I am a music lover. When driving in my car, or in my friend’s car, we always have to blast our music with our moon roof open, and our windows down, especially on a sunny day! That is why investing in a subwoofer was important to us.

The only problem was how to install car subwoofer and amp. Other issues that you will need to deal with are what size car subwoofer do you need? What is the smallest car subwoofer? And what’s the biggest car subwoofer?

Once I figured out these questions, I decided to write this article to inform other people about car subwoofers and AMP. Not all of us are car geeks, but we still want to have some of the latest technology.

Below, you will find all of the product information that you will need. I will make it as plain and simple as possible since that is what this tutorial is all about. Once I write all of what you will need, then I will provide easy to follow step by step instructions.

After reading this tutorial, you will also be a professional at installing car subwoofer’s and AMP that all of your friends will be asking you for advice. I know mine did after I learned to install mine all on my own.

So let’s turn up the music and jam to our favourite summer songs. After all, summer is over halfway done, and we only have so much time to enjoy beach days and pool nights. Let’s do it right with our car trips!

I.What You Will Need?

1. An AMP and an AMP wiring kit

This can be purchased off of the internet. Just go onto EBay or Amazon and search for a discounted AMP wiring kit. This will save you lots of money so you can invest it in something else. Most of the time your AMP will come with the wiring kit, but if it does not then you can order one for a few extra dollars.

2. A tool kit

This does not need to be fancy, but you will need a decent one since you will be removing parts of your car to install the AMP and Subwoofer.

Think a drill, hammer, wrench, drill bits, pencil, nails, screws, extra parts, different size wrenches, flat head, markers and so much more. You can always just go to a hobby shop or a dollar store to purchase some of the items.

If not, you can probably rent one from your local hardware store. Prior to shelling out a lot of money ask one of your friends if they have one that you can borrow for an afternoon. In return purchase them a gift certificate to a restaurant or buy them a nice bottle of wine or beer depending on what they like.

3. A Subwoofer and Speaker

A Subwoofer and speaker or two (depending on how large your vehicle is and how much sound you want). An SUV can have a larger subwoofer and AMP compared to a small coupe or sedan. I personally would never go more than 12 inches for my car.

I believe I have a 10.5 inch. Measure the amount of space you have and go from there. Most people only install them in their doors or their trunks. Think about where you want to install them and go from there when thinking about size and amount.

4. A Friend or two

Sometimes you need multiple hands in order to install. My friend and I did it in a short amount of time and you, and your friend can too. The more you do it, the less time it will take you.

5. Cooling fans

AMP’s and subwoofer create a lot of heat, so you will make sure you have good cooling fans. If you are not sure where you can purchase the fans, always search Google first, and then go on sites like EBay and Amazon. They always have all of the latest technology for a fraction of the price you will pay in stores.

6. Power Battery

Figure out a plan first on how to wire the AMP to the power battery. This may take a few minutes so take your time. You want it done right the first time. Discuss this with the friend you are working with. If they know cars, allow them to take over the project. You will be glad you did since they will know how to install everything properly and how to remove everything properly.

7. Patience

Things like this the first time around can be tricky. Just keep that in mind. If your friend is excitable, you may want to trade them in for someone else who is able to keep calm. When dealing with wires and batteries you need someone who can stay calm and collected. Most people who work with cars are like this.

8. A warning

Do not wear nice clothing. Expect something to go wrong whether it is grease or something else that can stain your clothing. Wear something light and breathable such as old gym clothing or clothes that you may do DIY in. Do not say I did not warn you.

II.How To Install Car Subwoofer And AMP

1. Make sure you have enough wiring for the job. You can always order more, but it is best to have more, to begin with than to run out later. Less is more does not count when it comes to wiring and wires. Also, check the AMP guide to see if they included extra wires. Sometimes they will if you are lucky.

2. You will now be disconnecting the battery. Make sure you know your positive charge (+) from your negative charge (-) prior to getting to work. You need to disconnect the POSITIVE battery terminal prior to starting your work. Also, you need to know the area that you will be drilling behind. This will avoid any danger and extra costs.

3. Get out your drill from your tool kit. You will want to put the smallest drill bit on the end. Drill a small hole on anything just as a test hole. If this is the correct size, then keep that drill bit on. You will now need to fit a rubber grommet correctly in order to avoid any damage to the wire.

This is where you need to make sure that your drill is the correct size for the grommet. You can now paint the bare metal surface around over the hole to avert dirt coming in and rusting the hole. Now you can fit the grommet.

4. Now trial fit the AMP in its place and mark out with a pencil from your tool kit where the mounting holes will be. Double check the underside of the surfaces prior to drilling. Then, when you are sure, drill and secure the AMP using the mounting screws that were provided.

You can now run all of your wirings out to the correct places and adjust the length (but leave a wee bit extra just in case). You do not want the wires to be stretched too tightly.

5. You are now going to want to cut the off the insulation at the end of the wires, but you will want to leave a good amount of space to attach the connector plugs. Depending on your system, it may only require you to use the bare wires as a connection.

When this is the situation you see yourself in, you will need to bare the wires in the back just to the right to suit the bottom of the network sockets. You can now connect the ground wire to any metal point joint to the car’s chassis.

You will need to guarantee that the ground wire connection is only to bare metal. Just in case, you will need to get rid of any painted, dirty or rusty surfaces. You want to ensure a secure ground connection.

6. You will want to plug now in your speaker leads and remote turn on lead. This will go from the AMP to the rear of the head unit. You need to do this to avoid the AMP stay switched on once you turn off your car ignition. This will prevent you draining your car battery which is always a plus. Now connect the front, rear and subwoofer speaker wires from the AMP to the identical speakers.

7. Now, install the inline fuse to the central power wire, scrunching all connection and primary ends. The fuse holder will probably have to be hung to a sturdy structure inside of the engine bay, conditional to its size. In order to protect your car’s electrical system, you should install the inline fuse as close proximity to the battery.

8. You can now connect your AMP’s primary power wire to the POSITIVE (+) battery lead. Then you can reconnect the POSITIVE (+) battery lead to the POSITIVE (+) battery terminal. Just think POSITIVE, POSITIVE, and POSITIVE like you are POSITIVE about installing your car’s subwoofer and amp!

9. Now you can secure all of the wirings using cable ties. You can get the cable ties from your AMP kit. If not, then your local hardware store or car repair centre will have them. Even just popping into to Target or Walmart you can surely find them. Worse comes to worse; you can always use the garbage bag ties or ones from your old bag of bread. You mind as well make use of them and recycle!

Be careful when using the sandwich bag twist ties and the garbage bag ones. You will need to make sure they are in good condition first in order to prevent shock and perhaps an even fire from the metal on metal contact from the ones that are a bit older and a bit over used.

10. You can finally test the system by using the balance, fade and subwoofer settings on the lead unit to make sure all of your individual speakers are working properly without any static or distortion.

If you do hear any static or distortion, you may need to adjust the wiring inside. In all likelihood, your system should be in perfect condition for listening to your music. Now adjust the balance, fade and subwoofer settings to your preferential desire. Put on your favourite song to do so. Then when you have that song on, everything will sound perfect!

11. Enjoy your new AMP and Subwoofer! Get out into your car with your friends and just enjoy the ride! Now that gas prices are down you can enjoy car rides to nowhere. Go to the beach for the day and listen to your music, drive to a lake and enjoy the music from your subwoofer and AMP.

Best of all, just drive to the grocery store or farmers market and enjoy the music from your new system. Everyone will hear the music coming from your car so all of your friends will know if you are in their neighbourhood.

Do not be afraid, blast that music and enjoy you! Now go and help your friends install theirs. You cannot allow them to be in your car all the time just so they can hear good music and the perfect balance!


You can now listen to your music in your car with your newly installed AMP and subwoofer. It was not that difficult to do, now was it? All of your friends will be asking you for help now that you can install them. Just point them to this article for any assistance that they may need. Remember, I always recommend using a buddy and taking your time. You want things done right the first time around, do you not? Be safe and always make sure the battery and car are turned off prior to testing your system. Enjoy the music!

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