How To Install Auto Insulation/ Sound Deadening to Make Your Car Quieter

Making a car totally soundproof is practically impossible but we can use some aftermarket products to made the car pretty much apart from outside noises also it helps to excel audio systems’ performance.

Today we are going to talk about installing an auto Insulation in your car. If you have never heard about auto Insulation then might be you are familiar with some synonyms of auto insulation, such as: Sound Deadening, sound Deadener or Dynamat but these are just brand names.

In this article we will tell you how to fix auto insulation in the trunk and cabin to protect against noises and vibrations and also how to under control vehicle’s temperature.

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In this tutorial article we will try to show a very convenient and reasonable way to do it, but before start you need to have some important tools and materials.

  1. Razor knife: You need razor knife to cut the material of auto insulation easily, specially for the vibration layer which is not easily able to cut with scissors.
  2. Roller: We need a roller to apply material properly on surface. It helps to push the air bubbles out because there are several types of shapes and contours inside auto mobiles surface and to apply the material on that we need something to press material hard and equally all across.
  3. Heat gun: Heat gun helps to stick some types of material to the surface, it is helpful for some old auto insulation products but in latest technology it is not to required but still it is good to keep one for any unexpected situation.
  4. Scissor: Use this for cutting noise barriers as that is hard to cut with razor knife but with a scissor you can easily cut that in required pieces and apply as per need.
  5. A good auto insulation: There are several types of auto insulation products available but before going for one, strictly keep in your mind that the product you are choosing is made with good material, has self adhesive mat . Make sure that the product you are choosing for base unite has self adhesive mat and also aluminium foil on it.
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Recommended auto insulation products:

Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro are the product which are recommended by us as a second skin and vibration protector. Also these are made with heavy duty material and have self adhesive surface and aluminium foil on that as well.

Let’s Start:

Pick the material as per your required size, like 20 feet is quite sufficient to cover the trunk and hunchback area of a 2004 Corolla so you can choose a size accordingly.

  • The first step is to remove all the material inside the interior of the trunk to get the metal part of the car where you would have to apply the base skin.
  • After disassembling and removing all the interior panels take a vacuum cleaner and remove all the loose particles to get a clean surface on which you could stick the pads easily.
  • After removing the inside panel, finding some grease, oil and glue particles are obvious thing so take solvent with cleaning rags and rub clear the surface to get a clean surface.
  • You are now ready to put the first layer of skin after the cleaning your car’s interior body. So measure every area where you want to apply the sheet and then cut accordingly.
  • Also before application check the space where you would have to fit screws and other things and make a room for that already to avoid any kind of problem afterwards. After application of sheet take roller and hardly roll it over the material to remove air bubbles from different textures and make it strongly fixed.
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After applying the first layer you have done to save your vehicle from vibration so your vehicle would not create the new noises itself but there are many other ways by which sound could enter in a automobile like road noises, tyre’s noise, engine noise etc. Then better add a layer of mass to create a barrier for those noises.

  • Luxury vehicles come with a pre-applied auto insulation layer which makes them sound proof but those vehicles cost you more than you think, so batter add a layer of noise insulation inside your economy automobile and make that luxurious.
  • We have to add auto insulation on every panel inside vehicle along with ceiling. You can leave the floor as vibration barrier is already installed there to make this auto insulation more budgetary for you but we will recommend to add layers of auto insulation on the floor as much as you can because most of the noises enter in vehicle by the floor.
  • Now take the measurement of your floors area using measurement tape and cut the sheet accordingly, cut it in the shapes and fit properly on the panel. Be careful and do not put it somewhere, where any interior panel will be fixed.
  • Now mark the sheet and cut it with scissor and put on surface and do not use glue when you are fixing it on floor.
  • Now cut the pieces for sides and ceiling and use spare glue to fix it. You can also cut the material in small pieces to fill any specific place which is hard to cover with a single big piece.
  • After fixing both layers, assemble all the inside panels of the interior and remember not to mess with the layers. Use any sharp tip tool for making rooms for screws.
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We have noticed a quite decrement in inside noise level. The difference was audible and anyone who is used to of that vehicle could have felt that. The 2004 Corolla model which had a noticeable voice level earlier, same vehicle performed unbelievable after applying auto insulation. You can check the indoor noise differences in below provided images.

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