One August afternoon, when we arrived at National Park Zion (in The State of Utah), there was a notice right in front of its gate saying: “All the camps have been taken.” What a pity!

Therefore, we decided to drive to the root of the mountain, which is 2660 meters above sea level. After going through some other camps, finally, we found a corner for our giant RV. Summer is the best seasons for road trips. I love nature in summer, and also fantastic road trips. It has been 12 years since my first road trip, and I have never been tired of magnificent places, sights, and nature in this world.

However, road trips may not be as fun as you imagine without careful preparation. One of my companions forgot his aid kit at home when he was on his first road trip, and unfortunately, he fell so hard while trying to turn on a slope by his motorcycle. But he was still lucky enough because where he fell was near the mountain root, so he could knock on the door of a resident house, and asked for help.

My point is if you are not well-prepared for a road trip, many unexpected things can happen, and you will be endangered. So today, I will share my perfect road trip USA planner with you.

You Are In PART 1


1. Where to road trip in the USA?

3. Where to road trip from Los Angeles?

4. Where to road trip from Chicago?

5. Where to road trip from New York?

6. Where to road trip in Texas?

7. Where to road trip in California?


8. What are the road conditions for my trip?

9. What are the essentials for a road trip?

10. What's the best road trip planner?

11. What's the best road trip car?

12. What are the best road trip apps?

13. What are the best road trip snacks?

14. What are the best road trip songs?

15. What do road trip dreams mean?

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​II. Answer The Questions: Best Road Trips From Plenty Places In America

1. Where To Road Trip In The USA?

Columbia River Scenic Highway, Ore

This highway is different from others. It has been lasted for a long time and was built directly for sightseeing. The winding ride from the Dalles to Troutdale lasts 75 miles and starts at the east of Portland, where you can take in the sights of the Columbia Gorge. Along the way, passengers can see waterfalls, mountain views, and various pull-offs. Feel free to enjoy.

Route 66, Illinois to California

While most of the Midwest-to-Pacific route has been swallowed up by states around it, many places still preserve the original two-lane highway. The scene is inspiring, particularly the portion across the Southwest.

Hill Country Highway, Texas

Texas is known as a land with deep canyons, swift rivers, and undulating sagebrush plains. Make sure that you’ll visit Utopia, Texas. There are also bed and breakfast to stay in, so you can stay and enjoy the Sabinal River.

Great River Road, Minnesota to Louisiana

Mississippi River can become a very significant challenge to anyone who is fond of conquering its length. You might want to stop by to play some St. Louis Cardinals baseball games at Busch Stadium, located within sight of the river and the Gateway Arch. It ties everything together in a nice way, making an incredible picture.

Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina

This fascinating road trip starts only two hours west of Washington DC, and slowly stretches along ridge lines and near historic towns as it traces the mountain range. You can see a lot of scenery along the 105-mile drive in Shenandoah National Park. Remember to see it!

2. Where To Road Trip From Los Angeles?


Ojai is only an hour and a half drive from L.A, and perfect if you want to stay overnight or one day trip. All those pink rocky hills surrounding the green-and-Cyprus-tree-freckled valley, the never-ending orange orchards, the shaded and quiet country/suburban streets lined with colorful spiky succulents are all terrific.

County of Sonoma

A weekend in Sonoma Valley is not going to be cheap but it’s worth taking at least once in your life, especially if you go and have dinner at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry over in Napa Valley, which is only about an hour away.

Joshua Tree

This national park is larger than Rhode Island but that doesn’t mean there are more things to do other than take in the awe-inspiring desert scenery. About twenty minutes away you can find Pioneertown, which served as Hollywood’s studio lot for westerns in the 1940s.

Big Sur

Big Sur’s rugged seaside cliffs and fantastic valleys filled Redwood trees will help you completely relax, and perhaps this is why it’s long been a haven for hippies and artist types.

Palm Springs

Lying between the vintage furniture shopping and the super stylish hotel lounging, it’s one of those do-nothing weekend spots that will drain your wallet in the most acceptable of ways.

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3. Where To Road Trip From Chicago?

Geneva, Illinois

An easy 1hr drive provides the quickest escape from the city. This cool little town along the Fox River has a huge number of outdoor restaurants tailor-made for waterfront drinking.

Grand Beach, Michigan

This little strip of beach being located between Michigan City and New Buffalo has long attracted Chicago citizens finding a quick escape from the city, including Richard Daley, the former mayor, who owns a summer residence here.

Lake Geneva/Delavan, Wisconsin

While Lake Geneva may be the best known of Chicago-area retreats, at 90 minutes away you still can’t beat it.

You can enjoy cocktails at Downtown spots like the 1885 Victorian mansion Baker House, or the locals dive Fat Cats, before riding to the the undiscovered nearby town of Williams Bay, where you can hike the entire length of the bank with not many people getting in your way.

Ottawa, Illinois

This historic town, located at the intersection of the Fox and Illinois rivers, is best known as the entrance to Starved Rock State Park, where tall bluffs and canyon waterfalls can give you a most incredible outdoor experience.

Saugatuck, Michigan

The main attraction here is the pristine Oval Beach, where you can rent kayaks, sailboats, and even do sport fishing. Sand dunes and paddleboat rides also can attract a lot of your attention at this Hampton-style retreat

4. Where To Road Trip From New York?

New Paltz

Spend your 127 Hours wisely by booking a rock climbing trip to the Gunks, an hour and a half North of NYC.

When you’re done scaling the side of a mountain and taking in the magnificent views at the top, the restaurant The Huguenot with their NY cheddar and turn it into caramel with onion-topped house ground burger.


If you look beyond the polo matches of Greenwich and Frank Pepe pizza in New Haven, there’s a tiny little village in the Northwest hills of Litchfield County that’s worth taking a trip.

This can be the best road trip you’ve ever had: hike a waterfall in Kent Falls State Park, dine on some steamed mussels on the patio at Gifford’s, walk by the pool, and then cozy up by the fire at the Inn at Kent Falls.

Make sure you set the time correctly and you might be able to grab a pint of farmhouse ale as soon as possible to open Kent Falls Brewing Company, otherwise it means a return trip is in store.

The Hudson Valley

It takes approximately five seconds for Kinderhook, a 480 - hectare for farm working and animal sanctuary, to make up for all the silence in your life. There’s no Wi-Fi, no TV, and the closest thing to a bar is a donkey named Ginny.

Long Island

Many be a few months from now, when you’re cold all the time, you'll be happy with your memory filled some time with Little Dutch Sailing Charters, a new operation out of East Hampton that'll accommodate up to six people and whisk them away to places near Shelter Island and Gardiners Bay.

5. Where To Road Trip In Texas?

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Walk in the tracks of dinosaurs along the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, just outside of Fort Worth. And you can actually see old dinosaur tracks in the riverbed, and they are clearly marked on a map so you can locate the footprints easily of these ancient creatures.

Enchanted Rock

This giant mount of molten magma is an absolutely must be seen for every Texan; while you're in Fredericksburg, you can also look for this wonderful small town full of bakeries with a German flair, boutiques, and family-owned peach orchards.

Cascade Caverns

Take a tour of this cave system by heading to the north of San Antonio; if you want to hide from the Texas summer heat, this is a terrific way to do it, since the cave doesn't get about 64 degrees all year round.

West Texas

You'll have to drive quite far to get here, but it's well-worth it to see the Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend National Park, and the Franklin Mountains in El Paso. You can also go down into Marfa and check out the famous Marfa lights.

East Texas

East Texas has its own small-town country charm, with hundred miles of thick forests, towering pine trees, and small towns to stop by and stay at some serious southern comfort food done right. From Beaumont it takes about 4 hours to arrive at Texarkana, so this makes for a perfect family road trip

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6. Where To Road Trip In California?

Big Sur

You can stay at the Post Ranch Inn for 800 dollars a night or rent a lovely cabin for 170 dollars, but visiting one of California’s most beautiful places don’t actually have to cost you your whole month’s rent.

Palm Springs

Yes, this is California’s playground for rich people, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the desert resort city known for its golf courses and spas


It’s basically impossible to do Napa or Healdsburg on a limited budget, but who cares when you can go to Calistoga, a beautiful town with an Old West vibe


Located between the Russian River and the surrounding hills, Guerneville is a laid-back town that’s perfect for someone who's on a budget/is obsessed with Pliny the Elder.

San Luis Obispo

SLO, as they call it, is all the reasons to love the California coast all in one town. The ocean, the mountains, plus plenty of good wine and beer

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