behavior in the presence of people walking and bicycling (Peter Jacobsen in "Safety in Numbers" report released in 2013), which helps reduce crime.
  • You don't have to struggle finding a place to park or parking your car at a busy parking lot.
  • Traffic congestion can be really depressing when you use large transports like car or buses... Why not ride a bike instead, especially if you travel alone?

Cycling is eco-friendly

  • Cycling reduces air pollution, water pollution or noise pollution all at the same time. Bikes use minimal fossil fuels therefore they don't emit pollutants and the mode of transport is silent. On the other hand, an average care releases about 1.1 pounds of CO2 per mile.
  • Cycling can reduce traffic jam and other road users' journey time.
  • Cycling causes less damage to infrastructure, it means having to spend less time and money on renaissance. The activity of building roads also adds to tailpipe emissions.
  • Bikes also take less energy to make than any other motor transport.

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