How To Make Your Bike Look Cool

I love riding bikes. It’s good for health and I always feel so peaceful when pushing the pedals, moving forward. However, I really hate the monotonous and boring outlook that the brands create for their bikes. And if they ever design something looking beautiful, it is very expensive.

Therefore, in this article today, I will share with how to make your bike look cool. The most outstanding designs that you can do to change the outlook of your bicycle will be revealed right under these lines. If you are ready for a brand new vehicle, let’s get started!

1. Salient bike body

Sticky stickers

If you love sporty style and want to look like a racer, stickers are a terrific idea. There are various collections and packs are being sold. You can buy a set and make changes to your bike. It’s best to decorate it with one or two packs. If you stick too many of them on your bike, it will look a little confused and obscure.


The color of bike frames may get boring sometimes. When you feel tired of it, it’s time to create a new look. Spraying paints are cheap, easy, and beautiful. Especially, you will be able to optimize your creativity while doing this.

There is no certain design. It’s only you and the sprayer.Remember to remove the old paint disassemble the components before start working on your job. You will find it easier when painting. This video will show you more creative idea and instructions about spraying paint on your bike:

• Graffiti

Do you love drawing with crayons? This will be a chance for you to show your talent. A graffiti bike will be more complicated than the previous ones but I’m sure it’s worth it. You can buy crayons which are special for graffiti and start making your masterpiece.

• Neon bikes

These can be called night bikes as well. I call it neon because it looks like being covered with tons of neon lights while riding at night. To make one, you can but reflected paint and spill it on your bike. Otherwise, just buy lots of light sticks and attach them on the bike with glue. It’s not the wisest choice but I think it also works.

• A picnic bike

Another brilliant and creative idea to make your bike look cool is this one. In the second picture, with only some measurements, pieces of wood, and glue, you can have an entire trip in your hand. Not only will your bike look fantastic but you also will feel very relaxed. If you don’t like a basket and want to have picnics with only a bike, I think you can try it.

2. Colorful bells

Are you tired of the simple outlook of your bike? Why don’t you try redecorating the bell? It’s going to be an attractive highlight for the bicycle. There are plenty designs you can try. Cutting paper stain and sticking on the bell or paint it with different colors is some examples. Furthermore, there are numerous shops selling stickers just for bike bells in the market. You can find them and choose the one you like.

3. Pretty baskets

This idea can be more appropriate to girls than boys. In my opinion, you are going to like it if you have a daughter. You and she can have a great ride with a basket couple. It’s not complicated to work on this idea. Just buy some artificial flowers at the supermarket and arrange them in a sponge. Then, put the whole set into your basket and you are done. If you don’t have a sponge, you can cut the peduncles and use glue to stick only the flowers on it. Both of the methods will give excellently new look for your bike.

4. Cool wheels

If you want to see moving sparkles or colors while riding, I believe this is what you need. Some hardback or LED lights can satisfy you. With the hardback, you can paint several waterproof layers on them and stick them on the spokes. You will get precisely a bike just like the first picture. However, if shiny wheels are what you like, a bunch of LED lights will be more suitable.There are many other ideas, such as sticking the lights on the spokes with specific shape or painting them with reflected colors. With wheels, you can feel free to have variations. They will all look beautiful.

5. Unique decorations

I will show you some unique ideas that I would love to try in several weeks after this article. First, it’s a tree for people loving nature. To my point of view, nothing can be better than getting your lovely plant to ride with you wherever you go. Though it’s going to take quite much effort, it’s still worth trying once.

Besides, having it on your bike as a decoration is also very fantastic and making it look so cool.You can attach the tree on the body of your bike or in the basket. It depends on you.The next one looks quite cute and girly. Therefore, I will make it for my sister’s bicycle on her birthday next month. It will be just like a weaving a crochet table-cloth but only smaller. I think it’s easy and if you like it, you can try watching this video:

And I love this last one because it is so simple but unique and brilliant. You will have a chance to mark your bike and let the entire world know your name. Just write your name on a plate and attach it behind your seat. I am sure it will look very cute.

If you don’t like writing your name, try some slogan or sayings you like. I will do this for my cousin and write “It’s me, Caleb” for him. That’s what he always says to people at the first time he meets them.Do you like this idea as I do?


Have you chosen the design that you would try?I hope you have and also would be glad if you like my writing. Do share it with your friends and family because I believe they will have the same feeling as yours.

And feel free to comment whether it is a question or opinion you have. It would by my pleasure to answer.Regardless, thank you for reading my article and I hope to see you in my later ones. Goodbye!

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