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You Are In PART 2


1. Where to road trip in the USA?

3. Where to road trip from Los Angeles?

4. Where to road trip from Chicago?

5. Where to road trip from New York?

6. Where to road trip in Texas?

7. Where to road trip in California?


8. What are the road conditions for my trip?

9. What are the essentials for a road trip?

10. What's the best road trip planner?

11. What's the best road trip car?

12. What are the best road trip apps?

13. What are the best road trip snacks?

14. What are the best road trip songs?

15. What do road trip dreams mean?

8. What Are The Road Conditions For My Trip?

It has information on all the states road trip conditions. And you can click on the name of the place you want to go to see its road conditions.

9. What Are The Essentials For A Road Trip?

Northface Backpack


As I mentioned about my companion, you need to prepare everything you need before get going. So your backpack should be able to handle plenty of stuffs. Northface backpacks you can buy in on or

Rubbermaid Cooler

Drinks and snacks are things we definitely have to bring. So a cooler to keep standard temperature is very necessary.

Travel Mug

What could be better than having a hot coffee in the morning on a top of a mountain. This beverage container won’t leak or spill as long as the lid is closed.

Digital Camera

Of course, how can you forget taking most pictures about the most amazing trips. This camera captures high-quality pictures and also videos.



This is a very convenient product for a trip, because it can wash away soda, fruit juice, and coffee stains from fabrics. It even works on silk.

Simple Green Car Wash

This is for you if you take a road trip by car. It can be used on any kind of car, from SUVs, trucks to motorhomes and ATVs.

10. What's The Best Road Trip Planner?


The first step is the fun one: choosing the road. Just decide what’s most important to you: distance, destination, or budget. After making up your mind, you can begin researching and building out the rest of your plans.



Once you know where you’re going, where to stay is the next decision.

If your road trip is all about the great outdoors and you plan on camping, you can visit to find and book campsites on your route.



You’ve heard it, you’ve probably said it, and we all know it’s true: “there’s an app for everything.” And as a matter of fact, there’s quite a few to aid in your road trip success. I’ll mention this in the part about Apps.

11. What's The Best Road Trip Car?

2016 Volkswagen Golf


If you're looking to hit the highway with a couple of friends and explore a new city or two, a compact hatchback is a smart pick. Compacts are inherently maneuverable and if you can find one with good outward visibility, generous interior space and great fuel economy, you're good to go.

2016 Toyota Prius


If city touring is in your road-trip plans and you need more space than a compact vehicle can offer, check out the midsize check out the midsize 2016 Toyota Prius. It's a top pound-for-pound contender in passenger space and road comfort, not to mention its unbeatable fuel economy.

2016 Hyundai Genesis


Maybe you're someone who thinks a road trip; even one that takes weeks and a couple hundred miles a day; should not be a test of endurance. If so, a cushy luxury sedan like the 2016 Hyundai Genesis might suit you.

2016 Mazda CX-5


Maybe you're tired of the city because you have to live in one for 350 days a year. In that case, the point of a road trip is to get as far away from cities; or even roads themselves.

2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata


For the driver whose trip revolves around roads rather than destinations, a sublime connection between car and driver moves to the top of the priority list.

12. What Are The Best Road Trip Apps?



      • Yeah, so this might be a shameless plug, but we can actually help! You’ve already selected and booked your lodging and attractions, so let us auto magically create an itinerary for you. Along The Way: Whether you’re in need of a bathroom, caffeine fix, retail therapy, or just about anything else,

    Along The Way:

      • Whether you’re in need of a bathroom, caffeine fix, retail therapy, or just about anything else, Along The Way can help you locate whatever you’re looking for without getting off track. 


      • Unfortunately, you’ll have to frequent the gas stations on your road trip, which makes this app essential. Gasbuddy provides a crowd-sourced list of gas prices to help you find the best deal near you.


      • You’re going to have to eat! With Opentable, you can decide on a restaurant around you based off of reviews and photos, then book a table right in the app. From there, you can forward your reservations to


      • Every road trip needs good jams and lots of them! Although the free version of this service is awesome, it’ll definitely be worth your money to upgrade to premium for your road trip.


      • Although we suggest you check out your car before leaving, you never know what can happen out there on the road. With this app, you can contact roadside assistance and help them locate you.

    Wi-Fi Finder:

      • Whether you need to post to Facebook, Facetime mom, or email your boss, Wi-Fi Finder will help you stay connected by locating both free and paid Wi-Fi spots.

13. What Aare The Best Road Trip Snacks?

Veggies and Fruits


I tend to be a boredom snacker on road trips, so fruit and veggies are where it’s at for me! I’ve been known to fill up a bag with cauliflower florets and go to town for miles and miles.



Road trip snacking is so often carb city—and not often very good quality carbs—that’s why you feel so hungry before you even get to the next exit! The key to road trip satiation? Protein!

Sweet treats


I can’t make it through a road trip without a little something sweet! Instead of grabbing a candy bar from the gas station, I like to pack my own (healthier) treats to grab in a chocolate emergency.


I drink water 90% of the time at home (the other 10% being made up of coffee and beer), so I use road trips as an excuse to drink fun drinks! I’m all about the road trip beverages. Sure, it means we have to make pit stops more often, but that’s okay because it’s a good idea to stretch your legs frequently, and traveling is notoriously dehydrating. Drink up!

14. What Are The Best Road Trip Songs?


  • This is my list, what about yours?

“Have Love, Will Travel” by the Sonics

Link video:

“Roadrunner” by the Modern Lovers

Link video:

“The Distance” by Cake

Link video:

“Shut Up and Drive” by Rihanna

Link video:

“Going Back to Cali” by LL Cool J

Link video:

15. What Do Road Trip Dreams Mean?


A road in a dream represents the divine law. Seeing many roads in a dream denotes deviation from God’s path, or it could mean religious innovation. Walking on a side road, or yielding at a fork in a dream means going astray.

If a highway robber attacks someone in a dream, it means that he will suffer from the loss of a friend. If one sees a ruler strolling through a rugged road in a dream, it means that he will establish justice and pave the way to righteousness and prosperity.

A straight road in a dream represents God’s path, or it could represent one’s true faith in God’s revelations, or in following the practice of God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, or following the guidance of one’s teacher or shaikh.


Walking on a straight path in a dream means repenting from one’s sins and finding guidance. Seeing many roads in a dream means hesitancy, fluctuations in one’s faith, doubt, heedlessness, or apostasy.

A road in a dream also represents a craft, eternity, the past, aging, continuity, the good example, or the bad example. A boat following the correct sea lane in a dream means salvation. A road in a dream also represents a woman, one’s livelihood, truth, or death.

If a merchant sees himself walking on a road in a dream, it means that he will find new avenues to earn more money. A hidden road in a dream means pride, innovation and self- deception.

To be traveling in a dream as a symbol of movement in life/journey of life. When seeing yourself traveling in a dream, either by car, by train, by ferry, etc., well, then it is usually about your own journey in life – the inner (and outer) development you are going through.


Which mode of transport you use can also be of significance – see for example the blog posts about driving a car and riding a bus. The interesting thing, then, is what you experience on these night-time travels; is there something which prevents you from getting there?

A classic theme in travel dreams is that you are carrying a lot or too much (heavy) luggage, making it difficult or maybe even impossible for you to catch the bus, train, ferry, plane or whatever it may be in your dream.

The main question for the dreamer could then be; is something we are carrying with us in our life story somehow pinning us down in our current situation, and making it difficult for us to move on before we let it go?

Dreams about being scared of losing your passport (your identity papers) are also common when you are at a point in your life when you are about to move into the unknown, for example in your career.

In real life, the fear of losing your identity (status etc.) can of course prevent you from taking the plunge into the unsafe and unknown. You can also encounter various barriers on your (dream) journey.


Well, I hope everything I mentioned is helpful to all of you. You can find many other crucial things to bring for your road trips, as long as they are appropriate for you. If you have any questions, please give a comment and I will answer as soon as possible. Lastly, don’t put yourself in danger because of lack of knowledge. Trying to research about things you don’t know before starting doing them is the best way to accomplish it. And in this situation, it is to have a perfect road trip. So let’s get going, prepare necessary belongings and hit the road.

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