How To Paint Your Wheels?

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Tires are an important element of a car and therefore must be taken into account in all revisions or preventive checks carried out. In addition, with the passage of time, it is usually scratched or itched. It’s no nonsense that we will paint ourselves to acquire another aspect.

The thought of painting the tires in a certain way responds solely to personal reasons of aesthetics. This is compounded by the fashion of cars. Scratches, small material losses or discolorations, are the most common cosmetic damage to the tires. To combat that, the easiest and most economical solution is spray paint ourselves. To do this, we indicate in a few simple steps.

There are various colors that people paint their car tires and knowing in detail the method, anyone can paint the tires of the vehicle… We teach you how to paint your car tires.

Disassembled and security protocol

The first step to begin the process of painting your vehicle’s tires is to remove the tires with the logical and necessary precautions. Before removing them, you should choose the surface where we plan to perform the task. It would not hurt to cover the site chosen by recycled paper.

Debeading tires

In most cases, what you usually do to go fast is to paint directly the rim without tire bead breaking, but the result is much less achieved if we take our time to get it right.

Once we have the rims without tires, so what we need to do is preparing the surface to be painted. To do this we sand the part of the tire that we have to paint, especially those areas that have been damaged as we mentioned at the beginning, to achieve greater uniformity in the tire.

Then with sandpaper, begin to rub the surface of the rim where you decided to apply the paint to tires. At this stage, it is recommended that a good cleaning of the area can completely remove traces of paint or impurities. It is also done in order that the result paint adhesion is optimal.

The ideal way is to have an electric sander, since few revolutions does very good work, but in areas where there is no disc to be too large, need to hand sanding. If the process is done by hands, you must have patience because it is the part that needs longer carries.

If even there are cracks or areas where there is no damage, it is recommended to cover these areas with putty by a spatula. In the case of a shortfall somewhere on the rim, it would be advisable that you used aluminum putty so that the end result is even more compelling.

 After this step, it proceeds to clean up any traces of the product itself.  It is then left to dry the surface completely so that the remaining water will not alter the coats of paint.

On the other hand if the tires have already layers of paint, it is best to make a sanding to eliminate them all and start again with the highly polished surface.

Spray paint and double layer

To paint, it is recommended to use a medium brush and hand painting must be applied with a frequency of 30 minutes between coats. The tone can be calibrated to eye, depending on the taste of the car owner.

There are solutions in the paint market, using spray paint to fix the tires of a car. To be realistic to better control the paint application, it is recommended to use brush. Anyway, with either method, your wheel painting can be finished with desired finish tones. Spray type most commonly used is the epoxy because its qualities are the durability and get good finishes.

Also within the market of solutions for painting wheels, it is the possible to perform the type of paint you want with the degrees of protection and layers that you determine; which is appropriate for the protection and waterproofing of oilcloth. It is always important to use security features when painted.

Paint the tires of a car step by step:

  1. Clean and degrease the rim well. Use soap and water.
  2. Dry with the aid of a damp cloth or rag every corner.
  3. Protect the tire with masking tape.
  1. Sand with sandpaper the damaged areas. Rub with sandpaper until the scratches disappear completely.
  2. Also sanded every corner to ensure the adherence of the primer.
  3. Thoroughly clean all traces of sanding.
  4. Cover the tire carefully to avoid staining with paint.
  5. Apply primer-surfacer.

Before starting the painting process, what we do is to apply a coat of primer on the entire surface to have to paint. No needs to have much care, the wheels just need to be covered with a thin layer near the rim to paint. 

  1. Sand the primer-surfacer with superfine sanding screen.
  2. Clean and degrease the surface to be painted.
  3. Apply spray paint especially for aluminum rims. Give several sprays in all directions until it covered the entire surface.

First coat of paint

There are many types of paint intended for tires, so you have a range of possibilities when it comes to finding the right spray for your case. Currently, almost with a single spray, desired finish (matte, glossy, pearly …) is achieved.

We must start with a coat of paint just as we have done with the primer layer covering the entire surface but without insisting much on each area. The paint usually takes about 30 minutes to dry, so you can paint the first layer of all tires and return to the first once finished.

Second coat of paint


Now is the time to paint well the tires, insisting more on the entire surface and in areas that are more difficult to access. Do not put too much spray to avoid appearing drops of paint when it to dry. You’ll see that just two layers to get color wheels that you wanted from the start.

No need to bet on any lacquer, because if you have chosen a shiny finish spray or other effect, no varnish is required. If you want to protect a little more or if you painted matte, yes you could opt for the lacquer.

12.Allow to dry for about an hour.

Now you can reassemble your tires on the car, and show them off in front of your friends.

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