How To Prevent Your Car Head Unit From Being Stolen

Like most people, you probably enjoy listening to music while driving, especially to keep yourself in a good mood while stuck in endless traffic jams. If that is the case, then your car head unit is probably the most valued piece in your car. And wouldn’t it be terrible if someone stole it.

In order to prevent car head unit theft you should install a quality car head unit anti-theft system. Nowadays, when the technology advances faster than ever, modern cars are equipped with state of the art car head units. And no one would want to have a thief break in and steal it.

How to Prevent Your Car Head Unit From Being Stolen

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Car head unit thefts are among the most common forms of crime present on the streets in the modern world. Having a proper car head unit protection system is essential, and even more so if you happen to reside in an area where car thefts are not uncommon. In addition, we use our cars to get to whenever we need to and that often means parking the vehicle in unknown and unsecure parking lots. That also adds to the risk of theft.

There is more than one way to ensure that your car head unit is adequately protected. Let’s review the following methods of car head unit protection:

  • Detachable front plate car head units. – Most single din car head units are equipped with a detachable front plate. This means that you can easily remove the control panel of the stereo and take it with you whenever you leave the car. When you get back on the road, you can place it back. The head unit is practically useless to thieves without the control panel. When they notice it missing, they will simply move away from your car.

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  • Security alarms. – There are also many types of security alarms available on the market today, and you can choose any one of them.
  • Retractable car head units. – These are some of the new, more innovative types of car head units. As soon as you are done listening to music, or the radio, the unit will retract inside the dashboard making it undetectable.

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  • Car head units with security codes. – Some manufacturers produce car head units which require a security code to be punched in every time the unit is turned on. This approach also makes it useless for thieves to steal it, since they need the correct code in order to use it. Nevertheless, there are some thieves that aren’t aware of the technology and steal the unit regardless.

New and innovative car security systems appear every day. There are ways for everyone to protect their car head units according to their budgets.

Unfortunately, there are some thieves which are so good at their job, that they can break into and defeat almost every security system. However, the not so professional, amateur thieves are the ones that easily misjudge the opportunity and get themselves caught.

Some drivers can get a bit carried away while exiting the car and leave a window open, or even forget to lock it completely. This is the ideal opportunity for professional and amateur thieves alike. So make sure you close all the windows and lock the car when leaving it.

Here are some additional tips on how to keep your car head unit system safe from thefts:

  • Make sure to park your car in an open, well-lit parking lot, where there are lots of people roaming around. On the contrary, you should avoid parking close to dumpsters, trucks or any other object that obstruct the line of sight to your vehicle. Also, avoid leaving your car in dark parking lots.
  • Avoid parking lots which require you to leave your keys in the booth.
  • Even if you make a quick stop to get a soda or just pay some bill, make sure to close all the windows and lock the car while you are away from it. These are simply ideal situations for thieves.
  • Avoid leaving your car in the same parking spot for a prolonged period. Thieves may assume it is abandoned and break in.
  • Invest in an alarm that will sound whenever someone tries to break in your car in general. After all, it’s not just the car head unit that is the only valuable thing in it.

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