How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car

How To Install Car Subwoofer In A Car

  • Step 1

When installing the car subwoofer in a car, the first step is to assemble all the required equipment. This could include the wiring kit, subwoofer box and the subwoofer speakers and the amplifier.

Choosing the correct product is vital to the process too. Reliable subwoofers for cars can be purchased anwyhere, however quality needs to be considered. They will be serving you for a long time,after all!

  • Step 2: Choosing the speaker and the amp

This might be a tricky step since you want to get the amp and speaker that do not blow each other and put out most power.You wish to have RMS of both the amplifier and subwoofer to be as close as possible to each other.

RMS is basically the power that a speaker can constantly have sent to it without it being destroyed or without getting over-heated. Never look at the peak power when choosing a subwoofer. This is because it may run for a short while before it gets spoilt. To get the best sounds make sure you keep the ohms the same.

Make sure you choose the right size of your speaker since the smaller ones may be quick in responding to punch as compared to the bigger ones. Ensure that when you are buying the subwoofer box, it is of the same size as your current speaker.

  • Step 3: Running The Wires

Wire the power from a battery. Getting power from a battery is more recommended than getting it from a fuse box. This is because the speakers could amplify the noise from the engine. A fuse box is also prone to being blown.First, remove the insulation from the wire at the end near the battery.

Connect the fuse to that end if the wire is not part of it. Make sure the battery and the fuse are as close as possible. Ensure you do not get a short by tapping the wired place.If there is a wire channel in your car, run the wire through it or under the car’s carpet.

Get the wire to the car’s trunk. Run the 16.0 to 18.0 wire and RCA cables coming from the trunk close as possible to the back of your stereo unit but ensure to leave some slack on both ends.

  • Step 4: Wiring The Audio

You should take out the stereo head unit at this point. Different car manufacturers have different ways of doing this. You may either remove the front of your central console or use a tool in sliding the stereo out of the special clips.

Look at the back of the stereo after removing it. You will find 2 RCA connections. Run those RCA cables via the back of your central console, then plug them to the two connections you found at the back of your stereo. For the stereos that do not have these connections, you should splice wires to the wires in the rear speakers.

  • Step 5: Wiring The Remote

Run the 16.0 to 18.0 gauge wire via the back of the car’s central console. The cable will ensure that when the stereo has been turned on, the amp will also be turned on.The remote wires could be blue in color or labeled as amp, rem, remote, power ant, power antenna, antenna, or amp.

You should then connect the blue wires to the gauge so that the stereo and the amp can function. The amp should always be on when your car is on, but no noise should come from the engine and in case there is any noise, a switch should be added.

  • Step 6: Putting The Speaker Into The Box.

Ensure that the thin flimsy gadget is in it when putting the speaker into the box and ensure that the connectors are wired.

  • Step 7: Wiring The AmpIn

You should connect power cable from your battery to the amp.

  • Step 8: Adding Power

Here you should ensure the large fuse is inside the fuse holder.

  • Step 9: Playing The Music

The installation is now complete, and you can now turn the system on and enjoy the music.

How To Connect A Car Subwoofer To A Home Stereo

You should have with you the required tools such as screw driver wire stripper, electrical tape, paper clip, and a computer power supply, or a battery with 12.0 volts.

  • 1. To run the subwoofer, you will require to have a computer power supply or a battery with12.0 volts.
  • 2. Find the maximum wattage of the amp. This may be found on a sticker on the side of your amp. Divide your max wattage by 12 in order to obtain the exact power required by the amp to reach its full capability.
  • 3. Check the wires that you are using at the back of the power supply in order to know what to use. Connect the green wire hole to each other, and then connect them with the black one. Secure it by using a tape.
  • 4. Find the pin Molex connector and ensure that the amp and the power supply are not connected. Cut off all the four wires of the connector.
  • 5. Strip off the black and yellow wire. To prevent a short, ensure that you wrap the red wire using the electrical tape.
  • 6. Use the screwdriver in loosening the power screws behind your amp.
  • 7. Use a piece of a spare wire by cutting a black wire and stretching it through the REM screw and the positive screw.
  • 8. Use speaker cables in attaching the subwoofer and the amp.
  • 9. Use the white and red RCA input cable in attaching the amp to the home stereo.
  • 10. You will now have connected your car’s subwoofer to the home stereo.

How To Connect Car Subwoofer To PC/Laptop

  • First, ensure that you have enough power supply. Fold a paperclip into an arc shape and stick one of the ends to power connector with a green wire hole and the other end in a black wire hole. Tape the wiring to avoid a short.
  • Loosen the amp’s power screws. Screw up the yellow wire from your PSU to the positive terminal and the black wire into GND terminal. After the setup, your amp will turn on immediately as soon as you plug in the power supply.

How To Connect Car Subwoofer To TV (Television)

You will first need enough current to take the house current and convert it into 12.0 volts. After this, you can comfortably plug a battery and place it on a charger as you use it. For this, you may require a cooling system for the amp and hearing protection.

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