How To Extend a Garage With The Construction Company in France

  • Creating a larger paved entrance way, if you need larger or an attractive alternative to concrete units: Measure the height of concrete pavers. Add 8 inches to this measurement to the base material.
  • Dig the road extension area to the depth indicated. Cellar area 6-8 inches desired edges of the enlargement of the wider area. Drag a lab bench area at.
  • Spread 6 inches of gravel in the dock area. Compact rock with a plate compactor, available at home improvement stores rent.
  • Plastic restrictions edge is placed along the perimeter of the finisher area, placing them above the base of the rock. The restrictions are usually built with prefabricated holes around its edges to ambush.
  • Spread a 1-inch layer of sand on top of the crushed stone, surrounded the border restrictions. Upgrading the sand surface by pulling a plate surface together.
  • Spread sand on the pavement to fill gaps in the joints. Sweep excess sand from the paver surface.

Create extension: garage hard


Planning a garage extension? Here is everything you need to know for a house with a garage extension: price, formalities.

Not enough room to park your vehicles? Expand the house by building a garage is a great solution. If you have the option, it’s perfect!

It is cold or hot, it’s a bit the same report, a vehicle parked outside suffers both climates. Too hot or too cold, consumable accessories will be damaged, windshield wipers, tires, gaskets, the battery will last less time etc…

When there is no garage to park your car or your motorcycle, these are small problems that we would like to avoid. If it is possible to enlarge the house with a garage extension hard, this is a good opportunity that solves problems and gives your significant added value housing.

How to build a garage? What procedure respect to create a garage? What is the price of an extension? What does it take to build a garage?

We tell you everything!

An extension with a garage: more space in the house!

Do not scratch the glass when it’s freezing outside, enjoy the comfort of a cool but cold vehicle or, conversely, not being afraid to lay the hands on the wheel after a few hours in the sun or take a look at the interior thermometer indicates 45 ° C …

These are habits that many would like to lose! You are in this case? Why not build a garage hard? As an extension of your home or slightly away if you like it more aesthetically or that space is limited?

You could benefit from an extra room, also handy for storing accessories such as winter tires, roof box or bike rack.

Imagine your home, largest and equally beautiful with its garage with sliding or swing door, maybe even motorized! Discover also the site of the month was spent at a garage extension.

Create a garage in hard, you need to know!

Creating an additional area involves a building permit if it exceeds 20 square meters. This is often the case with a garage, so that it is spacious enough to open the doors and let everyone climb properly drive without twisting.

So we must first make a request with your local council.

Its implementation involves the same steps as building a house, there must be plans, access (service door), closing (door type), its isolation, its power supplies (electricity, water) :

Steps Details


+Implementation of the framework

+Cover and coating (tile or other)




+Insulation of walls and ceiling


+Electrical connection, water,painting wall, ceiling, door operator


A mason will be your main contact for the creation of this extension of home. You can keep some steps to do it yourself if you are a good handyman.

Regarding the foundation, walls, framing, and roofing supplies water and electricity, the intervention of a professional ensures a placement in the rules of art, especially if you opt for a garage extension flat roof! Expect 800 to 1,000 Euros per m2 for a simple realization.

It is quite also possible to make a wooden garage expansion or timber frame.

Extension garage hard

Discover the site of the month dedicated to the creation of a garage in hard. The company PHM 17 M.Morin presents his work.

This month, discover the site of a garage in the company created by hard PHM 17 Mr. Morin in the department 17 (Charente-Maritime). It is a site which is regularly carried out to meet several needs: little or no possibility of parking in the street inhabited, little space in an existing garage to park vehicles and store business (tools, craft supplies, established …).

When buying a house or building that is made, the budget does not always allow making as large as expected, the family can also zoom in and we have to find where to put the new equipment that is acquired.

These owners have therefore made a request for quotation on Devispresto, our partner and Mr. Morin was chosen to create this extension. The site included the creation of this new piece but also a new terrace and the creation of a boundary wall to protect vis-à-vis and increase privacy.

Discover this great achievement!

Before the intervention of PHM 17, the house had a garage, too small to park a car and be able to store tools and equipment. With the simulation proposed by Mr. Morin, the former garage turned into room while the new fits perfectly at home.

The site includes: the extension, modification of the old garage, the creation of the terrace and the garden wall lasted a little less than two months. This garage hard 29 m2 is built on classical foundations; the soil does not require specific solution.

This extension is a classical construction, using concrete blocks and a traditional frame. This new part of the house allows more isolated from the street noise when enjoying the back garden.

The company has 17 PHM created a boundary wall on the front of the field, instead of these hedges. The new garage therefore allows parking the car and creating a DIY area where the set takes place. The dream when we ran out of space!

All thirty square meters cost (without water or electricity), 26,000 Euros. This is the average price we quote in our article on the creation of a garage in hard.

This gives particularly want, especially when you must leave cars outside even when it’s cold or hail! And then when we look at the final picture, the result is particularly successful!

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